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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...

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12070160Knob, Zinc Alloy£2.79
12143903Knob, Ø35mm£3.32
12249110Knob, Brass£2.58
13397913Knob, Zinc Alloy£2.79
13461610Knob, Ø30mm£2.26
13461620Knob, Ø35mm£2.74
13462610Angled Knob, 32mm£2.34
HA101225Georgian Knob, HollowFrom £0.45
HA101312Victorian Shutter Knob, HollowFrom £4.95
HA101320Victorian Mushroom Cupboard KnobFrom £0.32
HA1018Ridge Knob, Round£2.81
HA1024Flower Knob with Arrow BackplateFrom £1.92
HA1047Large Ring and Large Backplate£1.84
HA1048Drawer Pull Handle, Small Square£1.80
HA1049Knob on Long BackplateFrom £1.57
HA1056Octagonal Knob and Back PlateFrom £2.20
HA1076Small Ring with Arrow Backplate£1.54
HA1077Flower Knob with Open Backplate£1.22
HA1078Small Ring with Open Backplate£1.50
HA1079Flower Knob with Large BackplateFrom £1.50
HA1092Flower KnobFrom £0.99
HA1093Ident Knob£0.72
HA3001Edwardian Lattice Knob£1.98
HA3187GSpotty KnobFrom £0.70
HA33311Knob and Backplate£0.99
HA77003Round Knob, Grooves£5.54
HA77011Porcelain Knob£1.65
HA77020Knob, Wine Glass Style£4.57
HAC215ASolid Bronze Mushroom Knob£4.86
HAC216ASolid Bronze Cottage Knob£5.81
HAC234ADimpled Finish Mushroom Knob£2.37
HAC290ATrumpet Knob£2.54
13735-0002Knob, Packed Set£1.52
HAF113AMushroom Cupboard Knob, AcrylicFrom £3.63
HA1039SBullseye Knob £2.14
HAM113BCabinet Pull, Round Reeded From £3.58
HAC519ADisc Knob £0.74
HAC227ACeltic Pattern KnobFrom £2.28
13330100Knob with BackplateFrom £6.63
HAC196ADelamain Flower KnobFrom £2.98
HAC211AHollow Victorian KnobFrom £1.01
HAC221AHammered Finish KnobFrom £1.41
HAC319ACupboard KnobFrom £3.18
12302070WESTWICK KnobFrom £7.29
13396602BIANCA Knob £3.98
HAC558ARegency Knob From £3.49
11806116ANGUS KnobFrom £1.13
11912300Knob, Ø35mmFrom £3.30
11925902KnobFrom £2.02
12048901Knob, Cast Iron£1.69
12307960Hammered Knob, Round, Cast Iron£3.86
13309200ORIEL KnobFrom £1.40
13310200AMELIA KnobFrom £0.99
13332100Knob with BackplateFrom £10.88
13427186EDEN KnobFrom £0.61
13433111KnobFrom £1.72
13445220CONSTANCE KnobFrom £0.95
13488610ACER KnobFrom £3.03
13497083KEW KnobFrom £3.21
13700205GROSVENOR KnobFrom £4.51
13771205CLAYTON KnobFrom £3.50
13772202CORRINE KnobFrom £3.08
HAM114ACabinet Knob, RoundFrom £2.67
HAM124ACabinet Knob, RoundFrom £13.39
HAM125ACabinet Knob, CylinderFrom £8.46
HAM126ACabinet Knob, CylinderFrom £6.91
HAM127ACabinet Knob, RoundFrom £5.15
HAM129ACabinet Knob, RoundFrom £5.15
HAM131ACabinet Knob, Round SteppedFrom £5.86
HAM138ARound Cabinet Knob and BackplateFrom £6.70
HAF211AGyro Cabinet Knob From £2.42
HAF215AGrata Cabinet Knob From £1.81
HAF218ALuna Cabinet Knob From £0.98
HAF114ACupboard Knob From £1.19
HAF115AMushroom Shaped Cupboard Knob From £2.53
HAF116ACupboard KnobFrom £2.24
HAC191AReeded Knob with Finial EarsFrom £6.45
HAC193AVictorian KnobFrom £2.61
HAC194ADelamain Ringed KnobFrom £3.92
HAC195ADelamain Plain KnobFrom £2.37
HAC199AVictorian KnobFrom £1.68
HAC209ATraditional Pattern KnobFrom £1.44
HAC318ABeaten KnobFrom £3.34
HAC520AOxford KnobFrom £1.33
HAC521ASilhouette KnobFrom £0.82
HAC522AMeridian KnobFrom £1.07
HA3935Spun KnobFrom £5.74
DHZ085AFulton & Bray Victorian KnobFrom £1.44
HA3016Cast Iron KnobFrom £0.76
HA3016BIron Knob, Separate PlateFrom £2.12
12302041Knob, Ø38mm£2.60
12302040Knob, Ø32mm£2.29
12307970Flower Design Knob, Round,Cast Iron£2.88
13735600Knob, Ø30mm£1.06