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St Steel Round Rose   Back to Modern Lever Handles

DH571BRound Rose Lever, Round BarFrom £6.80
DH571GArched Lever Handle, Round BarFrom £6.80
DFF023AFortessa Bond Lever Handle From £10.32
DFF025AFortessa Crest Lever Handle From £10.32
DH207Starlight R38 Lever HandleFrom £3.83
DHF105ARadium Lever HandleFrom £5.78
DHM322ASteel Line 101 Lever Handle on RoseFrom £19.69
HAC365AContract Straight Lever Handle£15.14
HAC366AContract Shaped Lever Handle£15.74
90220202FSB1057 Lever Handle, Unsprung£159.82
90220204FSB1075 Lever Handle, Unsprung £116.98
90220214CHAMP Shaped Lever Handle £40.72
90220216CHASE Shaped Lever Handle £37.78
90220218BODA Shaped Lever Handle £37.78
90220224FAME Shaped Lever Handle £47.28
90220228FSB1119 Lever Handle, Unsprung£199.48
90220230FSB1076 Lever Handle, Unsprung £134.19
90220244FSB1144 Lever Handle, Unsprung £139.22
90220252StarTec LITA Lever Handle £10.40
90220280FSB1146 Lever Handle, Unsprung £134.19
90220298StarTec WING Sprung Lever Handle £18.51
90220300FSB1171 Lever Handle, Unsprung £149.45
90220302FSB1160 Lever Handle, Unsprung£134.19
90220374FSB1035 Lever Handle, Unsprung £126.15
90220420FSB1028 Lever Handle, Unsprung £140.93
90220782FSB 0829 Knob Set£137.59
90220800TIANA I Ø19 Safety Lever Handle£12.42
90220842FSB 1021 Lever Handle Set£199.88
90220892FSB 1144 Lever Handle Set£136.81
90221006MONT BLANC II Lever Handle£76.10
90221017MONTSERRAT Lever Handle£67.53
90221019EL CONDOR Lever Handle£92.74
90221040CRISTALLO Lever Handle£82.71
90221220KONGUR II Ø19 Straight Lever Handle£10.86
90221222TESSA Shaped Lever Handle £39.36
90221490PALADIUM Shaped Lever Handle £33.12
90221590DIVA Shaped Lever Handle£47.22
90292301HERAM I Bow Shaped Lever Handle£18.28
90421171FSB 1020 Lever Handle Set£62.40
90421181FSB 1021 Lever Handle Set£68.95
90421191FSB 1144 Lever Handle Set£66.47
90220872KALINDI Ø19 Shaped Lever HandleFrom £11.13
90940500Door Spindle Converter£0.27
DFF038AFortessa Maya Lever HandleFrom £3.15
90221014PYRENEAN Lever HandleFrom £26.08
DFC469AEurospec Thumbturn and Release £13.14
DFC470AEurospec Escutcheon £1.70
DFC471AHalf Set Fixing Plate £3.62
DHC398AEurospec Nera Lever Handle £26.62
DHC399AEurospec Austin Lever Handle £29.62
DHC400AEurospec Holzheim Lever Handle £29.62
DHC401AEurospec Pennsylvania Lever Handle £29.62
DHC402AEurospec Carla Lever Handle £29.62
DHC403AEurospec Grade4 Safety Lever Handle £19.73
DFC468AEurospec EscutcheonFrom £4.98
DFC472AEurospec SWL Rose PackFrom £7.01
HAC320ASteelworx Straight Lever HandleFrom £20.14
HAC322ASteelworx Mitred Lever HandleFrom £25.15
HAC323ASteelworx Curved Lever HandleFrom £25.62
HAC341Back-To-Back Handle Fixing Set From £7.57
DFF003AFortessa Foko Lever Handle £10.10
DFF010AFortessa Amalfi Lever Handle £10.10
DFF011AFortessa Ouvre Lever Handle £10.10
DFF012AFortessa Sorrento Lever Handle £10.10
DFF017AFortessa Monaco Lever Handle £9.46
DFF018AFortessa Avant Garde Lever Handle £10.10
DFF022AFortessa Accent Lever Handle £10.32
HAC357AContract Safety Lever HandleFrom £9.06
HAC359AContract Mitred Lever HandleFrom £9.06
HAC360AContract Curved Lever HandleFrom £9.06
HAC361AContract Straight T Lever HandleFrom £9.06
DFZ035BVier EscutcheonFrom £1.44
DFZ038AZG4S EscutcheonFrom £4.85
DFZ039AZPS EscutcheonFrom £2.70
DFZ042AZCS EscutcheonFrom £1.35
DFZ043AZCS Turn & ReleaseFrom £7.64
DFZ045AZCS Short Cover PlateFrom £4.49
DFZ046AZCS Cover PlateFrom £4.96
DFZ049AZCS2 EscutcheonFrom £1.26
DHZ022AZCS Lever Handle, MitredFrom £8.10
DHZ024AZCS Lever Handle, RTDFrom £8.18
DHZ028AZCS Lever Handle, RTDFrom £8.63
DFF028AFortessa Layer Lever Handle £10.32
DFF029AFortessa Spiral Lever Handle £10.32
DFF031AFortessa Twist Lever Handle £10.32
DFF034AFortessa Olympia WC Thumbturn £5.60
DFF035AFortessa Bastille Lever Handle £10.32
DFF037AFortessa York Lever Handle £10.32
DFF040AFortessa Titan Lever handle £10.10
DH571BMStraight Lever Handle, Round Bar£6.80
DH571BNMitred Lever Handle£23.71
DH580Steelworx Safety Lever Handle£16.58
HAC324ASteelworx Designer Lever Handle£39.18
HAC325ASteelworx Designer Lever Handle£32.31
HAC326ASteelworx Carbon Fibre Lever Handle£36.62
HAC327ASteelworx Designer Lever Handle£39.18
HAC328ASteelworx Designer Lever Handle£36.62
HAC329ASteelworx Designer Lever Handle£32.31
HAC330ASteelworx DDA Design Lever Handle£30.42
HAC331ASteelworx DDA Design Lever Handle£31.62
HAC347ASteelworx Lever Handle, Rounded£15.78
HAC348ASteelworx Lever Handle, Concave£15.59
HAC349ASteelworx Lever Handle, Convex£15.59
HAC350ASteelworx Lever Handle, T Style£15.17
HAC351ASteelworx Lever Handle, Angled£15.59
HAC358AContract Straight Lever Handle£9.06
HAC362AContract Mitred Lever Handle£9.36
DHZ001AVier Lever Handle, Mitred £15.28
DHZ002AVier Lever Handle, Radius £15.28
DHZ003AVier Lever Handle, RTD £15.28
DHZ004AVier Lever Handle, Mitred £16.18
DHZ005AVier Lever Handle, Radius £16.18
DHZ006AVier Lever Handle, Arch RTD £15.28
DHZ007AVier Lever Handle, RTD £16.18
DHZ008AVier Lever Handle, Designer £21.30
DHZ011AZG4S Lever Handle, RTD £14.38
DHZ012AZPS Lever Handle, Mitred £13.93
DHZ013AZPS Lever Handle, Radius £13.93
DHZ014AZPS Lever Handle, RTD £13.93
DHZ015AZPS Lever Handle, Radius £17.17
DHZ016AZPS Lever Handle, RTD £17.17
DHZ017AZPS Lever Handle, Orion £16.36
DHZ018AZPS Lever Handle, Athena £18.61
DHZ019AZPS Lever Handle, Eros £26.16
DHZ023AZCS Lever Handle, Radius £8.18
DHZ025AZCS Lever Handle, Arched £8.18
DHZ026AZCS Lever Handle, Oval £8.18
DHZ027AZCS Lever Handle, Radius £8.63
DHZ029AZCS Lever Handle, Atlas £9.89
DHZ030AZCS Lever Handle, Arched T-Bar £9.89
DHZ031AZCS Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ032AZCS Lever Handle £10.70
DHZ033AZCS Lever Handle, RTD Lift to Lock £17.08
DHZ034AZCS Lever Handle, RTD 19mm £7.65
DHZ035AZCS Lever Handle, RTD 19mm £8.09
DHZ036AZCS Lever Handle, RTD 22mm £13.48
DHZ039AZCS2 Lever Handle, Mitred £5.39
DHZ040AZCS2 Lever Handle, Radius £5.39
DHZ041AZCS2 Lever Handle, RTD £5.39
DHZ042AZCS2 Lever Handle, Arched £5.39
DHZ043AZCS2 Lever Handle, RTD £5.75
DHZ044AZCS2 Lever Handle, Arched T Bar £5.57
DHZ045AZCS2 Lever Handle, T Bar £5.57
DHZ046AZCS2 Lever Handle, Curved £10.52
HAC321ASteelworx Safety Lever HandleFrom £17.40
DFF001BFortessa Avant WC ThumbturnFrom £5.60
DFF003CFortessa Foko Thumbturn and ReleaseFrom £5.60
DFF003DFortessa Foko EscutcheonFrom £3.15
DFF009AFortessa Verto Lever Handle From £10.10
DFF026CFortessa Achilles Key EscutcheonFrom £3.86
DFF026FFortessa Achilles WC ThumbturnFrom £6.34
DHM323ASteel Line 401 Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.72
DHM324ASteel Line 451 Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.72
DHM325ASteel Line 551 Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.88
DHM326ASteel Line 601 Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.88
DHM327ASteel Line 651 Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.88
DHM328ASteel Line 701 Lever Handle on RoseFrom £12.88
DFF002AFortessa Aztec Lever Handles£10.10
DFF007AFortessa Swish Lever Handle£10.10
DFF008AFortessa Milan Lever Handle£10.10
HAC363AContract Lever Handle£14.48
HAC364AContract Rounded Lever Handle£14.74
DFF026AFortessa Achilles Lever Handle From £11.54
DHF102AOrbit Return to Door Lever HandleFrom £6.30
DHF103AOrbit Return to Door Lever HandleFrom £5.47
DHF104AVecta Lever HandleFrom £12.53
DHF222ANova Lever handle, on Round Rose £4.88
DHE009DFlex Lever Handle From £2.24
DFE401Ultimo Lever Handle From £9.20
DFE405Turn and Release Handle £5.20
DFF001AFortessa Avant Lever Handle £10.10
DFF005AFortessa Bulbus Lever HandleFrom £11.54
DFF009EFortessa Verto Key Escutcheon £3.18
DFF009GFortessa Verto WC Thumbturn £6.34
DFF010BFortessa Amalfi Lever Handle £5.60
DFF033AFortessa Olympia Lever Handle£10.10
90220200FSB1021 Lever Handle, Unsprung £209.90
90220490EIGER Oval Section Lever HandleFrom £72.44
90220500RUSHMORE Lever HandleFrom £51.60
90220550FSB1027 Lever Handle, Unsprung £121.59
90220570FSB1045 Lever Handle, Unsprung £157.91
90220640SNOWDON Round Section Lever HandleFrom £25.00
90220670BENNEVIS Round Section Lever HandleFrom £22.78
90220820TIANA II Ø19 Safety Lever HandleFrom £10.86
90221000ANNAPURNA Ø19 Lever Handle From £84.20
90221008APPALACHIAN Lever HandleFrom £64.69
90221010Straight Lever Handle Ø19 £27.96
90221012ARARATE Bowed Lever HandleFrom £27.41
90221022SIERRA NEVADA Lever HandleFrom £56.83
90221310Startec CORFU Lever Handle £25.34
90221450Startec IFNI Lever Handle £37.32
90221561Startec SELMA Lever Handle £35.99
90221571Startec DUO Lever Handle £24.90
90221581Startec DUKE Lever Handle £35.99
90221620TUSK Lever Handle, Grade 316 From £83.19
90221770DUNE Lever Handle, Grade 316 From £191.80
90221780D Section Lever Handle, Grade 316 From £88.23
90221790Flat Section Lever Handle,Grade 316 From £86.31
90221801Startec SPACE Lever Handle £21.30
90221813Soft Touch Lever Handle, Grade 316 £187.01
90221830Startec JADE Lever Handle £15.47
90221832Startec GINO Lever Handle £15.47
90221836Startec PIPO Lever Handle £12.76
90221838Startec DORINA Lever Handle £33.50
90221842Startec GISELA Lever Handle £24.02
90250000FSB1021 Lever Handle, Unsprung £33.38
90391116HL02 Lever Handle, Straight From £8.92
90391177HL03 Lever Handle, Curved From £8.68
90391197HL09 Lever Handle, Twist From £21.53
90391233HL10 Lever Handle, Flat From £16.43
90391296HL15 Lever Handle, Square From £19.63
90391358HL01 Lever Handle, Mitred From £9.08
90391372HL05 Lever Handle, Straight From £10.41
90391374HL06 Lever Handle, Curved From £11.04
90391378HL08 Lever Handle, Oval From £24.72
90391452HL04 Lever Handle, RTD From £8.73
90392178HL03 Lever Handle, Euro Escutcheon £12.93
90977560FSB Stabil Half SpindleFrom £5.50