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Hart Wholesale | Toilet Cubicle Fittings | Toilet Cubicle Indicator Bolts

Toilet Cubicle Indicator Bolts   Back to Toilet Cubicle Fittings

Toilet cubicle door locks are stocked in polished chrome, polished brass, stainless steel, black and satin anodised aluminum. We stock repair lock sets for when cubicles are broken into and the door is smashed. These cubicle indicator bolts have built in displays to signify whether the cubicle is engaged or vacant. Hart Wholesale stock several types of indicator bolts in surface and mortice fittings.

CUB009AToilet Door Indicator Bolt, BudgetFrom £1.91
TCF103ABathroom BoltFrom £4.01
TCF104AIndicator BoltFrom £8.74
91162265Surface Indicator BoltFrom £24.05
91162267Surface Indicator BoltFrom £36.31
91162814Indicator BoltFrom £3.97
91178019Lever Handle, Indicator and LockFrom £49.63
98007000Cubicle No Mischief KeyFrom £6.78
98007350Indicator Bolt Set, AluminiumFrom £33.52
CUB008AIndicator Bolt with Turn, CardedFrom £6.99
90193245Lever Handle with WC Thumbturn Set£111.40
91162264Surface Indicator Bolt£47.24
91162449Contract Indicator Bolt£3.09
91178-0002Emergency Release Indicator£11.70
98034090Glass Partition Indicator Bolt£70.66
98034391Board Partition Indicator Bolt£40.59
CUB001AToilet Indicator Bolt£15.66
CUB002AToilet Indicator Bolt£29.85
CUB003AToilet Indicator Bolt£18.92
CUB004AToilet Indicator Bolt£18.38
CUB005AIndicator Bolt Repair Kit£28.85
CUB030AMultirol Indicator Bolt£20.63
DH563Indicator Bolt£7.87
98007951Indicator Bolt Set, Aluminium 13mm £33.62
TCZ001AZAS Toilet Door Indicator £12.14
TCC106AEurospec Indicator Bolt £6.14
TCC103ABathroom Indicator BoltFrom £17.47
TCC104ASecurity Bolt with TurnFrom £19.52
TCC105AIndicator Bolt, Emergency ReleaseFrom £21.07
CUB031AMultirol Indicator, RoundFrom £20.63
91655710WC Indicator CylinderFrom £88.30