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Bored with your kitchen but can't afford a complete makeover? Here are some quick and simple ways to update your kitchen from off the peg to bespoke with a few simple design and DIY tricks...
Modern kitchens are not generally designed to be mobility friendly, fixed worktops and fitted appliances may be great for most people, but they cause lots of problems for people with limited movement...
If you're ready to make the switch to energy and time-efficient LEDs, you don't have to limit yourself to conventional bulbs...

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00780102Dust Sheet, Non-Fire ProofFrom £9.55
07900191FuseFrom £0.28
16802761Label FrameFrom £4.78
91054980Energizer BatteryFrom £5.04
91208077External Digital Monitoring SetFrom £174.72
00780101Furniture Blanket, Unhemmed£6.12
04900314Worktop Corner Protector, Plastic£64.12
91054-0008Energizer Charger and Batteries Set£50.97
91054-0009Energizer Universal Charger Set£61.17
91054960Battery Set, 2xCR2£7.77
91054973Energizer Universal Charger£29.46
91203000Emergency Dome Cover, Plastic£24.71
91203001Emergency Dome Cover, Plastic£36.92
91203003Replacement Dome, Plastic£13.13
91699220Push Button Key Safe£45.16
91699231Budget Key Cabinet, Mild Steel£29.77
98540000Disabled Portable Induction Loop£249.99
98540010Disabled Double Gang Induction Loop£131.17
E80050SSPower Pod£123.17
EXTLEADExtension Cable£5.14
LF1880Loft Leg£168.00
LIF7000Retracting Built-in Socket Epail£213.68
MIS2103Line Marker PaintFrom £4.00
MIS2238Drain Hole Cover, Plastic£20.00
MIS2343SProDec Doorway Zipped Protector£6.61
MIS2343XJob Done Polythene Dust Sheets£2.70
00734628WD-40 Smart Straw £5.60
MIS2246BCard Frame, 3 holesFrom £0.88
MIS2246CCard Frame, 2 holesFrom £0.40
0790009312 Way Strip Connector £1.18
MIS2246Card FrameFrom £1.10
MIS2246ACard Frame, 3 holesFrom £0.88
91208079External Wi-Fi Network Camera £197.72
91208088Indoor WLAN Pan/Tilt Camera £197.72
16810-0012BLAKE Cardframe Furniture Handle £25.51
MIS2321DProDec Tarpaulin, WaterproofFrom £6.86
MIS2321HCraftsman Tarpaulin, WaterproofFrom £6.12
MIS2343Dust SheetFrom £2.37
MIS2343ODust Sheet, High Density PolytheneFrom £1.18
00734650Line-It Linemarker PaintFrom £5.76
MIS2343RProDec Dust Sheet, Poly RollFrom £1.84
82019710Screw On Plug, Plastic £2.48
91054947Energizer Rechargable BatteryFrom £10.39