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We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
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Solid Brass Round Rose   Back to Modern Lever Handles

DHC149ADali, Designer Lever Handle£85.60
DHC311ADesigner Lever Handle, Philadelphia£26.00
DHC360ASerozzetta Manon Handle£15.20
90091308BAUHAUS WEIMAR Lever Handle 607From £171.12
DH323CAstron Lever HandleFrom £4.77
DHC090Serozzetta Classic Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC136AStella, Designer Lever HandleFrom £33.74
DHC137AStudio H, Designer Lever HandleFrom £36.08
DHC138AApollo, Designer Lever HandleFrom £35.44
DHC139ACalla, Designer Lever HandleFrom £33.74
DHC140AVeronica, Designer Lever HandleFrom £78.00
DHC141AEsprit, Designer Lever HandleFrom £74.79
DHC142AEsprit 2, Designer Lever HandleFrom £23.96
DHC143ASquiggle, Designer Lever HandleFrom £54.00
DHC144APetra, Designer Lever HandleFrom £36.89
DHC146AGiava, Designer Lever HandleFrom £47.20
DHC147ASalina, Designer Lever HandleFrom £47.01
DHC148ANirvana, Designer Lever HandleFrom £55.12
DHC152AWind, Designer Lever HandleFrom £50.40
DHC153AUovo, Designer Lever HandleFrom £44.27
DHC300ASerozzetta M Lever Handle, LunaFrom £13.60
DHC301ADesigner Lever Handle, NoxiaFrom £33.10
DHC303ADesigner Lever Handle, NelsonFrom £33.10
DHC304ADesigner Lever Handle, OlivierFrom £32.19
DHC305ADesigner Lever Handle, TempestFrom £33.10
DHC306ADesigner Lever Handle, TitanFrom £33.10
DHC307ADesigner Lever Handle, CarolinaFrom £30.51
DHC308ADesigner Lever Handle, AtalayaFrom £27.59
DHC309ADesigner Lever Handle, ClassicFrom £27.59
DHC312ADesigner Lever Handle, MarinaFrom £26.00
DHC317ADesigner Lever Handle, VerdunFrom £10.89
DHC318ADesigner Lever Handle, ArcadiaFrom £33.10
DHC322ADesigner Lever Handle, MarrissaFrom £32.19
DHC323ADesigner Lever Handle, ManonFrom £41.41
DHC324ADesigner Lever Handle, Safety LeverFrom £8.00
DHC343ESerozzetta Safety Lever HandleFrom £14.24
DHC344ASerozzetta Noxia Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC346ASerozzetta Nelson Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC347ASerozzetta Olivier Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC348ASerozzetta Tempest Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC349ASerozzetta Titan Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC350ASerozzetta Carolina Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC351ASerozzetta Atalaya Lever HandleFrom £13.60
DHC353ASerozzetta Philadelphia HandleFrom £13.60
DHC354ASerozzetta Cumulus HandleFrom £13.60
DHC355ASerozzetta Verdun HandleFrom £13.60
DHC356ASerozzetta Shark HandleFrom £13.60
DHC359ASerozzetta Marissa HandleFrom £13.60
DHC367AManital Derby Lever HandleFrom £28.00
DHC369AManital Francy Lever HandleFrom £24.98
DHC379AEurospec Munich Lever HandleFrom £16.00
DHC388AEurospec Cutlass Lever HandleFrom £15.28
DHC389AEurospec Scimitar Lever HandleFrom £15.28
DHC390AEurospec Cervino Lever HandleFrom £16.00
DHC393AEurospec Nera Lever HandleFrom £16.00
DHC395AEurospec Treviri Lever HandleFrom £16.00
DHC396AEurospec Philadelphia Lever HandleFrom £16.00
DHF097AElise Lever HandleFrom £29.49
DHF109AGull Lever handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF111AMitred Twin Finish Lever HandleFrom £8.80
DHF116AThame Lever Handle on RoseFrom £24.96
DHF117ATwirl Lever Handle on RoseFrom £8.16
DHF118AKudos Lever Handle on RoseFrom £10.89
DHF119APetra Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF120AGamma Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF121ACurve Lever Handle on RoseFrom £8.74
DHF122ATurin Lever HandleFrom £12.66
DHF124AMonaco Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.56
DHF125AMailand Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF126AArkus Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.66
DHF127AOctavia Lever HandleFrom £13.78
DHF146Classic Lever HandleFrom £31.34
DHF205AModena Lever HandleFrom £12.66
DHF231FCamille Lever HandleFrom £29.49
DHF300BArched Lever HandleFrom £7.76
DHF304AComet Lever HandleFrom £8.70
DHF305AOpal Lever handleFrom £8.04
DHF306ARosetta Lever HandleFrom £6.75
DHF308AAstral Lever HandleFrom £7.31
DHF309ASpiral Lever HandleFrom £52.69
DHF310AGoccia Lever HandleFrom £51.36
DHF311AAlladin Lever HandleFrom £42.43
DHF312AHorn Lever HandleFrom £33.19
DHF313ALaguna Lever HandleFrom £27.54
DHF314AFlow Lever HandleFrom £30.50
DHF315AArtica Lever HandleFrom £48.99
DHF316ACanto Lever HandleFrom £37.90
DHF317AClub Lever HandleFrom £49.91
DHF318AGarda Lever HandleFrom £36.05
DHF320AHavanna Lever HandleFrom £47.70
DHF322AStylo Lever HandleFrom £27.64
DHF323ACuba Lever HandleFrom £47.70
DHF324AArc Lever HandleFrom £39.47
DHF325APhaedra Lever HandleFrom £27.08
DHF327AScan Lever HandleFrom £64.00
DHF400AGiselle Lever HandleFrom £38.73
DHM231AQuad Lever Handle on RoseFrom £34.78
DHM232AMercury Lever Handle on RoseFrom £28.15
DHM234ADelta Lever Handle on RoseFrom £26.08
DHM236AArca Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.18
DHM238AWing Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.87
DHM241AChallenger Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.05
DHM262ALisboa Lever Handle on RoseFrom £22.61
DHZ055ADA-T Tivoli Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ056ADA-T Savona Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ057ADA-T Imola Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ058ADA-T Salerno Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ059ADA-T Vitorria Lever HandleFrom £16.83
DHZ059CDAT Lever Handle, AcerraFrom £23.97
DHZ059FDAT Lever Handle, PesaroFrom £23.97
DHZ059HDAT Lever Handle, RiminiFrom £20.05
DHM235ACentaur Lever Handle on RoseFrom £31.08
DHM239ACelia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £33.78
DHM242AAlicia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £26.63
DHM243ASophia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £17.48
DHM252ASutton Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.86
DHM255ACrystal Lever Handle on RoseFrom £131.93
DHM256ACharlbury Lever Handle on RoseFrom £22.19
DHM257AAlgarve Lever Handle on RoseFrom £23.32
DHM264ABedford Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.97
DHM265AHarmony Lever Handle on RoseFrom £29.68
DHM266ARoma Lever Handle on RoseFrom £29.14
DHM306ADonna Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.20
DHM308ATosca Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.00
DHM310AAurora Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.20
DHM314AShuttle Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.20
DHM315AIco Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.20
DHM316AGoccia Lever Handle on RoseFrom £11.57
DHM317ASiloh Lever Handle on RoseFrom £14.31
DHM377APyramid Lever Handle on RoseFrom £34.31
DHM378AEllipse Lever Handle on RoseFrom £41.42
DHM379ATrident Lever Handle on RoseFrom £36.45
DHM380AVienna Lever Handle on RoseFrom £31.08
DHM381AChallenger Lever Handle on RoseFrom £26.63
DHM382AVolo Lever Handle on RoseFrom £31.08
DHM383AWing Lever Handle on RoseFrom £27.83
DHM384AColumbus Lever Handle on RoseFrom £27.87
DHM385AGio Lever Handle on RoseFrom £36.01
DHM386ABellagio Lever Handle on RoseFrom £36.01
DHM387ABauhaus Lever Handle on RoseFrom £39.62
DHM388ACentury Lever Handle on RoseFrom £43.22
DHM389ATiffany Lever Handle on RoseFrom £44.82
DHM390AColonial Lever Handle on RoseFrom £45.02
90029472VELINO Lever Handle£16.11
DHC357BSerozzetta Maison Handle £23.46
DFF006AFortessa Wave Lever Handle £15.86
DH253Ruby Lever Handle on Rose£5.47
DH288Philadelphia Lever Handle on Rose£22.82
DH317Doriano Lever Handle on Rose£14.40
DH190Capri Lever Handle £8.04
DHF307ALorenzo Lever Handle £8.04
DHF321AInoxia Lever Handle £36.89
DHC145ALe Mans, Designer Lever Handle£69.20
DHC150ABoheme, Designer Lever Handle£76.42
DHC151AElis, Designer Lever Handle£20.35
DHC302ADesigner Lever Handle, Troy£32.19
DHC310ADesigner Lever Handle, Shore£33.10
DHC315ADesigner Lever Handle, Venice£41.41
DHC316ADesigner Lever Handle, Cumulus£33.10
DHC319ADesigner Lever Handle, Xero£41.41
DHC320ADesigner Lever Handle, Maison£41.41
DHC321ADesigner Lever Handle, Irwin£40.29
DHF110ATwin Finish Lever Handle on Rose£13.78
DHF112AAlexander Lever handle on Rose£13.78
DHF113AOlivia Lever Handle on Rose£13.78
DHF114ACharlotte Lever Handle on rose£13.78
DHF115AAero Deck Lever Handle on Rose£16.55
DHF123AAvantime Lever Handle on Rose£13.78
DHF128AModena Lever Handle on Rose£10.28
DHF129ALydia Lever Handle on Rose£13.25
DHF300ACurved Lever Handle £10.20
DH209ACentaur Lever Handle £10.40
DHC100AClassic Lever Handle£25.08
DH377Athena Lever Handle On Rose £11.60
DH388Aurelia Lever Handle £15.46
DH389Polaris Dual Force Handle £26.80
DHC314BDesigner Lever Handle, Lois £32.19
DHZ081AFulton & Bray Lever Handle £18.66
90020874TRISUL Lever Handle £18.75
DHC089Shore Lever Handle £15.20
DH230Modena Lever Handle on Rose£10.28
DHC099Noxia Lever Handle£13.71
DHC345ASerozzetta Troy Lever Handle £15.20
DHC352ASerozzetta Shore Lever Handle £15.20
DHC358ASerozzetta Irwin Handle £15.20
DHC373AEurospec Astoria Lever Handle £23.36
DHC374AEurospec Valiant Lever Handle £23.36
DHC375AEurospec Lucerna Lever Handle £23.36
DHC376AEurospec Berna Lever Handle £23.36
DHC377AEurospec Breeze Lever Handle £16.00
DHC378AEurospec Brema Lever Handle £23.36
DHC380AEurospec Peninsula Lever Handle £16.00
DHC381AEurospec Tirolo Lever Handle £23.36
DHC382AEurospec Berlino Lever Handle £23.36
DHC383AEurospec Zurigo Lever Handle £23.36
DHC384AEurospec Carlton Lever Handle £16.00
DHC385AEurospec Luenza Lever Handle £16.00
DHC386AEurospec Plaza Lever Handle £16.00
DHC387AEurospec Londra Lever Handle £22.67
DHC391AEurospec Shore Lever Handle £16.80
DHC392AEurospec Parigi Lever Handle £16.00
DHC394AEurospec Spira Lever Handle £16.00
DHC397AEurospec Dresda Lever Handle £16.00
90020911BEN NEVIS Ø19 Straight Lever Handle£68.05
90029492ZEDA Lever Handle£16.11