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Hart Wholesale | Legs | Plinth Legs

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63702006Plinth Adjusting Screw£0.53
63745930Plinth Clip Set, Plastic£2.33
63781315Plinth Shaft, Plastic£0.35
63781330Plinth Panel Spring, Steel£2.69
63796323Plinth Feet Set Legs Only, Plastic£49.66
63796350Foot Section, Plastic£6.61
63796371Plinth Clip and Bracket, Plastic£2.46
63796372Plinth Clip and Bracket, Plastic£2.46
63797300Adjustable Plinth Set, Plastic£194.63
71325061Plinth Sealing Strip, Plastic £1.88
71325098Plinth Sealing Strip, Plastic£1.76
71328515Plinth Panel, PVC £26.07
71328520End Cap, PVC£0.74
71328540Plinth Clip, Plastic£2.26
71335401Aluminium Plinth Panel Set £37.86
LF1809PEMS Carcase Legs, PlasticFrom £38.80
LF1809BPEMS Carcase Legs, Plastic Bang inFrom £54.32
LF1809DPEMS Carcase Legs, PlasticFrom £36.00
LF1809E3PEMS Leg ExtensionsFrom £7.84
LF1809HPEMS Oval Dowel, Fix Top Only£7.20
LF1809RPEMS Carcase Leg£6.40
LF1809XPEMS Carcase Legs, PlasticFrom £38.80
LF1809Z1PEMS Carcase LegFrom £5.76
P10Plinth Sealing Strip, Plastic£1.76
71328560Plinth Connector, 90° Corner £27.99
71328561Plinth Connector, 135° Corner£26.30
71328951Flexible Plinth Connector£4.50
LF1809PPlinth Clips, PlinthFrom £3.30
LF1809TPEMS Oval Leg, Screw Fix Top£7.20
LF1809ZPEMS Leg Cup, Doweled £7.20
23998400Plinth Seal, Plastic £2.05
LF2000MSV Advanced Folding Carcass LegFrom £0.12
LF1809FPEMS Chunky Carcase Legs, Plastic £100.00
23997140Plinth Connecting Profile£24.70
63755990Plinth Feet Top SectionFrom £2.60
63781340Plinth Panel Clip, PlasticFrom £4.57
63781371Plinth Shaft with BaseFrom £6.06
63796303Plinth Feet Set, PlasticFrom £2.26
63796331Plinth Foot and Shaft SectionFrom £11.78
63796341Plinth Shaft Section, PlasticFrom £5.42
63796362Plinth Feet Top Section, PlasticFrom £7.92
78134994Plinth Connector, AluminiumFrom £2.95
63781301Plinth Foot Top Section, PlasticFrom £3.93
23997250Plinth Connecting Profile From £23.33

A great selection of wholesale plinth legs, accessories and fittings. These products are very versatile and come in a range of finishes. In addtion to this, we stock various parts and accessories for the legs too including shafts, screws, panel clips, bases, and more.