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St Steel Long Plate   Back to Modern Lever Handles

90221020SCALINO Lever Handle£220.41
90221030ARGENTERA Lever Handle£226.86
90290314FAME Shaped Lever Handle, Latch£67.57
HAC342ASteelworx Safety Lever Handle£53.47
HAC343ASteelworx Safety Lever Handle£62.99
HAC344ASteelworx DDA Design Lever Handle£54.82
HAC345ASteelworx DDA Design Lever Handle£58.11
DHZ035AZCS Lever Handle, RTD 19mm £8.09
DHZ036AZCS Lever Handle, RTD 22mm £13.48
HAC332ASteelworx Lever Handle on PlateFrom £11.55
DFF003MFortessa Foko Lever Handle £12.77
DFF003NFortessa Foko Lever Handle £15.01
DFF003PFortessa Foko Lever Handle £16.69
DFF006BFortessa Wave Lever Handle £12.77
DFF006CFortessa Wave Lever Handle £15.01
DFF006DFortessa Wave Lever Handle£16.69
DFF009HFortessa Verto Lever Handle £12.77
DFF009JFortessa Verto Lever Handle £15.01
DFF009KFortessa Verto Lever Handle £16.69
DFF010CFortessa Amalfi Lever Handle £14.04
DFF010DFortessa Amalfi Lever Handle £16.51
DFF010EFortessa Amalfi Lever Handle £18.36
90398441Multipoint Lock Lever HandleFrom £43.03
90290226Startec TESSA Shaped Lever Handle From £70.08
90290246Startec CHASE Shaped Lever Handle From £66.14
DHZ036BZCS Lever Handle, RTD 19mm £9.89
90290236Startec BODA Shaped Lever HandleFrom £71.23
90290800SNOWDON Ø19 Lever HandleFrom £41.96
DHF354ALuma Lever Handle on Backplate From £16.55
DFZ045AZCS Short Cover PlateFrom £4.05
DFZ046AZCS Cover PlateFrom £4.95
DHZ034AZCS Lever Handle, RTD 19mm£7.65
DHC405AEurospec Mitred Lever HandleFrom £12.62
DHC406AEurospec Curved Lever HandleFrom £14.06
DHC407AEurospec T-Bar Lever HandleFrom £12.62
DHC408AEurospec Arched Lever HandleFrom £12.62
HAC367A1Contract Lever Handle and BackplateFrom £5.07