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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...
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00807290Adjustable Door Gripper£23.85
24699107Door Holder, Magnetic, Plastic£20.26
35619940Door Buffer£15.39
35620708Door Buffer, Plastic£0.04
35627701Door Stop£12.97
91152149Mortice Overhead Limit Stay£12.41
91152389Surface Overhead Friction Stay£40.00
91205083Door Retainer, Wall/Floor Mounted£62.96
91205084Door Retainer, Surface Mounted£45.54
91205085Door Retainer, Flush Mounted£35.66
91205087Door Retainer, Floor Mount Bracket£25.26
91205088Door Retainer, Keeper Plate£23.76
93195920Overhead Door Stop and Holder£101.27
93195921Overhead Door Stop and Holder£101.27
93802201Automatic Door Holder, Aluminium£43.23
93815009Foot Operated Door Bolt, Steel£16.63
93815013Garage Door Holder, Steel£48.88
93815023Garage Door Holder, Steel£38.20
93819019Automatic Door Holder, Aluminium£18.56
93823000Magnetic Door Holder, Zinc Alloy£6.44
93829005Door Wedge, Rubber£0.76
93833000Overhead Door Stop and Holder£7.90
93836003Dorgard Acoustic Fire Door Retainer£160.65
DF861BDoor Wedge£34.00
DF862Global Magnetic Door HolderFrom £2.40
DF904Door Stop, Kick DownFrom £6.32
DF995Easi T DIN Profile Latch£12.03
HI1281Door Buffer, Bang In£11.20
HI1305EnduroMax Thrust Bearing Pivot Set£35.20
HI1306EnduroMax Emergency Door Stop£30.53
HIC123AEnduromax Emergency Door Stop£50.46
35629746Door Stop £11.85
35620421Door Buffer, Plastic £4.56
35620127Door BufferFrom £3.02
35620130Door BufferFrom £1.38
35629148Door Stop, Plastic£11.18
35634430Door Stop, Plastic£12.63
32944500PUSH Door Catch, PlasticFrom £0.27
35628400Door Stop, PlasticFrom £6.47
00790050Portman Door and Panel LifterFrom £55.65
HIC122AEnduromax Standard Pivot SetFrom £50.46
93712403Goal Post Barrier, Mild steelFrom £159.64
DF861Wedge, RubberFrom £2.00
DF817LBDoor StopFrom £7.70
93712205Spring Door Stop, Steel/PlasticFrom £0.26
93800100Foot Operated Door Holder, SteelFrom £49.29
93802000Foot Operated Door Holder, SteelFrom £28.99
93804001Door Holder, Foot OperatedFrom £4.31
93819008Foot Operated Door Holder, SteelFrom £8.11
93832003Gravity Catch, Malleable IronFrom £11.58
93849042Door Holder, Foot OperatedFrom £10.57
DF840Door Stop SpringFrom £5.16
93186911Door Retainer, Power Supply UnitFrom £64.71
93820030Overhead Friction Stay, TelescopicFrom £33.10
97108000Cable Window and Door Restrictor £13.47
97300943Door and Window Restrictor ArmFrom £5.29
DFM174AGravity Door Latch From £11.20