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The tried and tested TANDEMBOX cabinet profile brings enhanced opening and closing ease to 3 programme lines. Low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers guarantee a feather-light glide and dynamic carrying capacities of 30 kg, 50 kg and 65 kg. Thanks to soft-close BLUMOTION, drawers and pull-outs will always close softly and effortlessly - a furniture lifetime.

  • Cylindrical nylon rollers produce a feather-light glide
  • BLUMOTION for soft and effortless closing

Fully loaded pull-outs are tested with 100,000 opening and closing cycles in Blum's test labs to guarantee top standards of quality.

  • Full extension with nominal lengths of 270 - 650 mm
  • Dynamic carrying capacities of 30 kg, 50 kg and 65 kg
  • Optional side stabilisation
  • Feather-light glide
  • Full extension for clear visibility and easy access
  • Soft and effortless closing thanks to BLUMOTION
DR357GBLUM Antaro Space Corner£66.87
DR350ABLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £24.35
DR350G01BLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £23.64
DR350HBLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £33.54
DR350S01BLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £20.91
DR350TBABLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £41.42
DR350TGABLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £42.09
DR350TSABLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £56.04
DR350TWABLUM Antaro Drawer, Set MFrom £45.21
DR351ABLUM Antaro Drawer, Set DFrom £28.61
DR351CBBLUM Intivo Drawer, Set DFrom £38.87
DR357ABLUM Tandembox Sink DrawerFrom £38.94
DR352ABLUM Antaro Runner, Set KFrom £30.50
DR352KWABLUM Antaro Drawer, Set KFrom £30.51
DR353ABLUM Antaro Runner, Set BFrom £26.88
DR355CBLUM Antaro Runner, Set NFrom £27.44
DR356CBLUM Antaro Runner, Set MFrom £497.62
DR356GBLUM Antaro Drawer, Set DFrom £591.90