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Living in an age of materialism can be quite difficult; keeping up with the times often results in a plethora of stuff around the house that we don’t always need, inevitably resulting in outcries of ‘We need more space!’...
We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...
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CAS001ARotary Catch, PlasticFrom £0.18
CAS003AKnuckle Catch, PlasticFrom £0.16
CAS009ATension CatchFrom £17.60
CAS010ATension Catch, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.32
CAS011ATension Catch, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.51
CAS014ANon Magnetic Roller CatchFrom £0.42
CAS015AMortice Ball CatchFrom £1.17
CAS017ASealed Magnetic CatchFrom £3.73
CAS018ASealed Magnetic CatchFrom £4.75
CAS024AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £1.86
CAS025AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £4.16
CAS028AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.64
CAS032AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.88
CAS033AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £91.20
CAS034AMagnetic Catch Strike, SteelFrom £112.00
CAS038BMagnetic CatchFrom £0.26
CAS039AMagnetic Catch, Adjustable, PlasticFrom £1.17
CAS040AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.64
CAS041AStrong Magnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £2.85
CAS042AMagnetic Catch, Heavy DutyFrom £3.38
CAS043AMagnetic Catch, Heavy DutyFrom £1.42
CAS044AMagnetic Catch, High TemperatureFrom £11.46
CAS045AMagnetic Catch, ABSFrom £0.98
CAS049AMagnetic Catch, Stainless SteelFrom £1.22
CAS050AMagnetic Catch, MiniFrom £0.82
CAS051AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.75
CAS053AMagnetic Catch, PlasticFrom £0.72
CAS054AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, PlasticFrom £1.52
CAS055AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, PlasticFrom £0.96
CAS056AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, PlasticFrom £1.49
CAS060AMagnetic Touch Latch, PlasticFrom £1.23
CAS061AMagnetic Touch Latch, PlasticFrom £2.22
CAS062AMagnetic Touch Latch, PlasticFrom £1.49
CAS063AMagnetic Touch Latch, PlasticFrom £2.66
CAS067APush Plate, SteelFrom £0.67
CAS068APush Plate, SteelFrom £0.75
CAS069APush Plate with Pull, SteelFrom £1.04
CAS070ALever Latch, PlasticFrom £2.45
CAS074ATouch Latch StrikeFrom £0.46
CAS080ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, PlasticFrom £3.44
CAS081APush Latch, PlasticFrom £2.56
CAS082APush Knob Latch, PlasticFrom £1.78
CAS083APush Knob Latch, Zinc AlloyFrom £0.35
CAS084APush Knob Latch, Zinc AlloyFrom £12.34
CAS085APush Knob Latch, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.78
CAS086APush Knob Latch, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.78
CAS089APull Latch, PlasticFrom £2.94
CAS091AFlush Slam Latch, PlasticFrom £6.96
CAS097ACounter Plate, Heavy DutyFrom £5.30
CAS098ADraw LatchFrom £2.96
CAS103ACorner Fastener with LockFrom £8.40
CAS105ACorner FastenerFrom £9.76
CAS110ASlide Bolt, BrassFrom £3.30
CAS114ABarrel BoltFrom £4.50
CAS115ABarrel Bolt, Spring LoadedFrom £6.99
CAS116ABarrel Bolt, Spring LoadedFrom £12.37
CAS117ABarrel BoltFrom £7.14
CAS118ABarrel Bolt, Spring LoadedFrom £15.52
CAS119ABarrel Bolt, Spring LoadedFrom £17.87
CAS121ASlide BoltFrom £4.64
CAS122ASlide BoltFrom £4.88
CAS138ABar LatchFrom £3.30
CAS139ABar Latch, Spring LoadedFrom £6.46
CAS140ABar LatchFrom £10.91
CAS141ABar LatchFrom £2.91
CAS142AGate LatchFrom £3.68
CAS143ASlide Bolt, LongFrom £83.97
CAS144ADoor ChainFrom £11.47
CAS145AHasp with LatchFrom £7.49
CAS146AHasp, Weld On, Stainless SteelFrom £19.62
CAS147AHasp, Stainless SteelFrom £19.62
CAS148AHasp, Stainless SteelFrom £4.91
CAS002AMortice Rotary Catch, Plastic £0.43
CAS004AKnuckle Catch, Plastic £1.39
CAS005AMortice Knuckle Catch, Plastic £0.37
CAS006ASnap-In Knuckle Catch, Plastic £0.40
CAS007ARoller Catch £3.42
CAS008AAdjustable Knuckle Catch, Plastic £11.42
CAS012ATension Catch, Zinc Alloy £15.23
CAS013AMagnetic Roller Catch, Steel £2.62
CAS016ASealed Magnetic Catch £2.51
CAS019ASealed Counter Plate, Plastic £1.49
CAS020ACounter Plate £0.51
CAS021ACounter Plate £1.10
CAS022ACounter Plate, Steel £0.11
CAS023ACounter Plate, Steel £0.27
CAS029AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £1.10
CAS030AMagnetic Catch, Aluminium £1.07
CAS031AMagnetic Catch, Aluminium £0.50
CAS035AMagnetic Catch Strike, Steel £72.00
CAS036AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £1.38
CAS037AMagnetic Catch £0.19
CAS046AUltra Thin/Strong Magnetic Catch £1.49
CAS047AUltra Thin Magnetic Catch £1.81
CAS048AMagnetic Catch, Thin £1.07
CAS052AMagnetic Catch, Plastic £1.07
CAS057AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, Plastic £1.33
CAS058AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, Plastic £0.61
CAS059AMagnetic Catch, Snap In, Plastic £0.85
CAS064AMagnetic Slide Latch, Steel £3.65
CAS065AMagnetic Touch Latch, Plastic £1.76
CAS066AMagnetic Touch Latch, Plastic £3.30
CAS071ALever Latch, Stainless Steel £29.31
CAS072ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic £0.88
CAS073ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Mini £0.50
CAS075ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Mini £1.31
CAS076ATouch Latch, Mini Strike £0.43
CAS077ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Mini £0.67
CAS078ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Plastic £2.24
CAS079ATouch Latch, Non Magnetic, Plastic £2.62
CAS090AFlush Slam Latch, Aluminium £15.68
CAS092ADraw Latch £6.62
CAS093ADraw Latch, Spring Loaded £21.82
CAS094ADraw Latch with Safety Lock £23.44
CAS095ADraw Latch with Safety Lock £31.98
CAS096ADraw Latch £50.19
CAS099ADraw Latch, Spring Loaded £3.31
CAS100ADraw Latch, Spring Loaded £5.78
CAS101ADraw Latch £15.33
CAS102ADraw Latch with Handle £21.98
CAS104ACorner Fastener Hinge with Lock £10.10
CAS106ADraw Latch, Mini £7.25
CAS107ADraw Latch £14.78
CAS108ADraw Latch £13.76
CAS109ABox Latch with Lock, Zinc Alloy £15.89
CAS111ASlide Bolt £5.50
CAS112ASlide Bolt £5.58
CAS113ASlide Bolt £17.09
CAS120ABarrel Bolt, Spring Loaded £29.98
CAS123APush Barrel Bolt £8.03
CAS124ALever Bolt £13.95
CAS125ASliding Door Latch £31.76
CAS126ASliding Door Latch with Indicator £32.54
CAS127ASliding Door Latch £36.75
CAS128ASliding Door Latch with Indicator £38.30
CAS129ASliding Door Latch £19.71
CAS130ASliding Door Latch with Indicator £25.89
CAS135ASliding Door Latch £22.78
CAS136ASliding Door Latch £11.47
CAS137ASliding Door Latch £8.03