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Tectus Hinges   Back to Concealed Hinges

92402320Tectus TE Door and Frame TemplateFrom £159.45
92405083Tectus TE 3D ReceiverFrom £22.73
92416403Tectus TE527 3D HingeFrom £240.58
92417004Tectus TE240 3D HingeFrom £126.66
92417104Tectus TE340 3D HingeFrom £28.65
92417204Tectus TE540 3D HingeFrom £234.51
92417297Tectus TE540 3D A8 Hinge, AluminiumFrom £28.65
92419040Tectus TE340 3D FR HingeFrom £88.48
92419050Tectus TE540 3D FR HingeFrom £131.59
92419060Tectus TE640 3D FR HingeFrom £169.45
92732006Startec Concealed Mortice 3D HingeFrom £27.09
HIC162AEurospec Ceam 3D Concealed HingeFrom £18.51
HIC163AEurospec Ceam 3D Concealed HingeFrom £22.38
HIC164AEurospec Ceam 3D Concealed HingeFrom £3.04
92417404Tectus TE 640 3D HingeFrom £156.13
92417504Tectus TE 640 3D A8 HingeFrom £168.77
92402191Tectus 3D Routing Jig Set£727.22
HI1299FTectus3D Adjustable Hinge £109.65
HI1299ITectus Retrofit Cable Set£70.30
HI1299JTectus Universal Routing Jig£433.49
92416803Tectus TE 526 3D Hinge £509.59
HI1280BKubica Hinge K6100 20CS DXSX £10.58
HI1280Kubica Hinge K6200 20csFrom £30.22
92417697Tectus TE527/526 Intumescent Kit £14.91
92751003Hinge for Concealed Fixing £8.20
HI1299ETectus3D Adjustable Hinge £191.26
92417370Tectus TE 540 3D A8 Hinge £211.59
HI1299Tectus3D Concealed HingeFrom £112.82
HI1299BTectus3D Concealed HingeFrom £62.96
HI1299CTectus3D Concealed HingeFrom £45.71
HI1299DTectus3D Routing Template SetFrom £94.64
HI1299INTTectus3D Concealed Hinge, 100kgFrom £102.96
HI1299LTectus Intumescent Fire KitFrom £8.51
341244153D Concealed 180° Cabinet Hinge£9.76

Tectus hinges are part of our concealed hinge range. We suppply various finishes such as aluminium and zinc alloy, plus accessories and fittings such as routing jigs, cable and intumescent sets.