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The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...
LED lights can be a discreet yet stylish way to light up the room and enhance your décor...

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71263900Gola Profile Handle, Aluminium£34.65
71322194Plinth Sealing Strip, Plastic£2.37
77010214Round Column, Double Slotted£33.06
77010280Shoptec Column Foot, Steel£9.97
77010282Shoptec Column Insert, Zinc Alloy£10.80
77011226Shoptec Four Sided Column£24.80
77011230Four Sided Column, Double Slotted£52.78
77016291Column Support Rail, Steel£17.08
77016292Shoptec Tubular Insert, Zinc Alloy£3.84
77016296Mounting Bracket, Steel£8.78
77019284Column Foot, Steel£33.71
77021262Insertable Gondola Head Frame£146.56
77091297Shoptec Trim Cap, Plastic£0.60
77128137Shoptec Centre Panel Hook, Steel£1.72
77173268Shoptec Clothes Rail, Steel£16.93
77173590Shoptec Trim Cap, Plastic£1.54
77203893Supporting Channel Materials Set£2.11
77211306Shoptec Four Sided Column, Steel£52.78
77254241Shoptec Carrier Arm, Straight£6.08
77270240Shoptec Inclined Clothes Rail,Steel£13.24
71322762Plinth Sealing Strip, Plastic £2.11
77016282Shoptec Foot, Steel £25.68
77273208Shoptec Clothes Rail Bracket, Steel £15.51
77014226Shoptec Four Sided Column, Steel£19.96
77010296Shoptec Wall Spacer, Steel£4.91
77251262Shoptec Support Rail, Steel£10.02
77000510Shoptec Supporting ChannelFrom £2.71
77222050Shoptec Glass Shelf Suction Pad £0.07
77025220Shoptec Column Fastening Materials £8.33
77012230Shoptec Four Sided Column, Steel £25.84
77019210Shoptec Column Support Rail, Steel £12.73
77003505Supporting Channel, Single SlottedFrom £1.65
77005510Supporting Channel, Double SlottedFrom £4.83
77010292Shoptec Adjustable Wall Spacer£30.86
77016221Shoptec Four Sided Column, SteelFrom £57.95
77019214Round Column, Double SlottedFrom £51.43
77028940Shoptec Rear Panel Support, SteelFrom £3.22
77065525Shoptec Designer Bracket, SteelFrom £1.89
77066517U Bracket, Plastic Coated SteelFrom £0.89
77066547U Bracket, Plastic Coated SteelFrom £3.03
77071230Shoptec Inclined Bracket, SteelFrom £33.93
77250206Shoptec Carrier Frame, SteelFrom £16.25
77252215Shoptec Removable Display Rail£1.72
77252230Shoptec Removable Display RailFrom £2.25