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Solid Brass Round Rose   Back to Modern Lever Handles

DHM262ALisboa Lever Handle on RoseFrom £22.61
90029472VELINO Lever Handle£16.11
DHC357BSerozzetta Maison Handle £23.46
DHM241AChallenger Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.05
DHM244AStylo Lever Handle on RoseFrom £17.39
DHM245ASussex Lever Handle on RoseFrom £14.90
DHM246AMariella Lever Handle on RoseFrom £26.08
DHM248AGiulia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £34.78
DHM251APegaro Lever Handle on RoseFrom £27.65
DHM253AGallia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £21.74
DHM254ASirmione Lever Handle on RoseFrom £17.39
DHM263AVolo Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.18
DHM267AVallea Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.18
DHM268ARio Lever Handle on RoseFrom £21.74
DHM269ASalo Lever Handle on Nylon RoseFrom £18.22
DHM270ACatullo Lever Handle on Nylon RoseFrom £19.87
DHM271AFasano Lever Handle on Nylon RoseFrom £19.05
DHM272ALotus Lever Handle on RoseFrom £27.65
DFF006AFortessa Wave Lever Handle £11.11
DH253Ruby Lever Handle on Rose£5.47
DH288Philadelphia Lever Handle on Rose£22.82
DH317Doriano Lever Handle on Rose£14.40
DHM247ATurin Lever Handle on Rose From £26.08
DHF118AKudos Lever Handle on RoseFrom £10.89
90091308BAUHAUS WEIMAR Lever Handle 607From £166.51
DHM235ACentaur Lever Handle on RoseFrom £29.82
DHM239ACelia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £32.42
DHM242AAlicia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £25.55
DHM243ASophia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £16.78
DHM252ASutton Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.06
DHM255ACrystal Lever Handle on RoseFrom £126.60
DHM256ACharlbury Lever Handle on RoseFrom £16.56
DHM257AAlgarve Lever Handle on RoseFrom £22.38
DHM264ABedford Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.16
DHM265AHarmony Lever Handle on RoseFrom £28.48
DHM266ARoma Lever Handle on RoseFrom £27.96
DHM306ADonna Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.10
DHM308ATosca Lever Handle on RoseFrom £13.74
DHM310AAurora Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.10
DHM377APyramid Lever Handle on RoseFrom £32.92
DHM378AEllipse Lever Handle on RoseFrom £39.74
DHM379ATrident Lever Handle on RoseFrom £34.98
DHM380AVienna Lever Handle on RoseFrom £29.82
DHM381AChallenger Lever Handle on RoseFrom £25.55
DHM382AVolo Lever Handle on RoseFrom £29.82
DHM383AWing Lever Handle on RoseFrom £26.70
DHM384AColumbus Lever Handle on RoseFrom £26.74
DHM385AGio Lever Handle on RoseFrom £34.56
DHM386ABellagio Lever Handle on RoseFrom £34.56
DHM387ABauhaus Lever Handle on RoseFrom £38.02
DHM388ACentury Lever Handle on RoseFrom £41.47
DHM389ATiffany Lever Handle on RoseFrom £43.01
DHM390AColonial Lever Handle on RoseFrom £43.20
DH190Capri Lever Handle £8.04
DHF097AElise Lever Handle From £29.49
DHF146Classic Lever Handle From £31.34
DHF231FCamille Lever Handle From £29.49
DHF304AComet Lever Handle From £8.70
DHF305AOpal Lever handle From £8.04
DHF306ARosetta Lever Handle From £6.75
DHF307ALorenzo Lever Handle £8.04
DHF308AAstral Lever Handle From £7.31
DHF309ASpiral Lever Handle From £52.69
DHF310AGoccia Lever Handle From £51.36
DHF311AAlladin Lever Handle From £42.43
DHF312AHorn Lever Handle From £33.19
DHF313ALaguna Lever Handle From £27.54
DHF314AFlow Lever Handle From £30.50
DHF315AArtica Lever Handle From £48.99
DHF316ACanto Lever Handle From £37.90
DHF317AClub Lever Handle From £49.91
DHF318AGarda Lever Handle From £36.05
DHF320AHavanna Lever Handle From £47.70
DHF321AInoxia Lever Handle £36.89
DHF322AStylo Lever Handle From £27.64
DHF323ACuba Lever Handle From £47.70
DHF325APhaedra Lever Handle From £27.08
DHF327AScan Lever Handle From £64.00
DHF400AGiselle Lever Handle From £38.73
DHF109AGull Lever handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF111AMitred Twin Finish Lever HandleFrom £13.78
DHF116AThame Lever Handle on RoseFrom £24.96
DHF117ATwirl Lever Handle on RoseFrom £8.16
DHF119APetra Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF120AGamma Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF121ACurve Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF122ATurin Lever HandleFrom £12.66
DHF124AMonaco Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.56
DHF125AMailand Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF126AArkus Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF127AOctavia Lever HandleFrom £13.78
DHM340Vita Designer Lever HandleFrom £114.69
DHC090Serozzetta Classic Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC136AStella, Designer Lever HandleFrom £28.02
DHC137AStudio H, Designer Lever HandleFrom £31.46
DHC138AApollo, Designer Lever HandleFrom £29.55
DHC139ACalla, Designer Lever HandleFrom £28.02
DHC140AVeronica, Designer Lever HandleFrom £74.82
DHC143ASquiggle, Designer Lever HandleFrom £48.02
DHC144APetra, Designer Lever HandleFrom £36.89
DHC146AGiava, Designer Lever HandleFrom £48.26
DHC148ANirvana, Designer Lever HandleFrom £61.36
DHC149ADali, Designer Lever HandleFrom £84.24
DHC152AWind, Designer Lever HandleFrom £48.24
DHC153AUovo, Designer Lever HandleFrom £44.27
DHC300ASerozzetta M Lever Handle, LunaFrom £17.74
DHC311ADesigner Lever Handle, PhiladelphiaFrom £31.02
DHC343ESerozzetta Safety Lever HandleFrom £24.11
DHC344ASerozzetta Noxia Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC346ASerozzetta Nelson Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC347ASerozzetta Olivier Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC348ASerozzetta Tempest Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC349ASerozzetta Titan Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC350ASerozzetta Carolina Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC351ASerozzetta Atalaya Lever HandleFrom £15.84
DHC353ASerozzetta Philadelphia HandleFrom £15.84
DHC354ASerozzetta Cumulus HandleFrom £15.84
DHC355ASerozzetta Verdun HandleFrom £15.84
DHC356ASerozzetta Shark HandleFrom £15.84
DHC359ASerozzetta Marissa HandleFrom £15.84
DHC360ASerozzetta Manon HandleFrom £24.86
DHC367AManital Derby Lever HandleFrom £29.62
DHC379AEurospec Munich Lever HandleFrom £16.67
DHC390AEurospec Cervino Lever HandleFrom £16.19
DHC393AEurospec Nera Lever HandleFrom £14.85
DHC395AEurospec Treviri Lever HandleFrom £16.19
DHC396AEurospec Philadelphia Lever HandleFrom £16.19
DHZ055ADA-T Tivoli Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ056ADA-T Savona Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ057ADA-T Imola Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ058ADA-T Salerno Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ059ADA-T Vitorria Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ059CDAT Lever Handle, AcerraFrom £23.97
DHZ059FDAT Lever Handle, PesaroFrom £23.97
DHZ059HDAT Lever Handle, RiminiFrom £20.05
DHF205AModena Lever HandleFrom £12.66
DHC145ALe Mans, Designer Lever Handle£79.47
DHC150ABoheme, Designer Lever Handle£76.42
DHC151AElis, Designer Lever Handle£20.35
DHC302ADesigner Lever Handle, Troy£32.19
DHF300BArched Lever Handle From £7.76
DHC310ADesigner Lever Handle, Shore£33.10
DHC315ADesigner Lever Handle, Venice£41.41
DHC316ADesigner Lever Handle, Cumulus£33.10
DHC319ADesigner Lever Handle, Xero£41.41
DHC320ADesigner Lever Handle, Maison£41.41
DHC321ADesigner Lever Handle, Irwin£40.29
DHF110ATwin Finish Lever Handle on Rose£13.78
DHF112AAlexander Lever handle on Rose£13.78
DHF113AOlivia Lever Handle on Rose£13.78
DHF114ACharlotte Lever Handle on rose£13.78
DHF115AAero Deck Lever Handle on Rose£16.55
DHF123AAvantime Lever Handle on Rose£13.78
DHF128AModena Lever Handle on Rose£10.28
DHF129ALydia Lever Handle on Rose£13.25
DHM249AKendo Lever Handle on Rose£23.18
DHM259AKiwi Lever Handle on Rose£34.78
DHM260AMango Lever Handle on Rose£34.78
DHM261ACoco Lever Handle on Rose£34.78
DHM304ALena Lever Handle on Rose£11.92
DHM311AFluo Lever Handle on Rose£11.92
DHF300ACurved Lever Handle £10.20
DH209ACentaur Lever Handle £10.40
DHM234ADelta Lever Handle on RoseFrom £26.08
DHC100AClassic Lever Handle£25.08
DH377Athena Lever Handle On Rose £11.60
DH388Aurelia Lever Handle £15.46
DH389Polaris Dual Force Handle £26.80
DHC314BDesigner Lever Handle, Lois £32.19
DHM250BMarta Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.18
DHM238AWing Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.87
DHZ081AFulton & Bray Lever Handle £18.66
90020874TRISUL Lever Handle £18.24
DHC089Shore Lever Handle £21.52
DHC141AEsprit, Designer Lever HandleFrom £74.79
DHC142AEsprit 2, Designer Lever HandleFrom £23.96
DHC147ASalina, Designer Lever HandleFrom £47.01
DHC301ADesigner Lever Handle, NoxiaFrom £33.10
DHC303ADesigner Lever Handle, NelsonFrom £33.10
DHC304ADesigner Lever Handle, OlivierFrom £32.19
DHC305ADesigner Lever Handle, TempestFrom £33.10
DHC306ADesigner Lever Handle, TitanFrom £33.10
DHC307ADesigner Lever Handle, CarolinaFrom £30.51
DHC308ADesigner Lever Handle, AtalayaFrom £27.59
DHC309ADesigner Lever Handle, ClassicFrom £27.59
DHC317ADesigner Lever Handle, VerdunFrom £10.89
DHC318ADesigner Lever Handle, ArcadiaFrom £33.10
DHC322ADesigner Lever Handle, MarrissaFrom £32.19
DHC323ADesigner Lever Handle, ManonFrom £41.41
DHC324ADesigner Lever Handle, Safety LeverFrom £8.08
DHM273AVela Lever Handle on RoseFrom £42.53
DHM341ADND Luxury Lever Handle, BrassFrom £75.26
DHM344ADND Twist Lever Handle, BrassFrom £103.04
DHM345ADND Sike Lever Handle, BrassFrom £114.69
DHM346ADND Vita Lever Handle, BrassFrom £114.69
DH230Modena Lever Handle on Rose£10.28
DHC099Noxia Lever Handle£13.71
DH323CAstron Lever HandleFrom £4.77
DHC345ASerozzetta Troy Lever Handle £24.86
DHC352ASerozzetta Shore Lever Handle £24.86
DHC358ASerozzetta Irwin Handle £24.86
DHC369AManital Francy Lever Handle From £24.98
DHC373AEurospec Astoria Lever Handle £24.03
DHC374AEurospec Valiant Lever Handle £24.03
DHC375AEurospec Lucerna Lever Handle £24.03
DHC376AEurospec Berna Lever Handle £25.28
DHC377AEurospec Breeze Lever Handle £16.69
DHC378AEurospec Brema Lever Handle £25.28
DHC380AEurospec Peninsula Lever Handle £16.67
DHC312ADesigner Lever Handle, MarinaFrom £37.52
DHC381AEurospec Tirolo Lever Handle £18.61
DHC382AEurospec Berlino Lever Handle £25.28
DHC383AEurospec Zurigo Lever Handle £25.28
DHC384AEurospec Carlton Lever Handle £16.19
DHC385AEurospec Luenza Lever Handle £16.67
DHC386AEurospec Plaza Lever Handle £16.67
DHC387AEurospec Londra Lever Handle £22.67
DHC391AEurospec Shore Lever Handle £18.61
DHC388AEurospec Cutlass Lever Handle From £15.28
DHC389AEurospec Scimitar Lever Handle From £14.85
DHC392AEurospec Parigi Lever Handle £16.69
DHC394AEurospec Spira Lever Handle £14.85
DHC397AEurospec Dresda Lever Handle £16.19
DHM231AQuad Lever Handle on RoseFrom £34.78
DHM232AMercury Lever Handle on RoseFrom £28.15
DHM236AArca Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.18
DHM237AParabula Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.18
DHM240AAdelpha Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.18
DHM314AShuttle Lever Handle on RoseFrom £9.52
DHM315AIco Lever Handle on RoseFrom £9.52
DHM316AGoccia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £9.52
DHM317ASiloh Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.92
DHM312ARoda Lever Handle on Rose£11.92
DHM313AMercury Lever Handle on Rose£11.92
DHM318ADeda Lever Handle on Rose£11.92
90020911BEN NEVIS Ø19 Straight Lever Handle£66.21
90029492ZEDA Lever Handle£16.11
DHF324AArc Lever Handle From £39.47