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Hart Wholesale | Tools | Steps and Ladders

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00870010Hailo L80 3-Way Ladder£115.28
FRRFE890Fresco Radius Feature End£72.64
TOO369AClick N Climb Telescopic Ladder £111.92
TOO368ALadder, FibreglassFrom £64.18
00870035Hailo XXR ComfortLine Safety ladderFrom £66.13
00870039Hailo L20 Safety LadderFrom £39.24
50504419Stepfix Step Stool, SteelFrom £4.98
50504722Stepfix Step Stool, SteelFrom £3.44
00870007Hailo ProfiStep DuoExtension Ladder From £232.06
00870015Hailo ProfiLOT Combination Ladder From £267.42

If you are looking for a new extension or step ladder, or even if you are looking for accessories for added safety and convenience, Hart Wholesale stock a range of products that will help you get the job done.

Users will find several important ladder fittings such as safety spikes, bucket hooks, plinth slabs, corner pieces, trays and much more. Our ladders are also built in a variety of different materials including fibre glass, and steel. Check out the full range of products in the grid above.