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Living in an age of materialism can be quite difficult; keeping up with the times often results in a plethora of stuff around the house that we don’t always need, inevitably resulting in outcries of ‘We need more space!’...
We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...

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BHS040AWire HookFrom £24.00
BHS041AWire HookFrom £34.40
BHS042AWire HookFrom £21.60
BHS043ASwing Hook with Friction, 180°From £180.80
BHS048AHookFrom £5.38
BHS049AHookFrom £5.30
BHS050AHookFrom £6.58
BHS051AHook, TitaniumFrom £63.90
BHS052AHookFrom £4.83
BHS053AHookFrom £5.18
BHS054AHookFrom £3.63
BHS055AHookFrom £3.10
BHS056AHookFrom £17.76
BHS062AHookFrom £2.34
BHS063AHookFrom £2.00
BHS064ASwing HookFrom £4.29
BHS065ASwing HookFrom £6.14
BHS066AHookFrom £45.95
BHS067AHookFrom £20.11
BHS068ALatch HookFrom £20.64
BHS070ALatch HookFrom £14.27
BHS071AHookFrom £3.79
BHS072AFork HookFrom £9.62
BHS075AHookFrom £84.96
BHS076AHookFrom £54.06
BHS077ASwing Hook with Friction, 180°From £31.02
BHS078AFolding Pad Eye, Heavy DutyFrom £21.01
BHS079AUtility Hook, LargeFrom £13.07
BHS080AUtility Hook, LargeFrom £13.36
BHS081AUtility Hook, LargeFrom £26.91
BHS082AUtility Hook, LargeFrom £13.02
BHS083AUtility Hook, LargeFrom £45.25
BHS085AHook BoardFrom £18.21
BHS087ASteel Wood HookFrom £15.89
BHS089AMagnet HookFrom £1.78
BHS096AConnecting Part Shoulder ScrewFrom £44.00
BHS099AConnecting Part, SteelFrom £2.30
BHS100AConnecting Part, SteelFrom £2.58
BHS101AConnecting PartFrom £0.08
BHS104AFrame HangerFrom £76.80
BHS105AFrame HangerFrom £99.20
BHS106AHookFrom £63.36
BHS044ASwing Hook £3.57
BHS045ASwing Hook £19.70
BHS046AButterfly Hook £2.83
BHS047AButterfly Hook £3.70
BHS057AHook £2.51
BHS058ADouble Hook £2.61
BHS059ADouble Hook £2.14
BHS060ARotating/Swing Hook £5.44
BHS061ARotating Hook £4.37
BHS069ALatch Hook £19.01
BHS073AHook £32.19
BHS074AHook £39.79
BHS084ACoat Hook, Brass £43.14
BHS086ASteel Wood Hook £23.38
BHS088AMagnet Hook £8.78
BHS090ARecessed Hook, Zinc Alloy £5.87
BHS091ARecessed Hook, Zinc Alloy £11.71
BHS092ARecessed Hook Bracket £0.85
BHS093AConnecting Part Clip, Steel £0.27
BHS094AConnecting Part Clip, Steel £0.37
BHS095AConnecting Part Clip, Steel £0.35
BHS097AConnecting Part, Steel £2.30
BHS098AConnecting Part, Steel £3.18
BHS102AConnecting Part, Steel £120.00
BHS103AConnecting Part, Steel £112.00