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LED lights can be a discreet yet stylish way to light up the room and enhance your décor...
Hart Wholesale | Knock Down Fittings | Special Connect Fittings

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26453092Confirmat One-piece ConnectorFrom £2.56
26720700Two Piece Dowel Connector£21.80
KD1729M6 Sleeve Nut, Flat EndedFrom £122.64
24516410Permafix Block, Plastic£0.14
04200408M6 Connecting Screws, CompleteFrom £8.62
04200435M6 Connecting Screw, Plastic SleeveFrom £11.74
26437098Confirmat One-piece ConnectorFrom £1.32
26442190Confirmat One-piece ConnectorFrom £3.03
26443194Confirmat One-piece ConnectorFrom £4.26
26447111Confirmat One-piece HEX4 ConnectorFrom £5.89
26701715M4 Threaded SleevesFrom £3.50
26705702M6 Connecting Screws, CompleteFrom £13.83
26707902M6 Connecting Screws, CompleteFrom £1.68
26707910M6 Sleeve Nut, SteelFrom £7.38
26707922M6 Shoulder ScrewFrom £8.04
KD1705BLUM Knock Down CamFrom £1.59
00693010Hardwood Beech DowelFrom £1.56
26022450Door Panel Connecting Plate, SteelFrom £0.51
26723093Door Panel Connecting Bolt WasherFrom £5.84
26724300Permanent Assembly DowelFrom £9.60
00647003Set of Tools£12.19
00647067Centring Pin£15.10
00690900Furniture Alignment Wedge Strip£5.55
02234157M4 Connecting Screws£1.70
26105902Giro-Bolt Lock, Steel£40.77
26105975Allen Key, Steel£1.91
26105984Giro-Bolt Rose, Brass£10.90
26105993Giro-Bolt Striking Plate, Steel£9.47
26254500Hamburg Style Connector, Steel£129.02
26721720Two Piece Dowel Connector£17.45
26721730Three Piece Dowel Connector£27.87
26722900Two Piece Dowel Connector£14.04
26723900Door Panel Connecting Bolt, Steel £0.25
26770700EXACT Dowel Connector£7.61
64251243Table Top Connecting Fitting£16.16
KD1710Locating Pin and Socket£6.56
KD1713Table Turn with Locking Cleat£12.17
KD1719Worktop Angle Fixing BlockFrom £1.76
KD1720Metal Connecting Bolt£9.60
26195010Tofix Connecting Bolt £3.66
26201007Mitre Joint Connector £2.39
KD1701Modesty Block, 3 Hole, PlasticFrom £13.60