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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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A great range of kitchen splashbacks for wholesale prices. Choose between the various colours and sizes to find the perfect match for your kitchens needs. What's more, we also stock a variety of materials such as glass and stainless steel and rubber.
53501056Universal 100 Splashback£171.69
53501057Universal 60 Splashback£88.03
53501487Universal 100 Splashback£171.69
53501488Universal 110 Splashback£176.93
53501489Universal 60 Splashback£88.03
53501491Universal 90 Splashback£159.49
53501498Toledo 90 Splashback£171.69
56271033Apollo Solid Surface Splashback £379.72
56271038Apollo Solid Surface Splashback £421.92
56271534Apollo Magna Solid Surface Upstand £65.44
56271536Apollo Magna Solid Surface Upstand £67.49
56271545Apollo Magna Solid Surface Upstand £79.60
56271555Apollo Quartz Upstand £70.71
56271557Apollo Quartz Upstand £70.71
56271560Apollo Quartz Upstand £70.71
56486002Steel Splashback Panel £64.39
53501050Splashback Panel, Stainless SteelFrom £159.49
53501052Toledo 110 Glass SplashbackFrom £176.93
56483080Glass Splashback, LimeFrom £61.00
56483032Toughened Glass Splashback£95.28
53504860Smeg Splashback £96.00
53504873Smeg Splashback £128.01
53504883Smeg Splashback £144.70
53504893Smeg Splashback £80.01
53504903Smeg Splashback £80.01
53504913Smeg Splashback £96.00
53504923Smeg Symphony Splashback £120.35
53504933Smeg Symphony Splashback £128.01
53504943Smeg Splashback £125.35
53501054Toledo 90 SplashbackFrom £159.49
53501480Classic 110 SplashbackFrom £176.93
53501482Classic 90 SplashbackFrom £159.49
56271050Apollo Solid Surface SplashbackFrom £105.42
56271054Apollo Solid Surface SplashbackFrom £94.88
56271072Apollo Solid Surface SplashbackFrom £124.98
56271092Apollo Quartz SplachbackFrom £178.37
56271096Apollo Quartz SplachbackFrom £178.37
56271102Apollo Quartz SplachbackFrom £178.37
56271700Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £16.30
56271706Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271712Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271718Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271724Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271730Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271736Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271742Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271748Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271754Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271760Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271766Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271772Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271778Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £18.56
56271784Apollo Magna Solid Surface EndcapFrom £19.35
56481100Glass Splashback, Self AdhesiveFrom £35.05
56483030Toughened Glass SplashbackFrom £40.55
56486020Splashback, MDF/Stainless SteelFrom £44.32
56483100Glass Splashback, OliveFrom £64.94
53504800Smeg Splashback Plain GlassFrom £116.96
53504850Smeg SplashbackFrom £80.36
56478010Apollo Slab Tech Solid Worktop £134.75
56483543Glass UpstandFrom £64.94
56483065Glass Splashback, Aubergine £112.67
56483075Glass Splashback, Chalk £118.81
56483593Glass Splashback, Ruby £64.94
56483633Glass Splashback, Linen £68.55
56483733Glass Splashback, Agate Grey £61.00
56483000Glass SplashbackFrom £61.00
56483240Glass SplashbackFrom £40.07
56483300Splashback, Toughened GlassFrom £80.46
56483623Glass Splashback, Magenta £52.11
56481553Glass Upstands and Midway Panels £52.52
56483130Glass Splashback From £64.94
56483160Glass Splashback £103.78
56483170Glass Splashback £64.94
56483230Glass Splashback From £64.94
56499101Glass Clock £64.58
56483160Glass Splashback£64.94
56271913Apollo Magna Glue CartridgeFrom £25.09