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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

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DF2015Door Closer, Size 2-4£3.52
93106449Dorma TS73V Overhead Door Closer£97.59
93111579Overhead Door Closer TS3000B£182.15
93116180Overhead Door Closer TS2000NVBC£112.76
93160609Briton 1110SES Overhead Door Closer£52.99
93160619Briton 121CE Overhead Door Closer£35.30
93184039Overhead Door Closer DCL33£112.77
93185009Overhead Sliding Door Closer£173.05
93192009Briton 2003E Overhead Door Closer£67.50
94018109Overhead Door Closer TS1000£32.82
DF2003PBBriton Door CloserFrom £40.00
DF2012Door Closer, Size 3£13.32
DF2013King Door Closer, 2003From £30.40
DF2014King Door Closer, Size 2-4£35.20
DF2017Rutland Door Closer, 2-4 PowerFrom £5.51
DF996Briton 996 Electronic Door CloserFrom £32.06
93184649Overhead Door Closer DCL11£23.01
DF2011Easi-Exit Door Closer, Fixed Size 3£20.14
DFF270AOverhead Door Stay £5.92
93182606Overhead Door Closer £52.68
93111070Overhead Door Closer TS3000BC £199.49
93111500Overhead Door Closer TS3000V £190.82
DF1110SESBriton Door Closer £51.80
DF1110Briton Door CloserFrom £37.50
DCS001ALapcon Door CloserFrom £106.06
HIA046ADoor Closer & Cover £81.31
HIA047ADoor Closer & Cover £45.97
94013705Geze TS2000 Overhead Door Closer£97.22
93116843Overhead Door Closer, Aluminium£147.13
93116890Overhead Door Closer TS1500Designer£85.29
DF2015King Door Closer, Size 2-6£9.52
DF2016Rutland Door Closer, 2-5 PowerFrom £58.48
93117030Overhead Door Closer TS1200From £50.73
93182686Door Closer TS9204From £59.88
93182696Door Closer TS9205From £74.27
DFC211AEasi-Exit Fixed RangeFrom £23.22
DFC210AEasi-Exit VP Template RangeFrom £33.89
93116989Overhead Door Closer TS2000NVBCG£92.33
93110069Geze Overhead Door Closer TS5000EFS £818.93
93110540Geze Overhead Door Closer TS5000E From £461.70
93110909Geze Overhead Door Closer TS3000 £124.01
93116030Geze Overhead Door Closer TS4000EFS From £288.98
93116100Geze Overhead Door Closer TS2000 From £59.27
93106150Overhead Door Closer Dorma TS83From £129.43
93106230Dorma Overhead Door Closer TS72VBCFrom £7.16
93107058Dorma TS68 Overhead Door CloserFrom £35.63
93107700Overhead Door Closer Dorma TS71From £57.28
93110550Geze Overhead Door Closer TS3000EFrom £327.03
93116050Geze Overhead Door Closer TS4000EFrom £271.77
93116603Overhead Door Closer TS1500From £43.50
93182646TS9205 Flat Form Arm, SteelFrom £7.83
93184629Overhead Door Closer DCL15From £3.85
93184820Overhead Door Closer DCL5From £68.18