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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...
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26425785Varianta Raised Head ScrewFrom £0.03
010930816-Lobe/Resestorex Security Screws£49.29
03000100M4 Screw-In SleevesFrom £3.88
03000306M6 Screw-In SleevesFrom £5.58
03007042HEX4 Screw-In SleevesFrom £44.35
01310149Mounting ScrewsFrom £2.19
HI61D.1500BLUM FIXING System Screws£4.98
HI661.1000BLUM Countersunk System ScrewsFrom £2.31
03010565Screw-In Sleeve, SteelFrom £3.44
01320743Varianta Cylindrical Head ScrewFrom £2.96
01901900T-Star Drilling Screws, CountersunkFrom £10.88
02235090M4 Handle ScrewsFrom £0.64
90990746Bolt through Fixing Screw, SteelFrom £0.75
01599701Steel Exterior/Decking ScrewsFrom £5.91
01320814Varianta Cylindrical Head ScrewFrom £0.74
01330900Varianta HC Special Screw£1.75
03000208M5 Screw-In Sleeves£6.99
03000404M8 Screw-In Sleeves£10.81
03000502M10 Screw-In Sleeves£36.52
03002182Screw In Sleeve, M8 Internal Thread£15.36
03002266HEX6 Screw-In Sleeves£13.53
26443600Confirmat One-Piece Connector£2.73
DR6081200BLUM Self Tapping Screw£15.93
DR6091700BLUM Chipboard Screw, Countersunk£22.62
MIS2224ZNElectrical Socket Screw£2.98
SF2410Frame FixingFrom £13.20
SF2444Screw Box System-Case 216£17.49
SF2444DScrew Box System-Case 636£41.76
SF2444LScrew Box System-Case 327£32.64
SF2444MScrew Box Sorta-Case 810£21.12
SF2444SScrew Box Handi-Box 102£28.40
SF2477Dryline Pro Fix Kit£25.95
WF2922Sash Window Screw Lock and KeyFrom £7.84
03001000M6 Screw-in Sleeve £4.56
03933050M5 Glue in Sleeve £3.35
DFF274AScrews for Hinges From £0.74
MIS2224Electric Screw for Switches, PlugsFrom £24.00
01320734Varianta Screw, Cylinder Head £72.38
01899014Spax Decking Screw, Cylinder Head £0.12
01890504SPAX Washer Head Screws £42.85
03010906M10 Screw-In Sleeve, Steel £13.89