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Our range of steel mortice knobs are suitable for use with mortice locks and latches - the type that is cut into the edge of a door. The depth of your mortice locks or latches is important when being used with door knobs.
90370702Spherical Door Knob, Steel£70.81
90370704Cylindrical Door Knob, Steel£82.51
DH3500Lever Handle, MitredFrom £8.25
DH450VVictorian Mortice Knob Set £5.98
DHZ021AZPS Ball Mortice Knob £16.54
HAC553AEurospec Mortice Knob £21.81
HAC346ASteelworx Mortice Knob, UnsprungFrom £39.57
HAC369AEurospec Mortice KnobFrom £28.90
90238210FSB0829 Door Knob£71.64
90270180Door Knob, Unsprung From £67.13
90976200FSB Door Knob Stabil Spindle £6.71
91164023Push Button Bathroom Knob £26.19
90370040HL17 Square Fixed Knob, MorticeFrom £9.43
90370042HL18 Round Fixed Knob, MorticeFrom £7.98