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The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...
LED lights can be a discreet yet stylish way to light up the room and enhance your décor...

Pewter Handles   Back to Cabinet Traditional

HA3015Versailes T Handle, Small£2.64
HA4199APull Handle£14.41
HA4200APull HandleFrom £11.14
HA4202APull Handle£12.77
HA4203APull Handle£26.65
HA4204APull Handle£10.13
HA4205APull Handle£12.58
HA4206APull Handle£23.64
HA4207APull Handle£20.57
HA4208APull Handle£12.49
HA4209APull Handle£14.59
HA4210APull HandleFrom £25.92
HA4211APull Handle£21.75
HA4212APull Handle£12.30
HA4213APull Handle£14.63
HA4215APull Handle£44.31
HA4216APull Handle£14.42
HA4217APull Handle£14.73
HA4221APull Handle£10.66
HA4222APull Handle£19.28
HA4223APull Handle£18.74
HA4224APull Handle£15.93
HA4225APull Handle£16.44
HA4226APull Handle£26.70
HA4227APull Handle£18.21
HA4228APull Handle£9.99
HA4229APull Handle£15.23
HA4230APull Handle£13.86
HA4231APull Handle£32.66
HA4232APull Handle£19.36
HA4233APull Handle£33.52
HA4234APull Handle£35.89
HA4235APull Handle£26.14
HA4236APull Handle£30.87
HA4237APull Handle£26.96
HA4238APull Handle£20.81
HA4241APull Handle£12.70
HA4242APull Handle£9.84
HA4243APull Handle£14.06
HA4244APull Handle£11.63
HA4245APull Handle£14.84
HA4247APull Handle£11.21
HA4248APull Handle£21.74
HA4249APull Handle£15.93
HA4250APull Handle£14.50
HA4251APull Handle£19.22
HA4252APull Handle£15.31
HA4254APull Handle£14.87
HA4255APull Handle£16.33
HA4256APull Handle£18.94
HA4258APull Handle£9.78
HA4259APull Handle£15.38
HA4260APull Handle£8.16
HA4261APull Handle£12.53
HA4262APull Handle£18.00
HA4263APull Handle£11.31
HA4264APull Handle£7.99
HA4265APull Handle£7.42
HA4266APull Handle£7.99
HA4269APull Handle£9.10
HA4271APull Handle£7.15
HA4273APull Handle£8.26
HA4274APull Handle£8.88
HA4275APull Handle£7.96
HA4276APull Handle£8.26
HA4277APull Handle£10.45
HA4278APull Handle£13.97
HA4279APull Handle£9.97
HA4280APull Handle£8.43
HA4281APull Handle£10.07
HA4282APull Handle£10.18
HA4283APull Handle£11.87
HA4289APull Handle£6.48
HA4290APull HandleFrom £4.69
HA4291APull Handle£5.55
HA4292APull Handle £2.13
HA4293APull Handle£3.92
HA4294APull Handle£12.86
HA4295APull Handle£3.86
HA4296APull Handle£7.64
HA4297APull Handle£6.48
HA4298APull Handle£2.81
HA4299APull Handle£6.48
HA4300APull Handle£4.22
HA4301APull Handle£6.68
HA4302APull Handle£5.17
HA4303APull Handle£3.48
HA4305APull Handle£3.08
HA4306APull Handle£2.18
HA4307APull Handle£5.54
HA4308APull Handle£3.39
HA4309APull Handle£5.53
HA4311APull Handle£5.42
HA4312APull Handle£1.89
HA4313APull Handle£6.63
HA4314APull Handle£5.32
HA73019D Handle, Spade Ends£12.64
HA73044Pull Handle, Solid Pewter£9.10
HA74010AHammered BowFrom £8.16
HA75006Bar Handle, Bead Ends£13.89
HAF107Handforged Cabinet Handle From £1.46
HAC274AChiltern KnobFrom £2.70
HAC517ATemperance KnobFrom £1.25
HAC518AArcadian KnobFrom £1.01
HAC177AOval Plate Cup Handle£3.65
HAC178ADimpled Effect Handle£5.70
HAC179AHammered Effect Handle£5.55
HAC180ASquare Plate Cup Handle£4.27
HAC181AFleur De Lys Handle£3.38
HAC182AFleur De Lys Handle£4.99
HAC190AReeded Cup Handle£4.69
HAC264ACheviot Knob£1.47
HAC267ANeo Rectangular Handle£4.54
HAC270AArundel Cup Pull Handle£2.19
HAC271AAshcombe Square Knob£1.97
HAC272AAshcombe Handle£5.38