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Professional tradesmen are generally aware that trying to save money by purchasing cheap tools is a false economy and it makes more sense to invest in good quality brands...
The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...
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CAS001ARotary Catch, PlasticFrom £0.16
CAS009ATension CatchFrom £17.62
CAS014ANon Magnetic Roller CatchFrom £0.46
CAS017ASealed Magnetic CatchFrom £3.65
CAS018ASealed Magnetic CatchFrom £4.64
CAS025AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £4.00
CAS041AStrong Magnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £2.88
CAS049AMagnetic Catch, Stainless SteelFrom £1.17
CAS050AMagnetic Catch, MiniFrom £0.85
CAS051AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.75
CAS054AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, PlasticFrom £2.42
CAS056AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, PlasticFrom £1.58
CAS062AMagnetic Touch Latch, PlasticFrom £1.49
CAS063AMagnetic Touch Latch, PlasticFrom £2.61
CAS069APush Plate with Pull, SteelFrom £1.01
CAS070ALever Latch, PlasticFrom £1.20
CAS085APush Knob Latch, Zinc AlloyFrom £6.13
CAS097ACounter Plate, Heavy DutyFrom £5.44
CAS098ADraw LatchFrom £3.14
CAS103ACorner Fastener with LockFrom £7.97
CAS105ACorner FastenerFrom £9.28
CAS139ABar Latch, Spring LoadedFrom £6.69
CAS140ABar LatchFrom £10.16
CAS002AMortice Rotary Catch, Plastic £0.43
CAS004AKnuckle Catch, Plastic £1.47
CAS005AMortice Knuckle Catch, Plastic £0.35
CAS006ASnap-In Knuckle Catch, Plastic £0.34
CAS007ARoller Catch £3.54
CAS008AAdjustable Knuckle Catch, Plastic £11.42
CAS012ATension Catch, Zinc Alloy £5.52
CAS013AMagnetic Roller Catch, Steel £2.72
CAS016ASealed Magnetic Catch £2.50
CAS019ASealed Counter Plate, Plastic £1.50
CAS020ACounter Plate £0.50
CAS021ACounter Plate £1.07
CAS022ACounter Plate, Steel £0.10
CAS023ACounter Plate, Steel £0.26
CAS026AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £0.56
CAS027AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £1.01
CAS029AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £1.12
CAS030AMagnetic Catch, Aluminium £1.09
CAS031AMagnetic Catch, Aluminium £0.50
CAS035AMagnetic Catch Strike, Steel £59.20
CAS036AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £1.46
CAS037AMagnetic Catch £0.19
CAS046AUltra Thin/Strong Magnetic Catch £1.54
CAS047AUltra Thin Magnetic Catch £1.94
CAS048AMagnetic Catch, Thin £1.04
CAS052AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £1.07
CAS057AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, Plastic £1.41
CAS058AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, Plastic £0.61
CAS059AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, Plastic £0.88
CAS064AMagnetic Slide Latch, Steel £3.39
CAS065AMagnetic Touch Latch, Plastic £1.71
CAS066AMagnetic Touch Latch, Plastic £3.15
CAS071ALever Latch, Stainless Steel £29.38
CAS072ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic £0.91
CAS073ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Mini £0.50
CAS075ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Mini £1.31
CAS076ATouch Latch, Mini Strike £0.52
CAS077ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Mini £0.69
CAS078ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Plastic £2.32
CAS079ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Plastic £2.70
CAS090AFlush Slam Latch, Aluminium £16.22
CAS092ADraw Latch £7.02
CAS093ADraw Latch, Spring Loaded £22.94
CAS094ADraw Latch with Safety Lock £24.78
CAS095ADraw Latch with Safety Lock £33.97
CAS096ADraw Latch £53.49
CAS099ADraw Latch, Spring Loaded £3.50
CAS100ADraw Latch, Spring Loaded £6.18
CAS101ADraw Latch £27.90
CAS102ADraw Latch with Handle £30.72
CAS104ACorner Fastener Hinge with Lock £10.10
CAS106ADraw Latch, Mini £7.47
CAS107ADraw Latch £14.93
CAS108ADraw Latch £15.57
CAS109ABox Latch with Lock, Zinc Alloy £15.89
CAS111ASlide Bolt £5.54
CAS112ASlide Bolt £6.30
CAS113ASlide Bolt £18.19
CAS120ABarrel Bolt, Spring Loaded £31.01
CAS123APush Barrel Bolt £8.26
CAS124ALever Bolt £14.42
CAS125ASliding Door Latch £32.82
CAS126ASliding Door Latch with Indicator £31.92
CAS127ASliding Door Latch £36.03
CAS128ASliding Door Latch with Indicator £39.62
CAS129ASliding Door Latch £20.35
CAS130ASliding Door Latch with Indicator £26.74
CAS135ASliding Door Latch £23.23
CAS136ASliding Door Latch £11.84
CAS137ASliding Door Latch £8.30
CAS003AKnuckle Catch, PlasticFrom £0.14
CAS010ATension Catch, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.38
CAS011ATension Catch, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.59
CAS015AMortice Ball CatchFrom £1.18
CAS024AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £1.49
CAS028AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.56
CAS032AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.91
CAS034AMagnetic Catch Strike, SteelFrom £64.00
CAS038BMagnetic Catch From £0.26
CAS039AMagnetic Catch, Adjustable, PlasticFrom £0.93
CAS040AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.53
CAS042AMagnetic Catch, Heavy DutyFrom £3.58
CAS043AMagnetic Catch, Heavy DutyFrom £1.42
CAS044AMagnetic Catch, High TemperatureFrom £12.26
CAS045AMagnetic Catch, ABSFrom £1.02
CAS053AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.74
CAS055AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, PlasticFrom £0.98
CAS060AMagnetic Touch Latch, PlasticFrom £1.25