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Hart Wholesale | Brackets & Shelving | Shelf Support Strips

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28300020Universal M Profile Shelving StripFrom £6.71
28300100Flat Bookcase StripFrom £6.15
28300110Raised Bookcase Strip, SteelFrom £6.71
28300130U Section Bookcase Strip, SteelFrom £8.19
28301100Shelf Support Stud, Single, SteelFrom £15.69
28301110Shelf Support Stud, Double, SteelFrom £28.24
28301120Shelf Support Stud, Single, SteelFrom £15.69
28301130Shelf Support Stud, Double, SteelFrom £28.24
28301140Shelf Support Stud, Double, SteelFrom £11.29
28312013Shelf Strip and Support, AluminiumFrom £7.90
28361926Shelf Support with Screw Hole,SteelFrom £8.43
28368005Shelf Strip and Support, AluminiumFrom £19.27
28301000Shelf Support Stud, Single, Steel£38.97
28301390Glass Shelf Support Buffer, Rubber£23.53
28305018Shelf Support Strip, Steel £5.90
28313903Shelf Support Strip, Aluminium £25.18
28345702Shelf Support Strip, Plastic £2.89
28347702Shelf Support, Plastic £10.14
28351920Shelf Support, Steel£11.22
28364918Shelf Support, Aluminium£14.98
BR212Shelving Bracket, AluminiumFrom £4.48
BR233Element 32 Fixings for Uprights£1.49
BR236Element 32 Book Ends, Steel£6.02
BR236ABookends, SprungFrom £2.96
BR237Shelf Insert Retainer, Double Sided£1.22
BR230Invisible Shelf SupportFrom £1.57
BR26027Slanted Element 32 BracketFrom £40.00
28307013Shelf Support Strip, Steel £6.08
29015940Atlas Cabinet Lower Support Fitting £5.91
29024910Atlas Cabinet Back Support Fitting £2.13
29024915Atlas Cabinet Large Wall Plate £0.81
29024919Atlas Cabinet Wall Plate £0.55
BR232SAPHIRE Upright Twin SlotFrom £11.79
BR232S140SAPHIRE UprightFrom £32.00
BR237Shelf Insert Retainer, Double Sided£1.55
29027938Atlas Lower Support Fitting£2.98
BR234ASAPHIRE U Shelf BracketFrom £7.20