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Hart Wholesale | Brackets & Shelving | Shelf Support Plugs

Shelf Support Plugs   Back to Brackets & Shelving

28201505Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £3.87
28204113Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £1.56
28204506Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £1.51
28204512Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £2.07
28206500Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £1.05
28212405Shelf Support, Plug In, PlasticFrom £3.25
28226701Shelf Support, Plug In, Zinc AlloyFrom £7.77
28228730Cabinet Shelf Retainer, PlasticFrom £7.12
28233105Shelf Support, Plug In, SpringFrom £5.43
28238502Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £7.63
28240502Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £3.29
28243101Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £1.36
28244100Loop Shelf Support, Plug In, SteelFrom £23.05
28250508Socket, Plug In, SteelFrom £1.97
28251400Shelf Retainer, Plug In, PlasticFrom £4.92
28266100Socket for Shelf Support, SteelFrom £6.58
28272700Swedish Type Shelf Support, Plug InFrom £4.19
28286500Shelf Support, PlasticFrom £12.00
28363108Shelf Support, Plug In, PlasticFrom £0.69
28363117Shelf Support, Plug In, PlasticFrom £1.20
BR100AEBShelf Support Sleeve, SteelFrom £9.45
BR100CEBShelf Support Ring with HoleFrom £0.11
BR100EBShelf Support, Ring OnlyFrom £10.91
BR105Shelf Support, Plug In, L ShapeFrom £28.16
BR106Locking Shelf SupportFrom £48.00
BR110BZShelf Support, Spade, Plug InFrom £6.00
BR112BGShelf Support, Plug In, PlasticFrom £5.84
BR157EBShelf Support, Spoon, Plug InFrom £18.82
BR158EBShelf Support Sleeve, SteelFrom £7.04
28204720Shelf Support, Plug In, Steel£1.16
28210700Shelf Support, Plug In, Steel£45.69
28212403Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic£0.87
28216220Shelf Retainer, Plastic£6.96
28218706Shelf Support, Screw Fixing, Zinc£14.07
28223725Shelf Clamp Support, Zinc Alloy£6.04
28224760Shelf Support, Plug In, Zinc Alloy£12.13
28226715Shelf Support, Plug In, Zinc Alloy£13.01
28226730Shelf Support, Plug In, Zinc Alloy£6.32
28227705Shelf Support, Plastic/Steel£45.60
28228702Shelf Retainer, Plug In, Plastic£7.08
28228720Shelf Retainer, Plug In, Plastic£4.68
28239705Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic£16.23
28241705Shelf Support, Plug In, Steel£17.80
28242702Shelf Support, Plug In, Steel£2.81
28243914Shelf Support with Collar, Steel£6.38
28284500Spring Shelf Support, Plastic£2.46
28284730Kerala Shelf Support£1.12
28350101Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic£9.07
28350709Plug-In Shelf Support, Plastic£4.89
28363500Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic£2.42
28363510Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic£2.92
28365400Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic£1.90
28369000Shelf Retainer, Plug In, Plastic£9.06
70019402Special Shelf Support, Plastic£4.93
BR101Shelf Support Screw Fix, Plastic£44.32
BR113Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic£1.62
BR116Handilock Shelf Support, Plastic£3.20
BR155BSwedish Style Shelf Support£52.24
BR239Shelf Stabiliser, Plastic£28.80
03900-0004Spreading Sleeve£0.12
28123-0056Shelf Support, Knock In, Plastic£0.02
03900-0003Spreading Sleeve £0.08
28224710Shelf Support, Plug In, Zinc Alloy £5.55
28224720Shelf Support, Plug In, Zinc Alloy £8.45
28225715Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic £0.04
28225727Shelf Support, Plug In, Plastic £0.03
28225717Shelf Support, Plug In, For Ø3mm £0.03
28225733Shelf Support, Plug In, For Ø3mm £0.11
28224717Shelf Support, Plug In, Ø5mm £5.40
28224718Shelf Support, Plug In, Ø5mm £5.59
28224727Shelf Support, Plug In, Ø5mm £5.91
28224728Shelf Support, Plug In, Ø5mm £7.05
28224733Shelf Support, Plug In, Ø5mm £14.98

This is our section offering several types of shelf support pins, pegs and plugs. Built to hold a reasonable amount of weight and available in many different materials, our products hold their own against some of the best products in the market. 

Browse through our stock above to find the perfect design and material for you.