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Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...

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HAC341ASteelworx T Pull HandleFrom £15.60
90300330Cranked Pull HandleFrom £49.81
90300341Cranked Pull HandleFrom £124.67
90300351Cranked Pull HandleFrom £97.99
90300360Cranked Pull HandleFrom £188.91
90309740APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £91.37
90309985Single Sided Fixing BoltFrom £18.47
DH570A1Guardsman Pull HandleFrom £4.40
DH571A3Steelworx D Handle, Back to BackFrom £26.67
DH571A6Pull Handle, SolidFrom £7.20
HA3357ATitan1 Boss HandleFrom £2.64
HA4125ABoss Bar HandleFrom £5.94
HA4127ABoss Bar HandleFrom £10.67
HA4128ABar HandleFrom £3.97
HA4130ABar HandleFrom £5.70
HA5024ABoss Bar HandleFrom £6.26
HA5025ABoss Bar HandleFrom £5.03
HA5026ABoss Bar HandleFrom £6.06
HAC335ASteelworx Pull Handle, SolidFrom £47.81
HAC337A1Steelworx D Pull HandleFrom £8.00
HAC381ADesigner Pull Handle, Flat EndFrom £32.59
HAC382ADesigner Pull Handle, Radius EndFrom £5.04
HAC383ADesigner Pull Handle, RadiusFrom £5.04
HAC384ADesigner Pull Handle, Flat EndFrom £34.22
HAC385ADesigner Pull Handle, ShapedFrom £62.66
HA3357LAngled Boss Bar HandleFrom £3.33
HAC102ABar Pull HandleFrom £1.86
HAC334ASteelworx Pull Handle, SolidFrom £35.36
HAC339AEurospec Cranked Pull HandleFrom £17.60
HAC340AEurospec Mitred Pull HandleFrom £15.60
90300180ANNAPURNA Pull Handle, SteelFrom £85.82
90300200ANNAPURNA Pull Handle, SteelFrom £212.81
90303810Guardsman Pull Handle£10.37
90306790FSB6681 Pull Handle£257.77
90306950DUNE Pull HandleFrom £227.36
90306980DUNE Pull HandleFrom £469.39
90307010D Section Pull Handle, Bolt ThroughFrom £112.54
90307040D Section Pull Handle, Back to BackFrom £237.59
90307070Flat Section Handle, Bolt ThroughFrom £96.63
90307100Flat Section Handle, Back to BackFrom £205.76
90307133Soft Touch Pull Handle,Bolt ThroughFrom £143.81
90307163Soft Touch Pull Handle,Back to BackFrom £302.28
90307190Guardsman H Handle£8.80
90307210D Shaped Pull HandleFrom £3.98
90309020SNOWDON/BEN NEVIS Pull HandleFrom £10.60
90309510APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £28.51
90309520APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £75.53
90309640EIGER Oval Section Pull HandleFrom £104.50
90309651RUSHMORE Round Section Pull Handle£86.88
90309980Single Sided Fixing BoltFrom £15.65
90310020SNOWDON/BEN NEVIS Pull HandleFrom £44.46
90310510APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £151.12
90310520APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £166.90
90310640EIGER Oval Section Pull Handle£224.64
90310742APPALACHIAN Pole Type Pull HandleFrom £239.71
90350920Face Fixing Rose, SteelFrom £3.98
90501012Single Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.11
90501032Pull Handle Pair, Aluminium£10.81
90501052Pull Handle with Rose, AluminiumFrom £10.36
90502611Cranked Pull Handle, Aluminium£127.21
DH516Semi Circular Pull Handle£17.98
DH516ASemi Circular Pull Handle£21.41
DH571A46Semi Circular Pull Handle£35.95
DH571A47Semi Circular Pull Handle£46.30
DH571A5SSemi Circular Pull Handle£30.56
DH571A5TSemi Circular Pull Handle£15.30
HA5027ABoss Bar Handle£6.06
HAC333ASteelworx Pull Handle, Solid£43.46
HAC380ADesigner Pull Handle, Curve£32.59
HAC551AEurospec Semi Circular Pull Handle£47.60
HAC552AEurospec Curved T Pull Handle£36.40
DFF189AD Shaped Pull Handle, Back To BackFrom £5.58
DFF190ASandrine D Pull HandleFrom £8.42
DHF106A1D Shaped Pull HandleFrom £5.36
DHF107A4Guardsman Pull HandleFrom £12.75
DHF108CConcealed RoseFrom £1.50
DHF223AD Shaped Pull Handle, Bolt ThroughFrom £3.18
DHF224AMitered Pull HandleFrom £5.15
DHF225APull Handle on PlateFrom £9.18
DHF226ACranked Pull HandleFrom £26.24
DHF227ARegent Pull HandleFrom £48.80
DHF228AChatsworth Pull Handle on PlateFrom £60.00
DHF229ABlenheim Pull Handle on PlateFrom £64.80
DHF355AAvantime Pull HandleFrom £15.06
DHF359APull Handle on RoseFrom £32.80
DFZ014AFulton & Bray D Pull HandleFrom £170.56
DFZ015AFulton & Bray Pull HandleFrom £52.50
90310650RUSHMORE Round Section Pull Handle£175.55
90310651RUSHMORE Round Section Pull Handle£216.20
HA4126BBoss Bar Handle£5.79
HA4126CBoss Bar Handle£6.34
HA4126DBoss Bar Handle£5.04
HA4126EBoss Bar Handle£5.38
HA4126FBoss Bar Handle£5.85
HA4126GBoss Bar Handle£11.19
HA4126HBoss Bar Handle£11.36
HA4126JBoss Bar Handle£12.49
HA4126KBoss Bar Handle£8.42
HA4126LBoss Bar Handle£13.05
HA4126MBoss Bar Handle£15.80
HA4126NBoss Bar Handle£16.57
HA4126PBoss Bar Handle£19.80
90301160SIERRA NEVADA Pull HandleFrom £72.75
90301170SIERRA NEVADA Pull HandleFrom £161.34
90303760Pull Handle on Push Plate£21.42
90303800Pull Handle£18.73
DH513APull D Handle, Round+Rose£7.94
DH571A4Wavy Handle£54.86
DH571A48D-Pull Handle£16.88
DH571A49D-Pull Handle£37.74
DH571A5Pull Handle£52.80
DH571A6HPull Handle, Hollow£12.40
DH571A9Pull Handle, Mitred£17.01
DH571A93Steelworx Mitred Pull Handle£21.86
DH571AAPull Handle, Solid, Back to Back£41.90
DH571DPull Handle, Hollow£9.26
DH571HPull Handle, Solid, Arched£22.40
DH571RPull Handle Rosette£1.68
DHA129ADesigner Pull Handle, Latina£24.80
DHA130ADesigner Pull Handle, Sassari£24.80
HAC338ASteelworx Semi Circular Handle£33.20
DHF360APull Handle on Plate £31.20
90501010Contract Pull Handle £5.32
90503610Cranked Pull Handle, Aluminium£115.31
90972150M8 Back Fixing Bolt for Timber£0.67
90999101Back to Back Fixing£12.66
90999107Face Fixing for Wood£12.03

We stock numerous round pull handles in many different shapes and styles. In this section users will find traditional, mitred, arched,  t-bar and cranked pull handles.