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Rim Locks   Back to Door Locks

In this section you will find only the highest quality rim locks for your door. With quality finish designs we may have just the type of lock to fit your requirements.

Our selection includes basket, adjustable backset, straight cupboard rim locks and many more. The materials we offer range from steel and brass to zinc alloy and plastic.

Expert advice on rim locks 

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for or feel you need a little bit of guidance then get in touch to see what we can do for you.

21110207Lever Rim Lock, SteelFrom £7.93
21163102Push Button Rim LockFrom £2.78
21919273Cylinder Rosette, BrassFrom £2.05
22514709Sprung rim lock without locking lat£4.89
23001149Adjustable Backset Rim LockFrom £25.89
23001210Rim lock, Ø22mm Cylinder, SteelFrom £19.19
23001701Rim Lock with Extended Ø22 CylinderFrom £30.54
23007990Minilock 40 Spacer PlateFrom £3.27
23009800Straight Cupboard Rim LockFrom £28.71
23012606Minilock 40 Rim Lock, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.78
23013603Minilock 40 Rim Lock, Zinc AlloyFrom £55.88
23016910Mortice Budget Lock, SteelFrom £1.29
23016940Captive Key Rim Budget Lock, SteelFrom £3.26
23019605Minilock 40 Rim Lock, Zinc AlloyFrom £22.91
23060228Rim Lock with Extended Ø18 CylinderFrom £25.28
23201200Econo Dead Bolt Rim LockFrom £1.95
23204202Rim Lock, Right Handed, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.18
23204211Rim Lock, Left Handed, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.18
23204220Rim Lock, Drawer Use, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.18
23207605Roller Shutter Rim Lock, Zinc AlloyFrom £9.17
91654200Rim Cylinder, 5 PinsFrom £5.31
20420500Bow Key, Zinc Die-Cast£0.56
21104500Lever Rim Lock, Steel£1.75
22591713Lock Housing with OC Aperture£11.31
22740101Door Handle Set, Plastic£2.41
23008920Cylinder Drawer/Cupboard Rim Lock£55.37
23009120Straight Cylinder Cupboard Rim Lock£55.59
23016900Rim Budget Lock, Steel£6.59
23016920Budget Lock Tee Key, Steel£2.75
23019698Minilock 40 Rim Lock, Zinc Alloy£38.71
23019699Minilock 40 Rim Lock, Zinc Alloy£42.64
23203992Spacer Plate for Rim Lock, Plastic£2.54
91161094Captive Tee Key, Steel£5.22
DF897Roller Shutter Rim Lock£6.42
DFA247ARim Lock and Cover £35.78
DFA248ALarge Keep, Steel £6.01
DFA249AMedium Keep, Steel £4.72
DFA250ASmall Keep, Steel £3.86
DFA621ADavenport Rim Lock £51.36
21160751Dead Bolt Rim Lock £4.15
21162101Push-Snap Mini Spring Bolt Rim Lock £2.98
22524622Push Button Espagnolette Rim Lock £6.91
23201240Econo Roller Shutter Rim Lock £2.46
24542541Cara-Snap Rim Lock Handle Catch £2.91
24542551Cara-Snap Rim Bearing Housing £2.17
24542560Cara-Snap Rim Stop £0.41
24542903Cara-Snap Rim Bearing Sleeve £0.61
DFA245AOak Box Lock and Octagonal Knob SetFrom £265.99
DFA246ARim Lock and Cast Iron CoverFrom £42.18
DFA251ALarge Rim Lock, Left HandFrom £98.89
DFA252ALarge Rim Lock, Right HandFrom £98.89
DFA253ASmall Rim Lock, Left HandFrom £55.49
DFA254ASmall Rim Lock, Right HandFrom £55.49
23115000Sprung Bolt Rim Lock, PlasticFrom £23.35
DFA726ARim CylinderFrom £17.26
DFC550AEurospec Rim Cylinder £11.97
23008320Straight Cylinder Drawer Rim LockFrom £77.44