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Hart Wholesale | Slide Bolts | Straight Surface Bolts

Straight Surface Bolts   Back to Slide Bolts

BO11HStraight Barrel Bolt, Heavy DutyFrom £3.94
25272708Tower Bolt with Keep, Steel£7.86
90017947Knob Slide Action Surface Bolt£38.53
91162491Padlock Bolt, Brenton Pattern£7.64
91162550Heavy Duty Tower Bolt£89.20
91162551Tower Bolt£56.46
91162637Oval Pad Bolt and Staple, Steel£1.87
91162709Drop Bolt, Steel£8.02
BO11CCStraight Barrel Bolt£3.30
BO1A40Straight Barrel BoltFrom £0.14
BO28Slide Bolt, High Dome£3.16
BO5Flat Bolt, BrassFrom £13.44
BOF102A1Straight Brass Barrel Door BoltFrom £0.84
BOF102G1Straight Brass Barrel Door BoltFrom £3.64
BOM101AStraight BoltFrom £0.93
DFA296ASlide Door Bolt, Brass £25.52
BOC108AArchitectural Surface BoltFrom £24.58
BO1AStraight Barrel BoltFrom £0.77
BO11LStraight Barrel Bolt, Heavy DutyFrom £5.66
91162575Padlock Bolt, Brenton Pattern £1.18
91162799Knob Slide Action Surface Bolt £5.62
BO1ZStraight Rounded Slide Bolt £2.16
25110703Furniture Bolt with Straight Slide £2.26
BO27Straight Brass Barrel Bolt £1.36
BO25Straight Door Bolt and Catch£30.56
DF813OPadbolt Oval £14.00
BO10PEnclosed Tower Bolt From £6.17
BO1JAPAEnclosed Tower Bolt From £11.58
BO13AMonkey Tail BoltFrom £6.44
94332025Slido Fold 100-U Partition DoorsFrom £668.93
BO1WINSlide Bolt, High Dome £2.98
DF813MMedium Brenton PadboltFrom £12.34
BO11AStraight Barrel Bolt, Heavy DutyFrom £2.80
91162953HD Barrel Bolt, Straight, BrassFrom £6.99
BOM102AStraight BoltFrom £4.30
BOM103AStraight BoltFrom £4.78
BOM108AFlat BoltFrom £10.85
BOM112ASlide BoltFrom £6.67
25150109Furniture Bolt with Straight Slide£2.75
25270710Barrel Bolt, BrassFrom £2.35
91162651Surface Bolt, Knob Slide, BrassFrom £4.10
BOC107ADuch Door BoltFrom £23.89
BOC109ASurface BoltFrom £14.11
BOC110ASurface BoltFrom £5.68
BOC111A1Barrel BoltFrom £4.24
BOC112ASteelworx Barrel Bolt, StraightFrom £4.10
BOC116ABarrel Bolt, StraightFrom £0.82
DFC502ALudlow Fishtail Straight Bolt From £12.77
DFC503ALudlow Fishtail Cranked Bolt From £14.50
DFC504ALudlow Shepherds Crook Bolt From £11.44
DFC505ALudlow Shepherds Crook Bolt From £13.52
25101026Furniture Bolt+Straight Slide Bolt From £4.45
25201236Furniture Bolt+Straight Slide Bolt From £4.48
DFC560ABrenton Slide Bolt From £4.43
DFC561ABrenton Slide Bolt From £3.73
BO1GZAS Straight Barrel BoltFrom £6.15
BOZ011ZAB Surface BoltFrom £6.54
BO1ACPStraight Barrel BoltFrom £1.06
91162431Barrel Bolt, Straight, Brass From £9.55
90017932Barrel Bolt, StraightFrom £6.91
90017933Barrel Bolt, StraightFrom £14.32
90017945Knob Slide Action Surface BoltFrom £16.48
90017948Knob Slide Action Surface BoltFrom £85.49
91162163High Dome Barrel Bolt, AluminiumFrom £7.98
91162213Barrel Bolt, Stainless SteelFrom £5.75
91162231Barrel Bolt, AluminiumFrom £0.60
91162541Knob Slide Surface Bolt, BrassFrom £13.79
91162698Knob Slide Action Surface BoltFrom £65.03
91162732Barrel Bolt, StraightFrom £1.44
91162487Tower Bolt, StraightFrom £3.87
91162492Bow Handle Bolt, Mild SteelFrom £32.89
91162494Monkey Tail Bolt, Mild SteelFrom £29.55
91162575Padlock Bolt, Brenton Pattern£0.89
91162676Tower Bolt, Straight, SteelFrom £0.59

Here at Hart Wholesale, we offer one of the largest range of surface and barrel bolts in the UK. From tower, slide and strraight bolts, we stock a bolt for every locking and security purpose. Even for those of you looking for a bit more stength and duability in their products, we offer some heavy duty solutions. Find all the information you need about a particular product by clicking an image from the list above.