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Hart Wholesale | Casters & Glides | Roller Castors

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66065332Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, PlasticFrom £0.53
66007324Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, PlasticFrom £0.82
66092920Pin with M10 thread, Steel£0.47
66007304Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, PlasticFrom £0.57
66007320Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, PlasticFrom £0.94
66007321Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, PlasticFrom £1.14
66018264Enclosed Wheel Castor, Zinc AlloyFrom £7.07
66046300Twin Wheel Castor, PlasticFrom £1.61
66063332Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, PlasticFrom £0.47
66066332Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, PlasticFrom £0.34
66090235Twin Wheel Castor, PlasticFrom £6.89
66090245Twin Wheel Castor, PlasticFrom £11.15
66090903Twin Wheel Castor, PlasticFrom £1.86
66090914Twin Wheel Castor, PlasticFrom £2.62
66007301Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, Plastic£0.79
66007311Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, Plastic£0.88
66046990Pin and Mounting Plate, Steel£0.52
66068312Twin Wheel Castor, Hooded, Plastic£0.47
66092910Pin with Mounting Plate, Steel£2.15
66092950Pin with Mounting Plate, Steel£0.88
66092960Pin with Mounting Plate, Steel£0.38
66092970Pin with L Mounting Plate, Steel£0.77
66098904Fixed Castor for Underbed Boxes£6.54
67002520Fixed Castor, Plate Fitting£15.58
CG615Castor, Large Rubber Wheel£3.24
CG617Twin Roller Castor, Plate Fixing£2.29
CG623Kenrick 46 Castors, Set of 4£5.02
HA3034Bolt Fixing Horn & Wheel, Brass£9.24
66092998Socket Cap, M12 £0.55
67002532Swivel Castor, Steel/Plastic £12.42
66090925Twin Wheel Castor, PlasticFrom £3.19
66102210Ball Castor, SteelFrom £1.93
66123304Fixed Castor, Steel/PlasticFrom £0.27
66307910Heavy Duty Fixed Castor, SteelFrom £4.41
66062333Twin Wheel Castor, PlasticFrom £0.56
66019289Enclosed Wheel Castor, Zinc Alloy £8.50

If you are looking for roller castors for your home or office chairs and furniture, you have come to the right place. We stock a wide selection of products that are ideal for a wide variety of purposes.  Twin wheel castors, mounting plates, pins, and sockets plus fixed and ball castors are all examples of some of our high quality, wholesale stock. 

Some of the materials and finishes available include zinc alloy, plastic, rubber, steel. And there are a fair few available with brakes attached to them. So, if you are looking to furnish your office chairs, or are just looking for replacement parts, Hart Wholesale has got you covered.