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Polyvent Ducting   Back to Ducting & Ventilation

  • Recommended for the ducting of bathrooms, WC's and kitchens if other systems cannot be installed
  • Extra low profile enables ducting to be easily concealed where space is restricted (where there is a void space of 38mm)
  • Ideal for installation in flats or under floors
  • Made from self extinguishing flame retardant materials to DIN 4102 B1
  • Maximum working temperature of 60°
  • A wide range of bends and adapters enables versatile operation
V20150Polyvent225 Flat Channel£16.25
V20200Polyvent225 Flat Channel£21.65
V2009BPolyvent225 Extended Airbrick £9.12
V2316Polyvent225 Airbrick FasciaFrom £1.73
V2005Polyvent225 Round-Rectang Adapter£7.27
V2006Polyvent225 Flat Channel Connector£2.22
V2007Polyvent225 Horizontal 90° Bend£7.03
V2008Polyvent225 Horizontal 45° Bend£5.91
V2010Polyvent225 Vertical 90° Bend£5.91
V2011Polyvent225 Vertical 45° Bend£5.91
V2013Polyvent225 Elbow Bend/Plenum£7.27
V2014Polyvent225 Universal Support Clip£0.28
V2016Polyvent225 Long Airbrick Adapter£8.00
V2332Polyvent225 to Polyvent300 Adapter£5.91