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Hart Wholesale | Drawers & Runners | Moovit Drawer System

Moovit Drawer System   Back to Drawers & Runners

Moovit is Hafeles own soft-close drawer system, designed, engineered and manufactured by the Hafele group in Germany. Moovit is ideal for a range of domestic and commercial applications including Kitchens, Laboratories and Office Furniture.

  • Up to 50kg load capacity for heavy items
  • Vertical inner sides for optimum capacity
  • Quick to assemble and install
  • Full extension synchronised runners allow easy access to contents
  • Integrated soft-close and self-close mechanism on both sides
  • Front panels available for internal drawer options
  • Assembled 30kg options available
  • Accessories available including drilling templates and jigs, cutlery inserts, waste bin frame and pan drawer side rails.
55361691MX Front Panel Holder£5.29
55154154MX 30Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £159.50
55154160MX 50Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £171.66
55154314MX 30Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £132.30
55154330MX 50Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £154.03
55154554MX 30Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £120.43
55154560MX 50Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £147.28
55154754MX 30Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £141.97
55154760MX 50Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £164.56
55154914MX 30Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £142.12
55154930MX 50Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £154.03
55160103MX Drawer Solid SidesFrom £12.22
55160120MX Rectangular Rail SetFrom £5.36
55160199MX Glass Panel Holder SetFrom £22.53
55161111MX Front Panel, Internal DrawerFrom £9.08
55161192MX Front Panel Holder, StandardFrom £2.51
55166104MX Standard Drawer Packed SetFrom £22.69
55359239MX Cross Rail HolderFrom £0.58
55359400MX Round Rail SetFrom £2.68
55359434MX Cross RailFrom £1.82
00125791Self Centering Drill BitFrom £12.45
55161180MX Cover Cap, PlasticFrom £0.39
55359991Moovit Front Fixing BracketFrom £0.80
55371300MX System Drawer BackFrom £1.64
55371340MX System Pan Drawer BackFrom £2.78
55372340MX System Drawer BaseFrom £2.77
55873017MX Drawer SpacerFrom £0.23
55300491Sensomatic Opening System £196.65
55361780Moovit Front Panel StabilisingPlate£0.24
55362700Moovit Spacer Block, Plastic £3.08
55369004Moovit Pressomat 200 Drawer Press£4969.74
55369006Moovit Pressomat 400 Drawer Press£16116.11
55369035Moovit Marking Gauge £5.56
55361781MX Front Panel Stabilising Plate £0.24
55361915Moovit Front Panel, Internal Drawer £14.38
55369020MX Press Fitting Insertion Tool £7.32
55369039MX Drilling Jig £56.83
55624-0044Moovit Cuisio Cutlery Tray SetFrom £53.97
55352984Moovit Drawer Sides, Bulk PackedFrom £2178.69
55359280Moovit Cover Cap, PlasticFrom £0.34
55360123MX Glass Side PanelFrom £17.16
55350924Moovit Draw Runner, Steel £94.13
55352922Moovit Drawer SidesFrom £60.93
55403324Moovit 30Kg Standard DrawerFrom £40.22
55153104MX 50Kg Standard Drawer SetFrom £60.89
55352-0001Moovit Pre-Assembled Drawer SetFrom £40.17
55360124MX Glass Side PanelFrom £8.48