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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...

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SSS010AUnit Shelf Type C, LED Shelf ClampFrom £364.00
SSS006AUnit Shelf Type B,LED Shelf SupportFrom £436.90
SSS021ABack Panel Clamp, 1 SlotFrom £22.74
SSS022ABack Panel Clamp, 2 SlotFrom £21.89
SSS027AShelf Bracket for WoodFrom £67.25
SSS028AShelf Bracket for GlassFrom £79.55
SSS035AShelf Bracket for WoodFrom £60.83
SSS036ABracket for Wooden ShelfFrom £25.94
SSS037ABracket for Glass ShelfFrom £49.60
SSS038AShelf End Cap SetFrom £1.04
SSS039AShelf End ComponentsFrom £0.37
SSS055AFLUQS ONE ProfileFrom £3.06
SSS059A1FLUQS HookFrom £5.33
SSS061AShelf Set, AcrylicFrom £47.26
SSS062AFLUQS ONE Shelf AdapterFrom £15.95
SSS019ACenter Panel ClampFrom £26.53
SSS032AGlass Shelf System with LEDFrom £374.78
SSS060AFLUQS ONE Surface Mount HookFrom £13.92
SSS065AShelf PlateFrom £45.47
SSS001AUnit Shelf Type B £916.13
SSS002AUnit Shelf Type B, Vertical Frame £116.64
SSS003AUnit Shelf Type B, Wire Kit £252.98
SSS004AUnit Shelf Type B, Shelf Support £10.96
SSS005AUnit Shelf Type B, Shelf Support £11.18
SSS007AUnit Shelf Type C £574.58
SSS008AUnit Shelf Type C, Vertical Frame £116.72
SSS009AUnit Shelf Type C, Shelf Clamp £42.66
SSS011AWall Mounting Plate, Type B £28.03
SSS012AWall Mounting Bracket £45.47
SSS013AWall Mounting Bracket £56.66
SSS014AWood Shelf Support, Type C £46.27
SSS015AGlass Shelf Support, Type C £75.82
SSS016AWood Shelf Edge, Type C £22.18
SSS017AGlass Shelf Edge, Type C £46.59
SSS018ACenter Panel Clamp £26.02
SSS020ACenter Panel Clamp Fastener £1.04
SSS023ABack Panel Clamp Fastener £0.93
SSS024AEdge Cover £4.66
SSS025AShelf Slotted Panel Bracket £52.72
SSS026AShelf Top/Bottom Bracket £17.12
SSS029ASnap Shelf Slotted Panel Bracket £73.79
SSS030ASnap Shelf Top/Bottom Bracket £26.54
SSS031ASnap Panel Catch, Polyacetal £0.48
SSS033AShelf Plate Hook £30.32
SSS034ASlotted Panel Bracket £58.69
SSS040AShelf Tray £20.37
SSS041AShelf Hook A £3.06
SSS042AShelf Hook B £3.25
SSS043AFLUQS 250 Main Panel £185.97
SSS044AFLUQS 750 Main Panel £154.13
SSS045AFLUQS Top Cover £14.03
SSS046AFLUQS Bottom Rail £33.12
SSS047AFLUQS End Cap, 1Way Type £3.84
SSS048AFLUQS End Cap, 2Way Type £3.84
SSS049AFLUQS Design Panel £138.70
SSS050AFLUQS Design Panel £42.35
SSS051AFLUQS Connector £3.42
SSS052AFLUQS Corner Angle £35.04
SSS053AFLUQS 25 Profile £73.89
SSS054AFLUQS 25 Profile End Cap £2.56
SSS056AFLUQS ONE Profile End Cap £1.28
SSS057AFLUQS ONE Screw Set £1.20
SSS058AFLUQS ONE Screw Set £7.23
SSS063AShelf Holder £33.12
SSS064AShelf Holder £101.92
SSS066AShelf Mini Hook £3.84