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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

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HAM114ACabinet Knob, Round From £2.47
HAM124ACabinet Knob, Round From £12.40
HAM125ACabinet Knob, Cylinder From £7.84
HAM126ACabinet Knob, Cylinder From £6.40
HAM127ACabinet Knob, Round From £4.77
HAM129ACabinet Knob, Round From £4.77
HAM131ACabinet Knob, Round Stepped From £5.42
HAM138ARound Cabinet Knob and Backplate From £6.20
12070160Knob, Zinc Alloy£2.49
12143903Knob, Ø35mm£3.08
12249110Knob, Brass£2.31
13397913Knob, Zinc Alloy£2.10
13461610Knob, Ø30mm£2.10
13461620Knob, Ø35mm£2.54
13462610Angled Knob, 32mm£2.18
13462620Angled Knob, 37mm£2.62
13582900Knob, Ø35mm£1.87
13735600Knob, Ø30mm£0.98
HA101225Georgian Knob, HollowFrom £0.45
HA101312Victorian Shutter Knob, HollowFrom £4.95
HA101320Victorian Mushroom Cupboard KnobFrom £0.32
HA1018Ridge Knob, Round£2.81
HA1024Flower Knob with Arrow BackplateFrom £1.92
HA1047Large Ring and Large Backplate£1.84
HA1048Drawer Pull Handle, Small Square£1.80
HA1049Knob on Long BackplateFrom £1.57
HA1056Octagonal Knob and Back PlateFrom £2.08
HA1076Small Ring with Arrow Backplate£1.54
HA1077Flower Knob with Open Backplate£1.22
HA1078Small Ring with Open Backplate£1.50
HA1079Flower Knob with Large BackplateFrom £1.50
HA1092Flower KnobFrom £0.99
HA1093Ident Knob£0.72
HA3001Edwardian Lattice Knob£3.20
HA3187GSpotty KnobFrom £0.70
HA33311Knob and Backplate£0.99
HA77003Round Knob, Grooves£4.92
HA77011Porcelain Knob£1.65
HA77020Knob, Wine Glass Style£4.57
HAC215ASolid Bronze Mushroom Knob£4.59
HAC216ASolid Bronze Cottage Knob£5.47
HAC234ADimpled Finish Mushroom Knob£2.37
HAC290ATrumpet Knob£2.40
13735-0002Knob, Packed Set£1.52
HA3016BIron Knob, Separate PlateFrom £2.00
HAF113AMushroom Cupboard Knob, AcrylicFrom £3.63
HAF114ACupboard KnobFrom £0.96
HAF115AMushroom Shaped Cupboard KnobFrom £2.06
HAF116ACupboard KnobFrom £1.95
HAF172ACabinet Knob, Round From £2.31
HAF174ACabinet Knob, Round £2.82
HA1039SBullseye Knob £2.14
HA3016Cast Iron KnobFrom £0.72
HAM113BCabinet Pull, Round Reeded From £3.58
HAC519ADisc Knob £0.69
HA3262BDelamain Flower Knob£1.88
HAC227ACeltic Pattern KnobFrom £2.28
13330100Knob with BackplateFrom £6.63
HA3015SBRennie Mackintosh Rose Knob £2.20
12307970Flower Design Knob, Round,Cast Iron£2.88
HA3935Spun KnobFrom £8.21
12307960Hammered Knob, Round, Cast IronFrom £3.58
HAC191AReeded Knob with Finial EarsFrom £6.08
HAC193AVictorian KnobFrom £2.46
HAC194ADelamain Ringed KnobFrom £3.70
HAC195ADelamain Plain KnobFrom £2.24
HAC196ADelamain Flower KnobFrom £2.80
HAC209ATraditional Pattern KnobFrom £1.36
HAC211AHollow Victorian KnobFrom £1.01
HAC221AHammered Finish KnobFrom £1.33
HAC199AVictorian KnobFrom £1.58
DHZ085AFulton & Bray Victorian KnobFrom £1.78
13445220CONSTANCE Knob From £0.89
11806116ANGUS KnobFrom £1.05
11912300Knob, Ø35mmFrom £3.07
12048901Knob, Cast IronFrom £1.57
12302040Knob, Ø32mmFrom £2.13
12302070WESTWICK KnobFrom £6.99
13309200ORIEL KnobFrom £1.30
13310200AMELIA KnobFrom £0.92
13332100Knob with BackplateFrom £8.97
11925902Knob From £1.88
13543901Knob, Ø36mm £6.05
13543910Knob, Ø30mm£6.60
13543920Knob, Ø30mm£9.41
13396601Knob, Ø35mm £2.04
13396602BIANCA Knob £3.69
13427186EDEN KnobFrom £0.57
13433111KnobFrom £1.60
13488610ACER KnobFrom £2.81
13497083KEW KnobFrom £3.21
13700205GROSVENOR KnobFrom £2.39
13771205CLAYTON KnobFrom £3.25
13772202CORRINE KnobFrom £2.86
HAC318ABeaten KnobFrom £3.15
HAC319ACupboard KnobFrom £3.18
HAC520AOxford KnobFrom £1.15
HAC521ASilhouette KnobFrom £0.77
HAC522AMeridian KnobFrom £1.01
HAC558ARegency Knob From £3.49