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The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...
LED lights can be a discreet yet stylish way to light up the room and enhance your décor...

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HA1000Flush Finger Pull Handle, RoundFrom £3.20
15117209Inset Handle£3.70
15224600Furniture Flush Handle, Aluminium£8.07
15320733Flush Pull Handle, Steel£2.38
15400727Flush Pull Handle, Brass£21.73
90100301Flush Pull Handle, Brass£28.04
90104301Flush Pull Handle, Brass£27.33
90200366FSB 4252 Flush Pull Handle£48.77
90204300Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£23.54
HA3276KFlush Pull Handle, Recessed£3.76
HA3276LFlush Pull Handle, Recessed£20.34
90201250Flush Pull Handle, Steel £3.73
DHZ053AZAS Flush Pull £2.80
HA3276Steelworx Flush Pull, CircularFrom £5.70
HA3276ESteelworx Flush Pull, RadiusFrom £5.70
HA3276FSteelworx Flush Pull, Circular DFrom £4.14
15119212MAGNUS Inset HandleFrom £1.95
15320230Inset HandleFrom £1.49
90200300Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £24.15
90200500Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £5.14
90200520Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £3.67
90200800StarTec Flush Pull HandleFrom £3.77
90204320Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £56.94
90400301Flush Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £9.84
98114154Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £72.82
DFF220AFlush Pull, Round EdgeFrom £3.03
DFC455ASliding Door Rose, RoundFrom £17.36
DFC456ASliding Door Rose, SquareFrom £21.31
DFC457ASliding Door Set, SquareFrom £34.50
DFC458ASmall Flush Pull, RoundFrom £4.40
DFC459ASmall Flush Pull, SquareFrom £4.40
DFC460AOtto Sliding Door SetFrom £41.92
DFC461AOtto Sliding Flush PullFrom £29.09
DFC462AFlat Sliding Door SetFrom £96.29
DFC463AFlat Small Sliding Door SetFrom £49.98
DHC240A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £6.03
DHC241A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £6.03
DHC242A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £6.66
DHC243A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £6.66
HA1004CNormbau Flush Pull, Plastic £143.60