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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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DFZ033AZTLKA Tubular Latch, Bolt ThroughFrom £1.80
DFZ141AZDL Night LatchFrom £10.28
DFZ144AZDL LatchFrom £7.92
DFZ198AZFB Fire Brigade Mortice Dead lock£5.17
DFZ033HZTLKA Tubular Latch, Heavy Duty £2.70
DFZ198BZFB Fire Brigade Mortice Dead lock £5.17
DFZ198CZFB Fire Brigade Mortice Key From £0.46
91103346Mortice Latch£20.69
91103348Mortice Bathroom Lock£27.48
91103350Mortice Cylinder Sashlock Case£27.48
91122323Mortice Cylinder Deadlock Case£20.69
91122550StarTec Mortice Deadlock, Profile£10.52
91123137Tubular Mortice Latch£20.18
91123203Modular Mortice 3 Lever Nightlatch£69.43
91123282Mortice Cylinder Nightlatch Case£24.36
91123370StarTec Mortice Latch£8.31
91123465StarTec Mortice Latch Lock, Flush£10.97
91124012Mortice Roller Catch£7.69
91150825Hook Keep, Steel£4.10
91150826Centre Keep Base, Steel£4.28
91152074Calibre Mortice Cylinder Nightlatch£69.22
DF184ERA Nightlatch, Deadlock£22.36
DF430ERA Mortice Lock, Budget£3.44
DFZ026AZUK Horizontal LatchFrom £11.24
DFZ034AZTDA Tubular Deadbolt, Heavy DutyFrom £2.26
DFZ168AZUK Flat LatchFrom £4.58
DFZ170AZUK Upright LatchFrom £7.65
DFZ173AZUK UK Replacement Night LatchFrom £14.30
DFZ174AZUK UK Replacement Night LatchFrom £7.65
DFZ188AZTLA Contract Tubular LatchFrom £1.07
DFZ189AZTLA Adjustable Roller LatchFrom £2.26
DF5550Briton 5500 Series Nightlatch£16.58
DF792MEasi-T Euro Cylinder Night Latch£15.22
DF796HMultipoint Lock Lever Handle£21.10
DF820Pedestal Nozzle LockFrom £18.48
DF821Push Sliding Door Lock£34.56
DFF125ADouble Sprung Tubular LatchFrom £2.06
DFF248AFull Case Mortice Latch From £5.99
DFF254ASmall Case Mortice Latch From £4.18
DFF272AMortice Rack Bolt From £4.28
DF857AEasi-T Heavy Sprung Tubular LatchFrom £3.15
DF849KGib Mortice Latch, Budget £0.90
DFC239AEasi-T Mortice Box LatchFrom £1.58
DF857MTubular Latch £1.76
DF402Rebate Conversion Kit £9.12
DF415AFlat Rim Lock, BudgetFrom £3.51
91123227Calibre Continental Mortice Latch£28.50
91123290StarTec Mortice Latch£29.22
91123280Standard Continental Mortice LatchFrom £22.09
DFA339AHeavy Duty LatchFrom £5.14
DFA724ATubular Mortice LatchFrom £1.89
DFA725ANight LatchFrom £36.10
DFA733A3 Lever Horizontal LockFrom £19.68
DFC221AEasi-T Din LatchFrom £15.47
DFC237AEasi-T Original Flat LatchFrom £5.79
DFC238AEasi-T Flat LatchFrom £8.10
DFC240AEasi-T Tubular Dead BoltFrom £4.32
DFC241AEasi-T Heavy Sprung Tubular LatchFrom £3.65
DFC242AEasi-T Heavy Sprung Tubular LatchFrom £3.68
DFC243AEasi-T Upright LatchFrom £11.38
DFC420Magnetic Tubular LatchFrom £13.55
91103720Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £9.67
DF857IExcel Smartlatch Mortice LatchFrom £4.16
DF857KSmartlatch Privacy Mortice LatchFrom £5.52
DFZ033FZTLA Tubular Latch, Bolt ThroughFrom £3.51
DFZ190AZTLA Tubular Rebate KitFrom £1.26
DF857HGridlock Heavy Sprung Tubular Latch £0.91
91103435Tubular Mortice Latch From £0.80
91122331Mortice Cylinder Nightlatch Case £36.38
91103191Economy Tubular Mortice LatchFrom £0.77
91123177Tubular Mortice Latch, Heavy DutyFrom £4.82
91123414Fiscal Mortice Nightlatch CaseFrom £26.93
91123418Fiscal Nightlatch Case+HoldbackFrom £30.53
91124010Mortice Roller CatchFrom £12.05
91124039Mortice Roller Bolt Catch, SteelFrom £8.95
91150822Latch Plate Assembly, SteelFrom £4.28
95011010StarTec Fire Protection KitFrom £15.86
91123380Mortice Box LatchFrom £8.91
91164-0002Lipped Strike Plate, Square£6.21
DFZ194AZTLA Tubular Latch AccessoriesFrom £0.90
DFZ195AZTLA Tubular Deadbolt AccessoriesFrom £0.90
DFZ196AZTLA Spare Extended Tongue StrikeFrom £1.35
DHM515ANightlatch From £17.30
DHM516ANightlatch, Roller Bolt From £18.42
DHM517ANightlatch From £18.42
DHM518ANightlatch Rim Cylinder From £5.23