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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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35601302K Push and Plate£2.68
35601539K Push and Plate£0.18
35633509SMOVE Piston Door Buffer, Side£45.03
35637591Soft Close Bracket Set£5.72
35637595Soft Close Bracket and Damper Set£12.39
35637650SMOVE Piston Door Buffer, Plastic£24.90
34828600Grass TIOMOS100° Refrigerator Hinge £3.49
34829600Grass TIOMOS PCC Hinge £5.42
34832401Grass Tipmatic TIOMOS Hinge 160° £5.01
34840010TIOMOS Opening Angle Restraint£0.45
34840011TIOMOS Opening Angle Restraint£0.46
34840015TIOMOS Grass Clip Protector£0.39
34840050TIOMOS Hinge Drilling Jig£303.10
34840051TIOMOS Marking Jig£4.36
34840052TIOMOS Punching Tool£69.34
23307600Metal Door Stop, Screw Fixing£11.23
34838513TIOMOS Mounting Plate, 4 Point Fix £0.86
34838020TIOMOS Inset Beaded Mounting Plate £3.36
35605071Push Catch£2.36
35637010Linear Adapter Housing £0.14
35637011Cruciform Adapter Housing £0.14
35637012Cruciform Adapter Housing £0.14
35637571Soft Close BracketFrom £12.00
34838511TIOMOS Cruciform Mounting PlateFrom £0.66
34838551TIOMOS ECON Cruciform Mount PlateFrom £0.34
35637000Soft Close MechanismFrom £0.83
34825300TIOMOS 95° Mini HingeFrom £2.95
34827401TIOMOS M0 Hinge 125°From £7.30
34830440TIOMOS M9 Hinge 110°From £6.27
34831401TIOMOS TIPMATIC HingeFrom £2.11
34831600TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £2.92
34831601TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £2.11
34831602TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £2.58
34831603TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 110°From £2.54
34832600TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 160°From £5.97
34832601TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 160°From £5.01
34832602TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 160°From £6.28
34834600TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 95°From £3.98
34834602TIOMOS Concealed Hinge 95°From £4.28
34834603TIOMOS Concealed Hinge 95°From £4.46
34835601TIOMOS 110° +30° HingeFrom £6.67
34835605TIOMOS 110° +45° HingeFrom £6.48
34835606TIOMOS 110° +45° HingeFrom £7.08
34836600TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £2.42
34836601TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £2.45
34836602TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £3.90
34836603TIOMOS Hinge 120°From £4.14
34837600TIOMOS Post Hinge 110°From £6.94
34838010TIOMOS Inline Mounting PlateFrom £0.72
34838591TIOMOS ECON Cruciform Mount PlateFrom £0.74
34839511TIOMOS Cruciform Mounting PlateFrom £1.44
34840000TIOMOS Cover Cap, SteelFrom £0.18
34840003TIOMOS Hinge Cover Cap, SteelFrom £0.18
34840040TIOMOS M0 Countersunk ScrewsFrom £21.45
34842601TIOMOS Clip On Hinge 95°From £2.97
26022755Hinge Repair Plate SetFrom £1.39
35615520Adjustable Soft Close Damper£2.01