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Hart Wholesale | Wood Mouldings | Miscellaneous

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WG927Carved Classical Victorian Swag£47.60
WG382Corbel, Medium Cut Shape£58.24
WG506Carved Bow, LargeFrom £14.56
MIS22113PPilaster Barley Twist£56.00
MIS22114Spindle Gun Barrel£49.50
MIS2211ACanopy for Extractor, WoodenFrom £96.00
MIS2231Wood SpindleFrom £2.24
WG318Carved Childs Shield£11.20
WG319Carved Floral Motif, Small£4.48
WG335Carved Linen Swag, Medium£19.60
WG338Carved Balmoral Urn, Large£45.92
WG346Carved Decor Strip, Medium£19.04
WG358Carved Bow, Small, Pair£7.28
WG412Carved Ball&Claw Cabriole Leg,Small£28.00
WG413Carved Ball&Claw Cabriole Leg,Small£22.40
WG422Carved Baroque Bedrail, Medium£38.08
WG432Carved Flower Strip£12.32
WG434Carved Vineleaf Moulding£35.84
WG435Carved Vineleaf Moulding£35.84
WG455Carved Countryflower Scrolled Rail£11.65
WG481Carved Corinthian Column Capital£47.60
WG485Carved Pierced Pediment£30.80
WG504Carved Bow, Medium£10.64
WG521Carved Egg and Dart Moulding, Small£50.40
WG522Carved Egg and Dart Moulding,Medium£59.36
WG541Carved Pierced Scroll Frieze£42.00
WG568Carved Repeatable Frieze Piece£39.20
WG599Carved Arched Arabesque£21.62
WG608Carved Drop with Florette, Small£12.32
WG611Carved Adams Swag, Medium£8.85
WG612Carved Adams Swag, Large£11.42
WG627Carved Vineleaf Panel, Small£20.38
WG628Carved Vineleaf Panel, Medium£33.60
WG652Carved Knob with Flower, Medium£1.79
WG664Carved Rococo Leaf Wings£19.60
WG726Carved Vineleaf Panel, Large£40.32
WG741Carved Floral Swag, Small£8.40
WG743Carved Classical Floral Swag£34.72
WG748Carved Victorian Pediment Frieze£29.12
WG762Carved Provential Corbels£66.64
WG780Carved Single Rosette Swag£33.26
WG787Carved Curtain Rail Finial£19.60
WG788MCarved Newel Post Knob, Large£78.40
WG851Carved Balmoral Urn£21.28
WG874Carved Adams Drop with Bow, Large£16.02
WG875Carved Classical Adams Urn£15.12
WG885Carved Corinthian Column Capital£66.64
WG887Carved Corinthian Column Capital£60.48
WG902Carved Shield, Large£35.84
WG903Carved Flower Motif£6.72
WG939Carved Queen Anne Padfoot Table Leg£63.84
WG946Carved Classic Corner Fan£5.60
WG965Carved Oakleaf with Three Acorns£8.40
WG966Carved Oakleaf with Three Acorns£6.05
WG969Carved Oakleaf with Three Acorns£5.15
WG991Carved Thistle Motif£10.75