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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...

Solid Brass Square Rose   Back to Modern Lever Handles

DHC343DSerozzetta Edge Lever Handle £17.23
DHC366ADND Quattro 02 Lever Handle £19.20
DHC372AEurospec Ellipse Lever Handle £20.13
90091309BAUHAUS WEIMAR Lever Handle 644From £182.56
DHM233ADelta SQ Lever Handle on RoseFrom £39.14
DHM391ALinear Lever Handle on RoseFrom £43.20
DHM392ABauhaus SQ Lever Handle on RoseFrom £41.47
DHM393AAmazon Lever Handle on RoseFrom £43.20
DHM394ABauhaus Low Profile Lever HandleFrom £45.27
DHM395ADelta Low Profile Lever HandleFrom £43.20
DHM396ATrident Low Profile Lever HandleFrom £43.20
DHF301AAthena Lever Handle £14.70
DHF303ASeros Lever Handle From £14.70
DHF319ARombo Lever Handle From £25.24
DHF326ACloud Lever Handle From £66.55
DHF328AArte Lever Handle From £79.49
DHF329ASun Lever Handle From £66.97
DHF330AComet Lever Handle From £70.25
DHF331AZenith Lever Handle From £64.70
DHF130AKubus Straight Lever HandleFrom £43.81
DHF130CKubus Curved Lever Handle From £43.81
DHF211ABaleno Lever HandleFrom £24.76
DHF212AKate Lever Handle From £34.18
DHF213AKlaudia Lever HandleFrom £24.01
DHF207AMinimal Lever HandleFrom £57.31
DHM347ADND Dolce Lever Handle, BrassFrom £75.26
DHM348ADND ESA Lever Handle, BrassFrom £75.26
DHC119ASerozzetta M Cube Lever HandleFrom £22.99
DHC120ASerozzetta M Equi Lever HandleFrom £22.99
DHC361ACebi Mono Lever HandleFrom £27.09
DHC362ACebi Sea Lever HandleFrom £25.76
DHC363ACebi S Chi Lever HandleFrom £27.09
DHC368AManital Flash Lever HandleFrom £26.16
DHC370AManital Techna Lever HandleFrom £26.16