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Hart Wholesale | PVC Extrusion

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23997-0011Plinth Connecting Profile, Plastic£0.27
MIS2325Corner Protector, PlasticFrom £0.11
P9Glass Grip Coil£72.00
PCO7WClip On Edging, uPVC£204.48
PDP5Plastic Drawer Pull, uPVC£21.12
PFF12Curved Flat Strip£15.94
PCT007WEasyfix Round Conduit £33.17
PDT003NEasyfix Nylon Glider £14.40
PDC21Double Channel, Bottom Track, uPVCFrom £68.74
PDCB3CDouble Channel, Bottom Track, uPVC From £25.73
PEA31XExternal Wallboard Angle, uPVC £43.97
PFTS10BRFlexi Bang In T Section, uPVC From £20.85
PHP17Flat Strip, uPVC £17.47
PIA31CInternal Wallboard Angle, uPVC £49.92
PS12Scotia Section, uPVC From £23.04
PSCB6Single Channel Bottom, uPVC £23.04
PSCT6Single Channel Top, uPVC From £28.80
PBS003BEasyfix Binding Bar, Round Back From £20.11
PBS005WEasyfix Bath SealFrom £14.50
PCO006VEasyfix Clip-On Edging, Round Back From £24.72
PCS001BEasyfix C SectionFrom £21.36
PCT001WEasyfix Oval Conduit From £23.38
PDT001BEasyfix Drawer T TrackFrom £16.80
PDT002BEasyfix Insert TrackFrom £23.86
PFH001BEasyfix Flat EdgingFrom £18.24
PFT005BEasyfix Flexible Edging, T Section From £3.20
PHP001WEasyfix Flat BarFrom £9.41
PHS001BEasyfix Unequal H SectionFrom £43.58
PHS018BEasyfix Hockey Stick From £3.07
PLS001BEasyfix L Section From £44.16
PMT001WEasyfix Mini-Trunking From £26.40
PMT013WEasyfix Mini-Trunking FittingsFrom £14.83
PPC001WEasyfix Pipe CoverFrom £16.99
PRA027BEasyfix Unequal AngleFrom £57.50
PRA028W19Easyfix External AngleFrom £21.74
PRA030BEasyfix Wholesale AngleFrom £67.20
PSQ001GEasyfix Quadrant From £25.25
PSS001BEasyfix Scotia From £15.46
PTT001BEasyfix Tank Top Channel From £26.35
PHS014WEasyfix 2 Part H Section Base From £28.80
PBS001BEasyfix Binding Bar, Square BackFrom £19.92
PCO001BEasyfix Clip-On Edging, Square BackFrom £11.76
PCS009BEasyfix C Section, Heavy DutyFrom £36.53
PDC001TBEasyfix Double Channel TFrom £24.96
PDC015TBEasyfix Double ChannelFrom £18.24
PFT001BEasyfix Flexible Edging, FlatFrom £9.60
PHS010VEasyfix 2 Part H Section TopFrom £18.67
PLH001BEasyfix Lipped EdgingFrom £21.70
PCT008CEasyfix PVC TubingFrom £8.88
PBJ29Butt Joint, H Section, uPVC From £32.06
PMT023WEasyfix Deep Mini-Trunking £93.70
PIA001BEasyfix Internal AngleFrom £39.94
PJC1Jointcover, uPVCFrom £29.28
PCP001WEasyfix Capping From £20.54
PVT001BEasyfix Vivarium TrackFrom £29.76
PVT002BEasyfix Vivarium TrackFrom £26.21
PRA001BEasyfix Equal AngleFrom £12.19
PTS001BEasyfix Rigid T with BarbFrom £29.28
PSC001TBEasyfix Single ChannelFrom £16.22
PDCT8Double Channel, Top Track, uPVCFrom £61.44
PHS002BEasyfix H SectionFrom £28.94
PBJ003BEasyfix Butt Joint From £20.54
PCS012BEasyfix Corner Section From £36.34
PEA003BEasyfix External Angle From £39.94
PRA033AEasyfix Equal Angle £74.30
PRA18WAngle, 90°, uPVC From £28.03
PTS002BEasyfix Equal T Section From £26.93
PHS13Hockey Stick, uPVCFrom £21.12
70021712Edging Profile EFFFrom £6.65
PCC001WEasyfix Cable CoverFrom £19.30
PCSL1Cable Section with Lid, uPVCFrom £38.88

We offer several types of plastic extrusions. Each one is designed to add organization, support, or convenience to it's assigned task. We stock extrusions for cable trunking, edging, binding, shelf supports, cable covers and many more. Whatever your building task, get in touch today and find out how our range of products can help you.