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Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...
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Miscellaneous Screws   Back to Screws

01599704Steel Exterior/Decking Screws£10.56
01310149Mounting ScrewsFrom £2.36
01320743Varianta Cylindrical Head ScrewFrom £3.18
01901900T-Star Drilling Screws, CountersunkFrom £11.78
02235090M4 Handle ScrewsFrom £0.69
26425785Varianta Raised Head ScrewFrom £0.03
010930816-Lobe/Resestorex Security Screws£53.09
03000100M4 Screw-In SleevesFrom £4.17
03000306M6 Screw-In SleevesFrom £6.01
03007042HEX4 Screw-In SleevesFrom £47.76
03010565Screw-In Sleeve, SteelFrom £3.69
90990746Bolt through Fixing Screw, SteelFrom £0.81
HI61D.1500BLUM FIXING System Screws£5.32
HI661.1000BLUM Countersunk System ScrewsFrom £2.19
DFF274AScrews for HingesFrom £0.91
01330900Varianta HC Special ScrewFrom £1.89
03000208M5 Screw-In Sleeves£7.53
03000404M8 Screw-In Sleeves£11.64
03000502M10 Screw-In Sleeves£39.33
03002182Screw In Sleeve, M8 Internal Thread£16.53
03002266HEX6 Screw-In Sleeves£14.58
26443600Confirmat One-Piece Connector£2.94
DR6081200BLUM Self Tapping Screw£14.80
DR6091700BLUM Chipboard Screw, Countersunk£21.92
MIS2224ZNElectrical Socket Screw£2.98
SF2410Frame FixingFrom £13.20
SF2444Screw Box System-Case 216£17.49
SF2444DScrew Box System-Case 636£41.76
SF2444LScrew Box System-Case 327£32.64
SF2444MScrew Box Sorta-Case 810£21.12
SF2444SScrew Box Handi-Box 102£28.40
SF2477Dryline Pro Fix Kit£25.95
WF2922Sash Window Screw Lock and KeyFrom £12.40
03001000M6 Screw-in Sleeve £4.92
03933050M5 Glue in Sleeve £3.60
MIS2224Electric Screw for Switches, PlugsFrom £24.00
01320734Varianta Screw, Cylinder Head £78.00
01899014Spax Decking Screw, Cylinder Head £0.13
03010906M10 Screw-In Sleeve, Steel £14.96