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Hart Wholesale | Bathrooms & Fixtures | Programma Cap Range

Programma Cap Range   Back to Bathrooms & Fixtures

The programma CAP from PBA is a range of bathroom fittings allowing designers to create bathrooms for everyone. The range includes grab rails and shower seats that disappear from view when not required by the user allowing for the designer to create a safe environment for all users of bathrooms and toilets.
98077306PBA Programma Drop Support Fixture£83.30
98077313PBA Programma Shower Seat Fixture£49.91
98077314PBA Programma Shower Seat Fixture£59.24
98077315PBA Programma Seat Wall Template£6.50
98077316PBA Programma Shower Seat Casing£35.78
98077332PBA Programma 135° Grab Rail £131.25
98077343PBA Programma Fixed Support Rail From £198.03
98077300PBA Programma Drop Support RailFrom £346.10
98077304PBA Programma Drop Support FixtureFrom £74.84
98077307PBA Programma Rail Wall TemplateFrom £6.50
98077309PBA Programma Drop Support CasingFrom £34.42
98077311PBA Programma Drop Shower SeatFrom £463.45
98077317PBA Programma Horizontal Grab RailFrom £60.68
98077334PBA Programma L-Shaped Grab RailFrom £118.70
98077341PBA Programma T-Shaped Grab RailFrom £205.86
98077345PBA Programma Fixing BoltsFrom £3.73
98077349PBA Programma Fixed Grab RailFrom £120.40
98077356PBA Programma Corner Grab RailFrom £207.22
98077362PBA Programma Corner Grab RailFrom £136.45
98077366PBA Programma Shower Head HolderFrom £37.25
98077368PBA Programma Corner Grab RailFrom £174.32
98077375PBA Programma Pull Shower RailFrom £216.04
98077378PBA Programma Shower Curtain RailFrom £56.98
98077390PBA Programma Corner Curtain RailFrom £183.93
98077392PBA Programma Corner Curtain RailFrom £190.49
98077402PBA Programma Shower Curtain RailFrom £239.16
98077411PBA Programma Shower CurtainFrom £172.80
98077415PBA Programma ProfileFrom £97.84
98077417PBA Programma Bathroom ShelfFrom £40.92
98077425PBA Programma Bathroom ShelfFrom £40.92
98077429PBA Programma Bathroom ShelfFrom £74.39
98077433PBA Programma Bathroom ShelfFrom £74.39
98077444PBA Programma Bathroom ShelfFrom £114.97
98077452PBA Programma Bathroom ShelfFrom £67.09
98077456PBA Programma Clothes HookFrom £18.94
98077458PBA Programma Clothes HookFrom £10.29
98077328PBA Programma Horizontal Grab RailFrom £136.45
98077407PBA Programma Shower CurtainFrom £79.08
98077422PBA Programma Bathroom ShelfFrom £53.13
98077414PBA Programma Mirror £210.16
98077443PBA Programma Towel Dispenser £148.15