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34132502Folding Table Hinge, BrassFrom £4.74
34821500Tiomos H Hidden 105° HingeFrom £47.54
52132100Counterflap Catch, BrassFrom £30.61
92695201Counterflap Hinge, BrassFrom £16.77
HI1228BStrap Hinge, StraightFrom £16.78
HI1242EProjection Hinge, PairFrom £10.08
HI1244Counter Flap HingeFrom £10.98
HI1244DCounter Flap Dovetail Hinge, BrassFrom £30.67
HI1245100WP Brass Projection HingeFrom £17.76
HI1253Parliament HingeFrom £8.56
HI1253HParliament HingeFrom £7.52
HI1292Counter Flap CatchFrom £5.82
HIF109ACounterflap CatchFrom £6.75
HIF116ACounter Flap HingeFrom £9.44
HIF142ACrown Parliament HingeFrom £26.16
HIF143ABudget Parliament HingeFrom £17.44
HIM103Hinge, ParliamentFrom £15.22
92108590Parliament Hinge, Extruded BrassFrom £53.28
92124002Parliament Hinge, BrassFrom £11.20
92686024Counterflap Hinge, BrassFrom £15.55
92686031Counterflap Hinge, BrassFrom £18.78
92695211Counterflap Hinge, BrassFrom £20.22
HI1253JParliament Hinge £11.85
32266310Hinge Angle Restrictor Clip,Plastic £0.35
34134900Table Hinge, Steel£6.11
35196118Cranked Flushed Hinge, Steel£0.66
34130509Folding Table Hinge, Flush £2.94
34421020Regula Corner Hinge 250° £3.60
34421121Regula Centre Hinge 180° £2.80
34421201Regula Centre Hinge 180° £2.85
34821520Tiomos HAL Hidden 105° Hinge £75.43
34821530Tiomos HAL Profile £64.26
34821540Tiomos HAL Adaptor £14.06
34130526Folding Table Hinge, Steel £0.44
92685154Counterflap Hinge, Brass £3.50

Not every job requires a traditional style hinge. Sometimes you need something designed specifically for a certain task. That is where our specialist hinge category comes in. 

We stock plenty of variety in types of hinges including counterflap, parliament, table, cranked flush, rapid fit, and more.