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Hart Wholesale | Casters & Glides | Swivel Castors

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66072333Twin Wheel Swivel Castor, HoodedFrom £0.53
66164500Swivel CastorFrom £8.71
66164501Swivel CastorFrom £10.53
CAS149ADesign CastorFrom £18.53
66164512Swivel Castor£13.32
66203861Swivel Castor, Steel/PlasticFrom £2.16
66316910Swivel Castor, Screw, Steel/PlasticFrom £5.57
66328201Swivel Castor, Plastic/RubberFrom £8.84
66328202Swivel Castor, Plastic/RubberFrom £7.13
67001209Swivel Castor, Steel/PlasticFrom £12.09
67001405Swivel Castor, Screw, Steel/PlasticFrom £10.19
67003203Swivel Castor, Steel/PlasticFrom £26.20
67004002Swivel Castor, Plate FixingFrom £27.15
66306910Swivel Castor, Screw, Steel/PlasticFrom £4.14
66129300Swivel Castor, Plastic£16.19
66203852Swivel Castor, Steel/Plastic£2.24
67001748Swivel Castor£17.12
CG600Plate Castor, Set of 4From £1.47
CG602Corner Bracket Castor£1.88
CG603Peg CastorFrom £0.80
CG605Twin Wheel Castor, Gripneck Peg£1.60
CG605APeg Castor Socket, Steel£0.11
CG606Castor, Twin Wheel PlateFrom £2.70
CG611Heavy Duty Castors, Twin Wheel£4.80
CG801Gate Caster, Spring loaded£9.88
64631000Table Top Swivel Fitting Set £44.81
CG613Castor Swival, Large Rubber WheelFrom £4.83

For those of you looking for swivel castors and their fittings for replacement purposes, Hart Wholesale stock tons of products that may be perfect for your office chairs and furniture.

The swivel type provides more movement and mobility in all directions handy for heavy duty purposes such as trolleys. We do not limit our stockto just the wheels, we have gone above and beyond to make sure all the fittings and fixings are available to users including peg sockets, corner brackets, socket caps, and spring loaded options.