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We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...
Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...

Tiomos Hinges   Back to Concealed Hinges

34838591TIOMOS ECON Cruciform Mount PlateFrom £0.30
34823101TIOMOS M0 Hinge 125°From £8.08
34824101TIOMOS M9 Hinge 110°From £6.94
34825300TIOMOS 95° Mini HingeFrom £3.26
34831101TIOMOS TIPMATIC Hinge Plus 110°From £4.65
34831401TIOMOS TIPMATIC HingeFrom £2.33
34831600TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £3.23
34831601TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £2.33
34831602TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £2.86
34831603TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £2.82
34832600TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 160°From £6.61
34832601TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 160°From £5.54
34832602TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 160°From £6.61
34834600TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 95°From £4.41
34834602TIOMOS Concealed Hinge 95°From £4.73
34834603TIOMOS Concealed Hinge 95°From £4.94
34835601TIOMOS 110° +30° HingeFrom £7.38
34835605TIOMOS 110° +45° HingeFrom £7.17
34835606TIOMOS 110° +45° HingeFrom £7.83
34836600TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £2.68
34836601TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £2.71
34836602TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £4.32
34836603TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £4.58
34837600TIOMOS Post Hinge 110°From £7.68
34838010TIOMOS Inline Mounting PlateFrom £0.80
34838511TIOMOS Cruciform Mounting PlateFrom £0.73
34838551TIOMOS ECON Cruciform Mount PlateFrom £0.38
34839511TIOMOS Cruciform Mounting PlateFrom £1.59
34840000TIOMOS Cover Cap, SteelFrom £0.20
34840003TIOMOS Hinge Cover Cap, SteelFrom £0.20
34840040TIOMOS M0 Countersunk ScrewsFrom £23.75
34842601TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 95°From £3.28
35637000Soft Close MechanismFrom £0.92
35637571Soft Close BracketFrom £12.33
31207530Soft Close for 110° Hinged Doors£12.06
26022755Hinge Repair Plate SetFrom £1.49
35633509SMOVE Piston Door Buffer, Side£49.84
35637595Soft Close Bracket and Damper Set£13.71
35637650SMOVE Piston Door Buffer, Plastic£27.56
34828600Grass TIOMOS100° Refrigerator Hinge £3.86
34829600Grass TIOMOS PCC Hinge £6.00
34832401Grass Tipmatic TIOMOS Hinge 160° £5.54
34840010TIOMOS Opening Angle Restraint£0.49
34840011TIOMOS Opening Angle Restraint£0.51
34840015TIOMOS Grass Clip Protector£0.43
34840050TIOMOS Hinge Drilling Jig£312.97
34840051TIOMOS Marking Jig£2.48
34838020TIOMOS Inset Beaded Mounting Plate £3.72
35605071Push Catch£2.61
35637010Linear Adapter Housing £0.15
35637011Cruciform Adapter Housing £0.15
35637012Cruciform Adapter Housing £0.15