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Round Bar Handles   Back to Door Pull Handles

DFZ014AFulton & Bray D Pull HandleFrom £157.73
DFZ015AFulton & Bray Pull HandleFrom £48.54
DH516Pull Handle, Semi CircularFrom £16.00
DH571A3Steelworx D Handle, Back to BackFrom £26.67
DH571A46C-Pull HandleFrom £32.00
DH571A5SPull Handle, Semi-CircularFrom £13.60
DH571A6Pull Handle, SolidFrom £7.20
DHF108CConcealed RoseFrom £0.75
HA3357LAngled Boss Bar HandleFrom £2.97
DH513APull D Handle, Round+Rose£7.94
DH571A4Wavy Handle£54.86
DH571A48D-Pull Handle£16.88
DH571A49D-Pull Handle£33.60
DH571A5Pull Handle£52.80
DH571A6HPull Handle, Hollow£12.40
DH571A9Pull Handle, Mitred£17.01
DH571A93Steelworx Mitred Pull Handle£21.86
DH571AAPull Handle, Solid, Back to Back£41.90
DH571DPull Handle, Hollow£9.26
DH571HPull Handle, Solid, Arched£22.40
DH571RPull Handle Rosette£1.68
DHA129ADesigner Pull Handle, Latina£24.80
DHA130ADesigner Pull Handle, Sassari£24.80
HAC338ASteelworx Semi Circular Handle£35.62
DHF106A1D Shaped Pull HandleFrom £2.62
DHF107A4Guardsman Pull HandleFrom £8.25
DHF223AD Shaped Pull Handle, Bolt Through From £2.54
DHF224AMitered Pull Handle From £5.92
DHF225APull Handle on Plate From £7.46
DHF226ACranked Pull Handle From £21.30
DHF227ARegent Pull Handle From £41.37
DHF228AChatsworth Pull Handle on Plate From £47.53
DHF229ABlenheim Pull Handle on Plate From £51.69
DHF240APull Handle, Rose Fixing £10.20
HA4126ABoss Bar HandleFrom £4.74
HA4129ABar HandleFrom £5.82
HA3357ATitan1 Boss HandleFrom £2.64
HAC335ASteelworx Pull Handle, SolidFrom £47.81
HAC341ASteelworx T Pull HandleFrom £17.49
HAC380ADesigner Pull Handle, CurveFrom £32.59
HAC381ADesigner Pull Handle, Flat EndFrom £32.59
HAC382ADesigner Pull Handle, Radius EndFrom £5.04
HAC383ADesigner Pull Handle, RadiusFrom £5.04
HAC384ADesigner Pull Handle, Flat EndFrom £34.22
HAC385ADesigner Pull Handle, ShapedFrom £62.66
HAC333ASteelworx Pull Handle, Solid£43.46
DH570A1Guardsman Pull HandleFrom £4.40
HAC551AEurospec Pull Handle, Semi Circular £64.93
HAC552AEurospec Pull Handle, Curved T £36.99
HA4127ABoss Bar HandleFrom £10.67
HA4128ABar HandleFrom £3.97
HA4130ABar HandleFrom £6.33
HA5024ABoss Bar HandleFrom £6.26
HA5025ABoss Bar HandleFrom £5.03
HA5026ABoss Bar HandleFrom £6.06
HA5027ABoss Bar HandleFrom £6.06
HAC334ASteelworx Pull Handle, SolidFrom £42.11
HAC337A1Steelworx D Pull HandleFrom £12.72
HAC339ASteelworx Cranked Pull HandleFrom £25.71
HAC340ASteelworx Mitred Pull HandleFrom £24.03
HAC102ABar Pull HandleFrom £3.60
HA4125ABoss Bar HandleFrom £5.94
90300341Cranked Pull HandleFrom £112.65
90300330Cranked Pull HandleFrom £45.00
HAC342Back-To-Back Handle Fixing Set From £7.78
90101381Pull Handle, Round Section, BrassFrom £22.16
90102911FSB6681 Pull Handle, Bronze £289.11
90102921FSB6681 Pull Handle, Bronze £289.11
90300180ANNAPURNA Pull Handle, Steel From £72.40
90303760Pull Handle on Push Plate£18.07
90303800Pull Handle£15.80
90319100ARARATE Single Pull Handle£151.23
90309981Single Sided Fixing BoltFrom £13.94
90310740APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £167.70
90300351Cranked Pull HandleFrom £88.54
90300360Cranked Pull HandleFrom £170.69
90309740APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £82.56
90310650RUSHMORE Round Section Pull Handle £148.09
90300200ANNAPURNA Pull Handle, Steel From £175.05
90301160SIERRA NAVADA Pull Handle From £61.37
90301170SIERRA NAVADA Pull Handle From £136.10
90301350Pull Handle, Bolt Through, SteelFrom £6.38
90301922Pull Handle, Ø19 £18.33
90301930Pull Handle, Ø19 £19.90
90303810Guardsman Pull HandleFrom £8.75
90306780FSB6681 Pull Handle £217.46
90306790FSB6681 Pull Handle £217.46
90306950DUNE Pull Handle From £191.80
90306980DUNE Pull Handle From £395.98
90307010D Section Pull Handle, Bolt Through From £94.94
90307040D Section Pull Handle, Back to Back From £200.43
90307070Flat Section Handle, Bolt Through From £81.52
90307100Flat Section Handle, Back to Back From £173.58
90500181Pull Handle on Plate, Aluminium£11.46
90501010Contract Pull Handle £4.70
90307133Soft Touch Pull Handle,Bolt Through From £121.32
90307163Soft Touch Pull Handle,Back to Back From £255.00
90307190Guardsman H Handle From £7.42
90307210D Shaped Pull Handle From £3.36
90309020SNOWDON/BEN NEVIS Pull Handle From £14.70
90309510APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull Handle From £57.06
90309520APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull Handle From £63.72
90309640EIGER Oval Section Pull Handle From £88.15
90309650RUSHMORE Round Section Pull Handle From £69.53
90310020SNOWDON/BEN NEVIS Pull Handle From £37.50
90310510APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull Handle From £127.49
90310520APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull Handle From £140.80
90350920Face Fixing Rose, Steel From £7.09
90309980Single Sided Fixing Bolt From £13.20
90310640EIGER Oval Section Pull Handle From £179.84
90501011Single Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £4.31
90501031Pull Handle Pair, AluminiumFrom £9.12
90501052Pull Handle with Rose, AluminiumFrom £8.74
90502611Cranked Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £114.94
90503610Cranked Pull Handle, Aluminium£104.19
90972150M8 Back Fixing Bolt for Timber£0.57
90999101Back to Back Fixing£10.68
90999107Face Fixing for Wood£10.15
98723160Push Plate£3.24

We stock numerous round pull handles in many different shapes and styles. In this section users will find traditional, mitred, arched,  t-bar and cranked pull handles.