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Solid Brass Long Plate   Back to Modern Lever Handles

DH269Stylo Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £13.28
DHF214AAbbey Lever Handle on Plate From £6.90
DHF216ASicily Lever Handle on Plate From £8.93
DHF215ASherborne Lever Handle on PlateFrom £7.88
DHM303ALena Lever Handle on PlateFrom £16.10
DHM305ADonna Lever Handle on PlateFrom £13.42
DHM307ATosca Lever Handle on PlateFrom £15.74
DHM309AAurora Lever Handle on PlateFrom £12.34
DHC165ASerozzetta Uno Lever HandleFrom £13.87
DHC166ASerozzetta Dos Lever HandleFrom £13.87
DHC167ASerozzetta Tres Lever HandleFrom £13.87
DHC168ASerozzetta Cuatro Lever HandleFrom £13.87
DHC169ASerozzetta Cinco Lever HandleFrom £13.87
DHC170ASerozzetta System Lever HandleFrom £19.31
DHC171ASerozzetta Equi Lever HandleFrom £19.31
DHC172ASerozzetta Zone Lever HandleFrom £19.31
DHC173ASerozzetta Stratus Lever HandleFrom £19.31
DHC174ASerozzetta M Lever Handle, ScopeFrom £19.31
DHC175ASerozzetta Shape Lever HandleFrom £19.31
DHC187AAstro, Euroline Lever HandleFrom £28.05
DHC188ALilla, Euroline Lever HandleFrom £22.32
DHC189AIris, Euroline Lever HandleFrom £27.10
DHC190AWing, Euroline Lever HandleFrom £22.04
DHC193AAndros, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £19.92
DHC194AAndros, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £18.40
DHZ079AFulton & Bray Oxford Lever HandleFrom £16.31
DHZ080AFulton & Bray Arundel Lever HandleFrom £17.79
DHZ082AFulton & Bray Arundel Lever HandleFrom £22.37
DHZ083AFulton & Bray Lincoln Lever HandleFrom £22.90
DHZ084AFulton & Bray Winchester HandleFrom £25.14
90091482BAUHAUS WEIMAR 1920/8004 Handle From £171.30
90199872Mitred Lever Handle on Plate, BrassFrom £19.74