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84213230ERGO Double Coat HookFrom £2.39
84213240ERGO Single Coat HookFrom £2.09
84248070Coat Hook, Stainless SteelFrom £13.84
84248071Buffered Coat Hook, SteelFrom £13.03
84248200Coat Hook, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.31
84257052Coat Hook, Stainless SteelFrom £4.29
84500010Traditional Coat HookFrom £0.42
84500809Single Coat HookFrom £0.62
84295900Coat Hook, Aluminium£0.25
84295910Coat Hook, Aluminium£4.40
84384050Coat Hook, Steel£2.94
84390055Coat Hook, Stainless Steel£6.42
84462911Coat Hook, Aluminum£0.60
HE1419CMoulding Hook, BrassFrom £0.48
HE1423PSRobe Hook, Single Hook£6.54
HE1424Single Hat and Coat HookFrom £14.57
HE1426Ceiling Hook£13.60
HE1441Hook, Self Adhesive, OvalFrom £7.04
HKC119A1Coat Hook, Flat£1.71
84257040Coat Hook, Stainless Steel £7.15
05707001Wire Hook £0.47
DFF233AHat and Coat Hook £2.77
HE1440Hook, Self Adhesive, SquareFrom £5.60
84213970VERTIGO Coat Hook £4.63
HEZ003AZAS Single Coat Hook £2.74
HEZ004AZAS Hat & Coat Hook £3.71
HEZ005AZAS Single Robe Hook, Circular £2.74
HEZ006AZAS Hook with Rose, Wall Mounted £3.46
HEZ007AZAS Hook, Wall Mounted £2.70
HKH001ARobin Clothing Hook From £0.91
HE1419Moulding Hook, SteelFrom £9.60
84387000Coat Hook, Stainless Steel£4.50
HOF110ACoat Hook From £3.61
HOF112ASingle Robe Hook From £2.34
HOF113ASingle Robe Hook From £2.41
DFF237AAnsa Small Robe Hook From £2.74
DFF238AAnsa Large Robe HookFrom £4.33
DFF239ASegreto Hat and Coat HookFrom £4.39
HKC111A1Steelworx Coat HookFrom £4.77
HKC112A1Steelworx Flat Coat HookFrom £5.54
HKC116A1Steelworx Coat HookFrom £3.28
HKC117A1Steelworx Coat Hook, Concealed FixFrom £5.84
HEZ009AZAB Single Robe HookFrom £1.26

Within our extensive range of single coat hooks listed above, users will find several designs and styles that are suited to several different types or room layout. We also offer various finishes including stainless steel, aluminium, brass and more. If you are looking to install some extra pegs to your cloakroom, or perhaps you are looking for a robe hook to place on the back of your door, Hart Wholesales range of products have got you covered.