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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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50205706Large Capacity Bin, 30L, Plastic£100.65
50226010Rectangular Free Standing Pedal Bin£127.60
50270951Space Saving Replacement Inner Bin£16.89
50290153One2Top Dust Pan and Brush, Plastic£13.91
50290162One2Top Cleaning Materials Divider£7.26
50290199One2Top Replacement Bio Filter£2.85
50290203One2Four Waste Bin, Plastic £19.93
50294000Worktop Waste Bin£152.39
54110500Drawer Insert Mat, Rubber£48.91
KA3632Solo Pullout Waste Bin, 20 Litre£53.70
KA3650Tandem Pullout Waste Bin, 30 LitreFrom £35.20
50213-0001Replacement Inner Bin, 18L, Plastic£10.15
50213-0002Replacement Inner Bin, 12L, Plastic£9.30
50213-0003Replacement Inner Bin, 8L, Plastic£7.98
50213-0005Replacement Bin Lid, 18L, Plastic£6.83
50270-0021Replacement Bin Lid, Plastic£13.41
50304-0001Oeko Liner Waste Bin, Plastic£12.26
K516GYAutomatic Pull-Out Double Bin£101.37
50290690One2Five Economic Lid Cover Plate£1.59
50232061Waste BinFrom £20.18
50247990BioBoy Waste Container £10.14
KA530Solo Pullout Waste Bin, 20 Litre£7.20
50226574Slim Pedal Bin, PlasticFrom £38.08
50235151Waste BagsFrom £5.14
50290211One2Four Individual Bin Lid,PlasticFrom £5.57
KA550GYWaste Bin, Pull Out, 30L x 2 £169.81
50290101One2Five Individual Bin Lid, PlastiFrom £4.92
50290111One2Top Individual Bin Lid, PlasticFrom £5.57
50290131One2Top Individual Bin Lid, PlasticFrom £9.05
50290498One2Five Waste BinFrom £11.16
50389058Big-Box Swing Freestanding BinFrom £50.22
54797343Grooved Drawer MatFrom £14.59
50290510Waste Bin Container, Plastic£10.23
54792359Drawer MatFrom £104.27
50231-0003Bin Spare Parts £0.24
50231-0006Bin Spare Parts£3.14
50226001Slim Soft Touch Bin, Steel£113.46
50230718Free Standing Snap-Top Waste Bin £47.02
50289391Simple Human Carrier Bag Bin£27.45