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Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
In many new build homes and those that have been designed to modern standards, it can be difficult to put your mark on your property, turning a house into a home...
Bored with your kitchen but can't afford a complete makeover? Here are some quick and simple ways to update your kitchen from off the peg to bespoke with a few simple design and DIY tricks...

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DFF220AFlush Pull, Round EdgeFrom £2.61
HA3276FSteelworx Flush Pull, Circular DFrom £4.14
15119212MAGNUS Inset HandleFrom £1.95
15320230Inset HandleFrom £1.49
90200300Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £24.15
90200500Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £5.14
90200520Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £3.67
90200800StarTec Flush Pull HandleFrom £3.77
90204320Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £56.94
90400301Flush Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £9.84
98114154Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £72.82
HA3276ESteelworx Flush Pull, RadiusFrom £5.70
HA1000Flush Finger Pull Handle, RoundFrom £3.20
15117209Inset Handle£5.10
15224600Furniture Flush Handle, Aluminium£8.07
15320733Flush Pull Handle, Steel£2.38
15400727Flush Pull Handle, Brass£21.73
90100301Flush Pull Handle, Brass£28.04
90104301Flush Pull Handle, Brass£27.33
90200366FSB 4252 Flush Pull Handle£48.77
90204300Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£23.54
HA3276KFlush Pull Handle, Recessed£3.76
HA3276LFlush Pull Handle, Recessed£20.34
90201250Flush Pull Handle, Steel £3.73
DHZ053AZAS Flush Pull £2.80
DFC455ASliding Door Rose, RoundFrom £16.38
DFC456ASliding Door Rose, SquareFrom £20.11
DFC457ASliding Door Set, SquareFrom £32.54
DFC458ASmall Flush Pull, RoundFrom £4.14
DFC459ASmall Flush Pull, SquareFrom £4.14
DFC460AOtto Sliding Door SetFrom £39.55
DFC461AOtto Sliding Flush PullFrom £27.44
DFC462AFlat Sliding Door SetFrom £90.83
DFC463AFlat Small Sliding Door SetFrom £47.15
DHC240A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £5.70
DHC241A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £5.70
DHC242A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £6.27
DHC243A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £6.27
HA3276Steelworx Flush Pull, CircularFrom £5.70
HA1004CNormbau Flush Pull, Plastic £143.60