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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...

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HA1001Square Ring Pull HandleFrom £1.24
HA302810Flush Pull HandleFrom £0.63
15135262Inset HandleFrom £4.39
12642900Furniture Profile Handle, Aluminium£6.08
12647592Internal/External Corners£0.53
12647900Aluminium Profile£52.64
15101711Flush Handle, Brass£2.32
15115205Inset Handle£4.76
15147662Inset Handle, Zinc Alloy£4.31
15150616Lifestyle Flush Handle, Zinc Alloy£5.85
16121711Flush Ring Handle, Brass £34.57
DHC244A1Flush Pull Handle£3.17
HA3276GPull Handle, Recessed£2.42
HA3276HFinger Pull Handle, Recessed£3.28
12654090Profile Handle, Aluminium£5.31
HA1001LFlush Ring Pull, Square From £0.52
HAS001Pull Handle £5.73
HA302810AFlush Pull HandleFrom £0.39
DHZ051AZAS Flush Pull £2.13
HAC174APush In/Out Flush Pull Handle£2.03
HAC261AFlush Ring PullFrom £4.44
12695000Profile Handle £16.26
12695010Profile Handle £23.28
90103303Flush Pull Handle, Brass £60.08
90307260Flush Pull Handle £4.00
90307270Flush Pull Handle £3.30
90201270Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel From £3.00
15110600Inset Handle £24.32
DHZ054AZAS Ring PullFrom £3.56
DHZ052DFulton & Bray Flush Pull From £3.24
HAS001Pull Handle£8.32
15322000PELLIPAR Inset Handle£7.52
10948930AVALON Trim HandleFrom £2.47
12617221Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £4.68
12617641Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.80
12645010PORTOBELLO Profile HandleFrom £4.11
12645351CURVE Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £1.59
15101721Inset Handle£3.78
15114217Inset HandleFrom £4.42
15137256Pull HandleFrom £9.06
15194200SAUL Inset HandleFrom £1.77
16121721MILITARY Inset Handle, BrassFrom £21.48
90101231Sliding Door Flush Pull HandleFrom £1.90
90101391Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £6.73
90101421Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £7.65
90101702Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £37.86
90103804Flush Ring Pull Handle, BrassFrom £19.47
90103906Flush Ring Handle, To OperateFrom £49.31
90103916Flush Ring Pull Handle, To OperateFrom £81.82
90200382FSB 4250 Flush Pull HandleFrom £40.01
90200540Flush Ring Handle, To OperateFrom £164.06
90201300Flush Pull Handle, Stainless SteelFrom £23.69
90403301Flush Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £8.48
90804412Flush Pull Handle, NylonFrom £5.92
91037008Flush Ring Handle, To OperateFrom £62.28
91037062Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £54.34
91037080Flush Pull Handle, BrassFrom £36.03
91126130Mortice Gravity Drop Pull HandleFrom £49.89
91126261Flush Ring Pull Handle, BrassFrom £5.78
HAM099APocket Door Edge PullFrom £8.21
HAM100AFlush Pull HandleFrom £7.16
HAM164AFlush Pull HandleFrom £10.37
DFF306AFlush Pull Handle £0.68
DFF219AFlush Pull, Square EdgeFrom £2.76
DFF273AFlush Pull Handle From £5.18
HA1002SCFlush Pull Handle, Round £137.99
DHC239A1Steelworx Flush Pull HandleFrom £5.63
HAC260AClassical Flush PullFrom £5.38
HAC510ACapori Pull HandleFrom £6.32
HA3276CSteelworx Flush Pull, RectangularFrom £5.63
DHZ052AZAS Flush PullFrom £1.55
15147975Inset Handle£5.69
15114226Inset Handle, Brass £5.20
15100312Flush Handle, Steel £0.87
90200386FSB 4251 Flush Pull HandleFrom £42.53
15173601Inset Handle, Brass £35.41
15135208Inset Handle, Zinc Alloy £3.81
15208204Flush Handle, Zinc Alloy £13.06
11144282SINTESI Inset Handle£6.49
90100510Squash Court Handle for Latch£107.58
90101301Flush Pull Handle, Brass£29.83
90200560Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£87.59
90200570Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£32.27
90200802StarTec Flush Pull Handle £10.00
90201260Flush Pull Handle, Steel£6.50
90201381Flush Ring Pull Handle £14.92
90400001Flush Pull Handle, Aluminium£0.55
91037100Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£82.65
91126310Mortice Spring Loaded Handle£33.23
98113020Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£265.31
98113040Flush Pull Handle, Stainless Steel£268.94
15111613CAVENDISH Inset Handle £9.50