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Fisco Retractable Tape measures are stocked in 3 metre. We also stock 5 metre tape measures and 8 metre tape measures. The Tape measures come in all metric or both metric and imperial measures. Hart Wholesale have a wide selection of 19mm wide blades and 25mm wide blades for clear easy viewing. 

The main brands we stock are fisco tape measures and Stanley tape measures. We also stock Hultafors tape measures and Hilka 7.5 metre heavy duty tape measures

00281960Vernier Gauge, Steel£39.25
TOO105FFisco Tri-Matic Measuring TapeFrom £13.06
TOO108ALaser Line Tape Measure£96.00
TOO200ASpirit Level£30.88
TOO104AFisco Unimatic Tape with Clip £4.74
TOO106AFisco Uniplas Tape £1.74
TOO107AFisco Tuf-Lok Measuring Tape £3.65
TOO403ARoughneck Chalk Line £10.37
TOO404ARoughneck Professional Spirit LevelFrom £20.07
TOO101AFit For The Job Tape MeasureFrom £1.87
00280213Hafele Pocket Rule £3.87
00284010Stanley Fatmax Torpedo Level £28.91
00284660Bosch Cross Line Laser GLL 2-50 £187.50
TOO100AFisco Measure, Bright CaseFrom £4.67
TOO105BFisco Tuf-Lok Tape with ClipFrom £4.77
TOO105DFisco TRI-Lok Tape with ClipFrom £9.74
00281363Stanley Measuring Tape, PlasticFrom £7.18
00284140Stanley Fatmax Box Beam LevelFrom £71.94
TOO103ARoughneck Tape MeasureFrom £8.78