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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...

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93106449Dorma TS73V Overhead Door Closer£105.09
93111579Overhead Door Closer TS3000B£196.15
93116180Overhead Door Closer TS2000NVBC£121.43
93160609Briton 1110SES Overhead Door Closer£57.07
93160619Briton 121CE Overhead Door Closer£38.02
93184039Overhead Door Closer DCL33£121.45
93185009Overhead Sliding Door Closer£186.35
93192009Briton 2003E Overhead Door Closer£72.69
94018109Overhead Door Closer TS1000£35.34
DF2003PBBriton Door CloserFrom £50.15
DF2012Door Closer, Size 3£13.32
DF2013King Door Closer, 2003From £30.40
DF2014King Door Closer, Size 2-4£35.20
DF2017Rutland Door Closer, 2-4 PowerFrom £5.51
DF996Briton 996 Electronic Door CloserFrom £32.06
93184649Overhead Door Closer DCL11£24.78
DF2011Easi-Exit Door Closer, Fixed Size 3£20.14
DFF270AOverhead Door Stay £7.31
93182606Overhead Door Closer £56.74
93111070Overhead Door Closer TS3000BC £214.83
93111500Overhead Door Closer TS3000V £205.49
DF1110SESBriton Door Closer £51.80
DF1110Briton Door CloserFrom £40.46
HIA046ADoor Closer & Cover £86.19
HIA047ADoor Closer & Cover £48.73
93116843Overhead Door Closer, Aluminium£158.45
93116890Overhead Door Closer TS1500Designer£91.85
93110069Geze Overhead Door Closer TS5000EFS £881.91
93110909Geze Overhead Door Closer TS3000 £133.54
DF2015Door Closer, Size 2-4£3.52
DF2015JVDC Vier Door Closer, Size 3 From £13.60
93106150Overhead Door Closer Dorma TS83From £139.38
93107058Dorma TS68 Overhead Door CloserFrom £38.37
93107700Overhead Door Closer Dorma TS71From £61.68
93116030Geze Overhead Door Closer TS4000EFSFrom £393.86
93116050Geze Overhead Door Closer TS4000EFrom £368.95
93116100Geze Overhead Door Closer TS2000From £63.83
93116603Overhead Door Closer TS1500From £46.85
93182646TS9205 Flat Form Arm, SteelFrom £8.43
93182686Door Closer TS9204From £64.48
93182696Door Closer TS9205From £79.98
93184629Overhead Door Closer DCL15From £4.14
93184820Overhead Door Closer DCL5From £73.42
DF2016Rutland Door Closer, 2-5 PowerFrom £58.48
DFC210AEasi-Exit VP Template RangeFrom £35.92
DFC211AEasi-Exit Fixed RangeFrom £28.18
DCS001ALapcon Door CloserFrom £107.50
DF2015ZDC Door Closer, Size 2-4From £27.34
DF2015AZDC Budget Door Closer, Size 3From £11.04
93106239Dorma Overhead Door Closer TS72VBCFrom £7.71
93110649Geze Overhead Door Closer TS5000E£497.20
93110969Geze Overhead Door Closer TS3000E £352.18