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Soap Holders   Back to Bathroom Fittings

A soap dish holds a bar of soap when not in use for hand washing or other cleaning, near a washing area such as a bathtub or washbasin. Soap dishes are made from waterproof materials such as plastic, ceramic and metal. Soap dishes may be mounted on the wall. For liquid soap or foam soap a soap dispenser may be used in place of a soap dish.
BFH025AFirecrest Corner CaddyFrom £13.71
BFC106BDeLeau Steel Soap Dish £25.12
58013040Venice Soap Holder£14.61
BFC115ADeLeau Tempo Soap Dish and Holder£20.00
BFC121ADeLeau Tempo Triangular Soap Tray£26.56
BFC138ADeLeau Edwardian Soap Dish£33.02
BFC154ADeLeau Mezzo Soap Dish and Holder£16.45
BFC164ADeLeau Adagio Triangular Soap Tray£21.39
BFC167ADeLeau Adagio Soap Dish and Holder£19.02
BFC177ADeLeau Cadenza Triangular SoapTray£20.90
BFC180ADeLeau Cadenza Soap Dish£19.07
58088050Romsey Soap Dish and Holder £17.08
58088051Chester Soap Dish and Holder £21.84
58088052Britannia Soap Dish and Holder £28.46
58095050Carroll Soap and Sponge Basket £212.28
BFH024AFirecrest Soap Caddy £10.97
BFH012APhoenix Soap Dish £9.25
BFH029AFirecrest Ceramic Soap Dish, Holder £24.45