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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
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DFZ176AZUK 3 Lever Contract Dead LockFrom £3.15
91122389Security Deadbolt Conversion Kit£2.55
91122409Mortice Cylinder Deadlock Case£24.44
91122490StarTec Mortice Cyl Deadlock Case£6.40
91122511StarTec Mortice Toilet Cubicle Lock£8.46
91139247Strike Plate, Deadlock£13.00
91139489Narrow Stile Deadlock Strike Plate£4.28
91152072Calibre Mortice Cylinder Escapelock£93.09
DF214Xtension 3 Mortice LockFrom £9.60
DF324-51ERA Sashlock, Oval£9.79
DF374Easi-T 5 Lever BS Deadlock£13.04
DF275Guardian LockFrom £15.42
91139745Qube Deadlock Rebate Kit £13.94
DF361-61TPERA Fortress Deadlock, BS to Pass £22.48
DF796Easi-T Euro Profile DeadlockFrom £8.16
DF26131TPFortress Mortice DeadlockFrom £17.01
DFC231AEasi-T Oval Cylinder DeadlockFrom £12.94
DFC236AEasi-T Flat DeadlockFrom £6.19
DFC256AEasi-T Economy Oval DeadlockFrom £5.98
DF800Dead Lock, 3 LeverFrom £3.84
DF426ERA Deadlock Rebate Convertion KitFrom £11.97
91122458Mortice Deadbolt £6.66
91122346Modular 5 Lever Escape Deadlock£117.21
91122530StarTec Mortice Deadlock Case£29.51
DF261-31ERA Fortress Deadlock, BStandardFrom £11.23
91122524Modular Mortice 3 Lever Deadlock£25.70
91122526Modular Mortice 3 Lever Deadlock£26.47
91103391Security 5 Lever Mortice DeadlockFrom £35.71
91112029Narrow Stile Deadlock CaseFrom £11.45
91122288Calibre Mortice Cylinder DeadlockFrom £30.67
91122342Modular Mortice 5 Lever DeadlockFrom £33.20
91122348Modular 3 Lever Escape DeadlockFrom £106.76
91122411Mortice 5Lever BS3621:2007 DeadlockFrom £24.20
91122420Deadlock, Mortice 3 LeverFrom £3.34
91122432Fiscal Mortice Deadlock CaseFrom £21.55
91122436Fiscal Mortice 5 Lever DeadlockFrom £22.65
91122442Fiscal Mortice 3 Lever DeadlockFrom £17.01
91122449Fiscal Mortice 5 Lever DeadlockFrom £15.89
91122462Mortice Box DeadboltFrom £9.59
91122504Fortress Deadlock Rebate SetFrom £18.61
91122600Modular Cylinder Deadlock CaseFrom £26.45
91122604Modular Escape Deadlock CaseFrom £109.99
91122622Fortress BS3621 Mortice DeadlockFrom £19.65
91122630Security Cylinder Mortice DeadlockFrom £63.72
91122634Mortice Deadlock Case OnlyFrom £21.36
91126155Modular Mortice Clawbolt DeadlockFrom £29.09
91139508Tubular Deadbolt Strike Plate SetFrom £2.67
91154040Calibre Mortice Split Follower VerFrom £113.67
91162286Tubular Mortice DeadboltFrom £7.67
DHM507A3 Lever DeadlockFrom £4.34
DHM511ABritish Standard 5 Lever DeadlockFrom £15.45
DF263-51ERA Euro ProfileFrom £12.72
DFF255A3 Lever Deadlock From £10.99
DFC214AEasi-T 5 Lever BS DeadlockFrom £15.28
DFC226AEasi-T DeadlockFrom £12.51
DFC259AEasi-T Contract DeadlockFrom £5.07
DFC262AContract Rim DeadlockFrom £7.71
DFZ145AZDL Escape lockFrom £14.99