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64301506Bench Seat Hinge, Without Spring£5.26
HI1222Sprung Cabinet Butt HingeFrom £1.44
HI1261Doule Action Spring Hinge£14.40
HI1270Single Action Spring HingeFrom £10.24
92790009Double Action Spring Hinge, Steel £35.19
92790019Double Action Spring Hinge, Steel £42.22
92790029Double Action Spring Hinge, Steel £56.74
92790039Double Action Spring Hinge, Steel £68.15
HI1261ADouble Action Sprung HingeFrom £18.00
HIC149AEurospec Spring Hinge From £14.26
64301515Bench Seat Hinge, With SpringFrom £8.90
92671000Single Action Spring Hinge, Steel £18.82
92671010Double Action Spring Hinge, Steel £26.65
92672000Single Action Spring Hinge, Steel From £30.78
92672010Single Action Spring Hinge, Steel From £34.76
92672020Single Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £34.79
92672030Single Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £33.21
92672049Single Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £105.62
92701003Double Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £18.61
92701103Double Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £22.01
92701203Double Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £31.25
92701303Double Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £41.44
92790040Double Action Spring Hinge, SteelFrom £101.12

We stock a great range of double and single action sprung hinges. They offer unique solutions for specific building requirements for example bench seats, cabinets and cupboards or even as an alternative to using traditional door closers.  The adjustability and variety in shapes and size means tradesman have a lot of choice when it comes to carrying out their building duties.