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Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...

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HA1001Square Ring Pull HandleFrom £1.24
HA302810Flush Pull HandleFrom £0.63
15135262Inset HandleFrom £4.39
12642900Furniture Profile Handle, Aluminium£6.08
12647592Internal/External Corners£0.53
12647900Aluminium Profile£52.64
15101711Flush Handle, Brass£2.32
15115205Inset Handle£4.76
15147662Inset Handle, Zinc Alloy£4.31
15150616Lifestyle Flush Handle, Zinc Alloy£5.85
16121711Flush Ring Handle, Brass £34.57
DHC244A1Flush Pull Handle£3.17
HA3276GPull Handle, Recessed£2.42
HA3276HFinger Pull Handle, Recessed£3.28
12654090Profile Handle, Aluminium£5.31
HA1001LFlush Ring Pull, Square From £0.52
HAS001Pull Handle £5.73
HA302810AFlush Pull HandleFrom £0.39
DHZ051AZAS Flush Pull £2.13
HAC174APush In/Out Flush Pull Handle£2.03
HAC261AFlush Ring PullFrom £4.44
12695000Profile Handle £16.26
12695010Profile Handle £23.28
90103303Flush Pull Handle, Brass £60.08
90307260Flush Pull Handle £2.05
90307270Flush Pull Handle £3.30
90201270Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel From £3.00
15110600Inset Handle £24.32
DHZ054AZAS Ring PullFrom £3.56
DHZ052DFulton & Bray Flush Pull From £3.24
HAS001Pull Handle£8.32
15322000PELLIPAR Inset Handle£7.52
10948930AVALON Trim HandleFrom £2.47
12617221Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £4.68
12617641Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.80
12645010PORTOBELLO Profile HandleFrom £4.11
12645351CURVE Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £1.59
15101721Inset Handle£3.78
15114217Inset HandleFrom £4.42
15137256Pull HandleFrom £9.06
15194200SAUL Inset HandleFrom £1.77
16121721MILITARY Inset Handle, BrassFrom £21.48
90101231Sliding Door Flush Pull HandleFrom £1.90
90101391Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £6.73
90101421Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £7.65
90101702Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £37.86
90103804Flush Ring Pull Handle, BrassFrom £19.47
90103906Flush Ring Handle, To OperateFrom £49.31
90103916Flush Ring Pull Handle, To OperateFrom £81.82
90200382FSB 4250 Flush Pull HandleFrom £40.01
90200540Flush Ring Handle, To OperateFrom £164.06
90201300Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £23.69
90403301Flush Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £8.48
90804412Flush Pull Handle, NylonFrom £5.92
91037008Flush Ring Handle, To OperateFrom £62.28
91037062Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £54.34
91037080Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £36.03
91126130Mortice Gravity Drop Pull HandleFrom £49.89
91126261Flush Ring Pull Handle, BrassFrom £5.78
HAM099APocket Door Edge PullFrom £8.21
HAM100AFlush Pull HandleFrom £7.16
HAM164AFlush Pull HandleFrom £10.37
DFF306AFlush Pull Handle £0.68
DFF219AFlush Pull, Square EdgeFrom £2.76
DFF273AFlush Pull Handle From £5.18
HA1002SCFlush Pull Handle, Round £137.99
DHC239A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £5.63
HAC260AClassical Flush PullFrom £5.38
HAC510ACapori Pull HandleFrom £6.32
HA3276CSteelworx Flush Pull, RectangularFrom £5.63
DHZ052AZAS Flush PullFrom £1.55
15147975Inset Handle£5.69
15114226Inset Handle, Brass £5.20
15100312Flush Handle, Steel £0.87
90200386FSB 4251 Flush Pull HandleFrom £42.53
15173601Inset Handle, Brass £35.41
15135208Inset Handle, Zinc Alloy £3.81
15208204Flush Handle, Zinc Alloy £13.06
11144282SINTESI Inset Handle£6.49
90100510Squash Court Handle for Latch£107.58
90101301Flush Pull Handle, Brass£29.83
90200560Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£87.59
90200570Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£32.27
90200802StarTec Flush Pull Handle £10.00
90201260Flush Pull Handle, Steel£6.50
90201381Flush Ring Pull Handle £14.92
90400001Flush Pull Handle, Aluminium£0.55
91037100Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£82.65
91126310Mortice Spring Loaded Handle£33.23
98113020Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£265.31
98113040Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£268.94
15111613CAVENDISH Inset Handle £9.50