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The summer has always been the perfect season to tackle those at-home DIY projects that you’ve been putting off...
Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
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40591280EKU Combino 45H Wardrobe Door SetFrom £454.85
SD98DPocket Door System DoubleFrom £180.96
40510080EKU Soft Closing System Adaptor SetFrom £21.13
SD30Wingline 780 Sliding Door Set£85.39
40050001PS40 1 Door Fitting SetFrom £367.97
40071001HAWA-Aperto 40 Track SetFrom £643.55
40223002Slido Classic 55 IF Fitting SetFrom £52.67
40223602Slido Classic 55 IF Tracks/ChannelsFrom £7.30
40230022Slido Classic 20 VF C Fitting Set£57.10
40230100Slido Classic 20 IF C Housing£0.97
40230107Slido Classic 20 IF C Fitting SetFrom £0.57
40230300Slido Classic 20 IF C Door Stopper£1.98
40231004Slido Classic 20/40VFT Fitting SetFrom £102.13
40233026Slido Classic 40 IF C Fitting SetFrom £62.25
40233029Slido Classic 20 VF C Fitting SetFrom £15.97
40320001EKU Libra20H Fitting SetFrom £508.23
40407000Sliding Timber Cabinet Door FittingFrom £13.86
40435014HAWA-Miniroll25 Fitting SetFrom £173.87
40452000System 7 Fitting SetFrom £74.59
40510000EKU Soft Closing System Fitting SetFrom £53.18
40510070EKU Clipo16SH Mixfront Fitting SetFrom £3.89
40535901HAWA-Antea50 Vorfront Track SetFrom £313.81
40549001System SF-S35 Complete SetFrom £120.50
40549003SF30/53 Complete Fitting SetFrom £8.63
40555214EKU Regal B 25 H VF Fitting SetFrom £137.39
40587052EKU Clipo16SH Mixfront Track SetFrom £31.23
40623990HAWA Soft Closing System FittingSetFrom £85.23
40670022Dorado Mixfront Fitting SetFrom £685.29
40670120HAWA-Dorado Infront Fitting SetFrom £456.99
40670122HAWA-Dorado Sliding Cabinet SetFrom £563.24
40671029Top Track and Bottom Guide Set£212.22
40758003HAWA-Bifold30 Fitting SetFrom £246.39
40912016Foldaside100 Top Hung Fitting SetFrom £60.26
40979000System SF16 Complete Fitting SetFrom £53.15
40979002System SF50D Complete Fitting SetFrom £130.00
40979004System SF60D Complete Fitting SetFrom £158.92
41026000Slido Fold 25/35VF Fitting SetFrom £68.82
41026301Slido Fold 25/35VF ComponentFrom £0.96
41026612Slido Fold 25/35VF Track/ChannelFrom £10.00
94040010Hawa Junior 40 SetFrom £266.42
94041008HAWA Junior 40/GP Fitting Set£457.29
94041405Junior40/GL Cover Profile Set£148.78
94041825Junior40/GLF Verticle Seal SetFrom £126.94
94055925Straightaway50 Single Top Track£22.06
94060009Slido Classic Sliding Glass DoorFrom £105.32
94080000HAWA-Junior 80/GP Fitting SetFrom £483.75
94080113HAWA-Junior 80 SetFrom £320.40
94080120HAWA Junior 80/B Pocket Fitting Set£332.58
94120010HAWA Junior 120/GP Fitting Set£635.35
94132000Slido Design 100-S Complete FittingFrom £109.29
94141009HAWA Junior 40/GL Fitting Set£370.15
94162721Slido Classic 160 Top TrackFrom £60.09
94327100HAWA-Centrefold80H Fitting SetFrom £814.31
DFZ025DFulton & Bray Sliding Door Lock SetFrom £19.82
40790209Planofit Fit Bag SetFrom £4.48
40070900HAWA-Aperto 40 75° Storage Area Set£1326.97
40070910HAWA-Aperto 40 Single Panel Set£676.81
40120000Fitting Set, Infront for 2 Doors £47.81
40120001Complete Fitting Set for 1 Door£15.72
40120002Fitting Set for 2 Doors £60.20
40320010EKU Libra20H Synchro Fitting Set£546.93
40452300System 7 Fitting Set for 1 Door£20.60
40510099EKU Soft Closing System Adaptor Set£43.72
40555011EKU Regal-A 25 Wood Fitting Set£102.15
40611278Finetta Flatfront M35B Sliding Door£1301.20
94080008Junior80/GS Fitting Set£574.75
94081005HAWA Junior 80/GL Fitting Set£431.60
94100005EKU Porta100GW Fitting/Clamping Set£435.53
94101899EKU Porta 100 GWF Fixing Set£13.61
94154000Metalglas Sesamo Fitting Set£430.86
94160099HAWA Junior 160/GP Fitting Set£936.46
23147990HAWA-Multifold30W Espagnolette Lock£206.04
40952050HAWA-Multifold30W Fitting Set£444.22
40990000Hafele System6 Fitting Set£42.21
40051189Slido Classic 50VF P System, 3 Door £111.87
40230027Slido Classic 40 IF C Complete Set £151.31
40230028Slido Classic 20 IF C Complete Set £55.43
40230029Slido Classic 20 IF C Complete Set £87.07
40233004Slido Classic 12 IF C Complete Set £64.27
40435000Hawa-Miniroll 25 Complete Set £368.27
40435001Hawa-Miniroll 25 Complete Set £506.95
40535103HAWA-Antea Cabinet Complete Set £955.40
40535104HAWA-Antea Cabinet Complete Set £1370.93
40582220EKU CLIPO 16 HM Inslide Fitting Set £46.02
40582290EKU CLIPO 16 GPK Fitting Set £79.35
94060123Slido 60-N Set £102.02
94102112Slido 100-P Set £51.95
40582216EKU-CLIPO 16H Inslide Fitting Set £81.18
94352002Folding Door SF-A300, 1 Door Set £841.44
SD10Vorfront System 5 Double Door Set£246.62
94055000Straightaway50 Sliding Door Gear£12.45