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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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DF822Hasp and Staple, LockingFrom £3.47
DF812ASafety Hasp and StapleFrom £3.68
23605906Safe Deposit Box Lock, Steel£0.78
23696910Close Shackle Padlock, Steel£38.40
91158019Van Block Lock, Steel£29.35
91158029Stronghold CEN Pad Bars, CEN4£41.92
91159003Wall Anchor, Hardened Steel£6.65
91160078Disc Pattern Security Padlock£17.34
91160089Combination Padlock, Open Shackle£21.64
91163011Fortress Heavy Duty Locking Bar£106.48
91163012Heavy Pattern Hasp and Staple£19.31
91163014Heavy Duty Swivel Locking Bar£22.28
91163022Double Hinge Hasp and Staple£15.16
91163024Wall Anchor, Hardened Steel/Plastic£5.85
DF121Briton Locking Bars£12.88
DF12141ERA Fortress Locking Bar£66.63
DF212ERA Big 6 Heavy Duty Padlock£80.75
DF812BSafety Hasp and Staple£8.64
DF812FSafety Hasp and Staple£58.11
DF830C40Padlock, Close ShackleFrom £36.48
DF830DLuggage PadlockFrom £13.92
DF830OWordlock Padlock£11.40
DF830PWordlock 4 Dial Sports Lock Padlock£6.14
DF830UWordlock 4 Dial Discus Padlock£9.65
DF870Laminated Padlock£12.00
41513052Padlock Staple, Steel £1.16
DF830TWordlock 5 Dial Padlock £3.44
DF83040Tri-Circle Padlock, 2 Keys £29.76
DF830MPadlock, Marine £10.54
DF812VSafety Hasp and Staple From £24.48
DF830NPadlock FB1 From £0.78
91160085Laminated PadlockFrom £10.10
91160110Old English Padlock, Open ShackleFrom £8.00
DF830VWordlock 4 Dial Luggage PadlockFrom £5.85
48201702ABUS Padlock, Keyed alike, Brass £24.98
48201706ABUS Titalium Padlock £22.94
48201707ABUS Titalium 90RK Shackle Padlock £33.66
48201708ABUS 41/50 Padlock £13.52
48201709ABUS Extreme Shackle Padlock £45.25
48201710ABUS Extreme Padlock £44.21
48201714ABUS 180 IB/50 Marine Padlock £25.54
48201715ABUS 4 Combination Padlock £14.01
48201716ABUS 3 Combination Padlock £15.12
48201717ABUS 4 Combination Padlock £18.57
48201718ABUS 5 Combination Padlock £37.82
48201719ABUS 82/90 Monobloc Shutter Padlock £28.71
48201720ABUS Monobloc Shutter Padlock £13.45
48201721ABUS 92/80 Monobloc Shutter Padlock £46.60
48201780ABUS 140/120 Diskus Hasp and Staple £12.94
DF830XPython Lock CableFrom £9.34
23689901Chest Lever Lock, Plate Cylinder From £12.57
91163016Safety Hasp and Staple, SteelFrom £2.63
91160091Standard Brass PadlockFrom £6.06
DFC286AClosed Shackle Padlock£34.11
91162167Combination Locking Bolt, Die-Cast£16.50
23699140Padlock, Brass From £2.62
91160072Stronghold Padlock, Closed Shackle£42.14
91160076Stronghold Bullit Padlock£48.91
91160084Combination Padlock, Open Shackle£20.89
DFC285AOpen Shackle Padlock£29.84
DF83060APadlock Tri Circle Armoured £11.40
DFC286AClosed Shackle Padlock£5.41
DF81350Hasps and StaplesFrom £0.65
DF83020Tri-Circle PadlockFrom £0.46
DF83030Padlock, 2 KeysFrom £0.84
DF83050Padlock Tri CircleFrom £26.40
DFC555ADiscus Hasp £6.42
DFC556AHasp for Padlock £3.07
DFC557AHasp for Padlock £4.14
DFC558AOval Padbolt £2.90
DFC559ALight Pattern Safety Hasp From £1.76

We offer some great heavy duty padlocks suitable for anything from locking up a bike while you go shopping to padlocking a entrance to a building site. Our hand picked products are designed to last and they come in various types including code combinations, chains, key, and locking bars. 

These products are highly effective, extremely strong and are great solutions for day to day security of products, offices, households and possessions.