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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...
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GHS011AGlass Door Hinge, InsetFrom £37.12
GHS012AGlass Door Hinge, ½ OverlayFrom £39.82
GHS013AGlass Door Hinge, Frame TypeFrom £48.61
GHS014AGlass Door Gravity HingeFrom £104.38
GHS016AGlass Door Hinge, Pivot InsetFrom £1.57
GHS019AGlass Door Cam LockFrom £12.62
GHS023AGlass Door Cam LockFrom £14.43
GHS024AGlass Door Lock with IndicatorFrom £14.11
GHS026ACylinder Key, InterchangeableFrom £9.52
GHS030AGlass Sliding Door StrikeFrom £46.58
GHS031AGlass Lock for Double DoorsFrom £28.40
GHS033AGlass BracketFrom £13.95
GHS005AGlass Door Lift Off Hinge, InsetFrom £3.26
GHS006AGlass Door Hinge, ½ Overlay, CatchFrom £4.13
GHS018AGlass Panel MarkerFrom £3.41
GHS020AGlass Door LockFrom £25.76
GHS021AGlass Door LockFrom £25.57
GHS022AGlass Door LockFrom £30.53
GHS027AGlass Door LockFrom £16.98
GHS029AGlass Sliding Door LatchFrom £79.17
GHS034AGlass Lock for Swing DoorsFrom £22.86
GHS001AGlass Door Hinge, Inset £3.10
GHS002AGlass Door Hinge, ½ Overlay £3.39
GHS003AGlass Door Hinge, Inset £2.88
GHS004AGlass Door Hinge, ½ Overlay £2.64
GHS007AGlass Door Hinge, Inset £10.70
GHS008AGlass Door Hinge, ½ Overlay £11.47
GHS009AGlass Door Hinge £32.59
GHS010AGlass Door Hinge £20.82
GHS015AGlass Door Hinge, Pivot Inset £15.63
GHS017AGlass Door Hinge,Pivot Inset Socket £0.56
GHS025ACylinder and Key, Interchangeable £18.54
GHS028AGlass Total Lock 2100 £19.68
GHS032AGlass Pivot Hinge, Inset £46.08
GHS035AGlass Door Hinge,Overlay with Catch £19.46
GHS036AGlass Sliding Door Lock £29.71
GHS037AGlass Sliding Door Upper Bracket £52.05
GHS038AGlass Sliding Door Bottom Bracket £20.88
GHS039AGlass Sliding Door System, Linear £2320.53