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Undertaking some DIY in the home doesn’t have to be daunting...
The summer has always been the perfect season to tackle those at-home DIY projects that you’ve been putting off...
Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...

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56950200Rangemaster Aquaclassic 2 Mono TapFrom £134.10
56950210Rangemaster Belfast Monobloc TapFrom £238.50
56950230Rangemaster Aquatrend Monobloc TapFrom £238.50
56950240Rangemaster Aquadisc 3 Mono TapFrom £107.11
56950280Rangemaster Aquaflow Lever TapFrom £107.11
56950290Rangemaster Aquatrend Monobloc TapFrom £265.51
56951210Rangemaster Aquatrend Lever TapFrom £265.51
56951250Rangemaster Aquatrend Lever TapFrom £157.50
56951260Rangemaster Belfast Trad Bridge TapFrom £246.60
56952200Rangemaster Belfast Trad Bridge TapFrom £165.61
56952220Rangemaster Cruciform Mono TapFrom £165.61
56952240Rangemaster Parma Monobloc TapFrom £157.50
56952250Rangemaster Salorno Monobloc TapFrom £98.10
56952260Rangemaster Ellipse Lever TapFrom £165.61
56953200Rangemaster Quadrant Monostem 2 TapFrom £246.60
56953260Rangemaster Quadrant Cont Mono TapFrom £246.60
56954200Rangemaster Quadrant 1 Lever TapFrom £246.60
56954220Rangemaster Aquatrend 1 Mono TapFrom £165.61
56954240Rangemaster Aquaclassic 3 Mono TapFrom £165.61
56954260Rangemaster Aquavogue 1 Mono TapFrom £165.61
56955220Rangemaster Cruciform TapFrom £246.60
56955240Rangemaster Aquavibe Mono TapFrom £84.61
56955260Rangemaster Monorise Mono TapFrom £134.10
56955280Rangemaster Metrix Mono TapFrom £269.10
56997000Hot 3-in-1 Mixer Hot Water TapFrom £719.99
56997990Brita Starter Kit, For 3-in-1 MixerFrom £211.03
56644380Country Chic Monoblock Mixer Tap£106.08
56950260Rangemaster Aquamode 1 Mono Tap£134.10
56951220Rangemaster Aquapro Mono Tap£237.60
56955200Rangemaster Aquaclassic Tap£237.60
56980051Smeg UKPARMA Monobloc Mixer Tap£262.28
56980261Smeg Imola Monobloc Mixer Tap£291.53
56980271Smeg Modena Monobloc Mixer Tap£155.03
56981021Smeg Siena Monobloc Mixer Tap£272.03
56981061Smeg Amalfi 3-In-1 Filter Tap£545.02
56981201Smeg MF11CR2 Monobloc Mixer Tap£77.02
56994201Minimalist 840 Monobloc Mixer Tap£97.39
56994211Coronda Monobloc Mixer Tap£90.72
56994251Country Swaneck Monobloc Mixer Tap£113.76
56994271Country Chic Swaneck Monobloc Tap£109.46
56637510Mixer Tap Deck, Brass£78.82
56637520Mixer Tap Deck, 6IN Lever, Brass£95.79
56642510High Neck Sink Mixer Tap, Brass£73.62
56642520Long Lever Mixer Tap, Brass £105.48
56656010Single Lever Mixer Tap£329.52
56656040Alamosa Monoblock Mixer Tap£221.94
56656060Cibolo Monoblock Mixer Tap£261.42
56656080Huron Monoblock Mixer Tap£437.04
56656090Innoko Mixer Tap£437.04
56690232Monoblock Single Lever Mixer Tap£36.05
56950220Rangemaster Aquadisc 1 Mono Tap£134.10
56951240Rangemaster Aquaspray 3 Lever Tap£165.61
56953220Rangemaster Pro Spray Lever Tap£417.60
56953280Rangemaster Quadrant Mono Tap£237.60
56951270Rangemaster Aquatrend Spring Tap £269.10
56951290Rangemaster Aquadisc 5 Monobloc Tap £130.51
56952210Rangemaster Aquadisc 5 Monobloc Tap £238.50